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Developing your talents and skills


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Developing your talents and skills

  1. 1. Developing yourTalents & Skills The PEAFF Strategies
  2. 2. Developing your talents & skillsIntroduction• It is quite common to hear that some people are born with certain special talents or skills.• And we consider them LUCKY!• But what about us - simple mortals?
  3. 3. Developing your talents & skillsSuccess & Skills• Success and special skills are not a matter of luck, opportunity or myth.• It is important to bear in mind that SUCCESS and SKILLS are all about putting efforts and energy to improve ourselves and to achieve our goals.
  4. 4. Developing your talents & skillsImportant• Many successful people have mastered important life or business skills to achieve a remarkable position in life.• And their main secret is: – Mastering the right skill through hard studying and training to achieve a goal that would fit their dreams and life expectations.
  5. 5. Developing your talents & skillsMastering a Skill – Theory and Practice • When we want to master a specific skill we need to deal with two elements: – Theory and – Practice.
  6. 6. Developing your talents & skillsTheory – Definition & Features• It is a set of principles or a system of ideas intended to explain something.• Theory is important because it is based on concepts and experience that were tried before.• It helps us to avoid wasting our time doing what is wrong.
  7. 7. Developing your talents & skillsPractice - Definition & Features• It is the application or use of an idea, belief or method.• When practicing we are implementing all the acquired knowledge from Theory.• And it is the only way to verify if we really know what we have learned.
  8. 8. Developing your talents & skillsTheory & Practice - Methodology• According to a best- selling author Greg Wingard our mind goes through 06 steps when mastering a skill: – 03 Theory Steps, – 03 Practice Steps.
  9. 9. Developing your talents & skillsTheory & Practice – The 06 Steps Theory Practice Unawareness: Awkwardness: You are aware that there is a You attempt the new skill to be learned. behavior and find it difficult.. Awareness: Familiarity: You realize you need to learn The new behavior is easier that skill. but still not automatic. Clarification: Automatic: You understand what you You no longer think about the need to do differently. behavior but simply do it.
  10. 10. Developing your talents & skills05 Main Strategies – PEAFF • But the Theory & Practice Methodology demands the support of 05 important elements: – The PEAFF.
  11. 11. Developing your talents & skillsThe PEAFF Strategy PEAFF P – Planning We must plan everything ahead. E – Evaluation We should have a mentor/coach to evaluate our performance. A – Awareness We must be conscious of what we are doing. F – Focus We must break things down into pieces to better focus. F – Faith To improve our skills, we need to have the faith to keep going.
  12. 12. Developing your talents & skillsPEAFF – Tips Don´t let negative Adjust your feelings to destroy Perseverance perspective your motivation. Evaluation Main tips to Manage the PEAFF Awareness It is important to be Focus Practice objective. DOC Do, Observe, Correct Faith
  13. 13. Developing your talents & skillsPEAFF – Tips You always need to Check the ask yourself. Is your Perseverance Possibilities goal possible? Evaluation Main tips to manage the PEAFF Awareness You can’t take on Focus Start everything. Choose Small only one or two skills. Faith
  14. 14. Developing your talents & skillsPEAFF – Tips We need to make Make sure sure the skill is really Perseverance It is needed relevant. Evaluation Main tips to manage the PEAFF Awareness Find someone who Focus Get the right has mastered the skill help to offer some support. Faith
  15. 15. Developing your talents & skillsPrinciples to Remember - DO• Choose a skill that will offer the necessary benefits for your life and career.• Slip the skill into smaller, manageable activities.• Think about your performance and results look for new ways to improve it.
  16. 16. Developing your talents & skillsPrinciples to Remember – DON’T• Try to learn in a vacuum - ask others for guidance and feedback• Rely solely on your boss for advice - you may want to involve someone who isnt responsible for evaluating you• Assume its going to happen overnight - it usually takes at least six months to develop a new skill.
  17. 17. Developing your talents & skillsConclusion• We have the capacity to learn and to implement new skills in our life.• But we need to be reasonable and analyse what kind of demands such skills will request from us.• Developing a skill is all a matter of being aware of its benefits, level of compromise and investment.• And don’t forget that our value in the business world is directly tied to the number of skills we have been able to master.
  18. 18. Developing your talents & skillsOur References • We would like to thank the following writers for their expressive contribution for this presentation: – Amy Gallo, Harvard Business Review - How to Master a New Skill. – Geoffrey James – How to Master any Skills. – Margarita Tartakovsky - 3 Ways to Master Any New Skill. – Greg Wingard - The Red Bucket Strategy.
  19. 19. Developing your talents & skillsOur Business Contacts Feel free to send us an e-mail. Our Website: Our E-mail: Linkedin: Roberto de Paula Lico Júnior Skype: roberto.lico Twitter: @licoreis