Dealing with complexity at work


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Dealing with complexity at work

  1. 1. Dealing with Complexity at Work
  2. 2. • The complexity and change of our world and work is increasing. • We are constantly having to organize information available to us, and determine how to best use that information to make choices. Dealing with Complexity at Work Introduction
  3. 3. • This trend in the world was already predicted by army instructors at West Point in the late 80's, where they taught their future leaders that the environment would be VUCCA: – Volatile, – Uncertain, – Chaotic, – Complex and – Ambiguous. Dealing with Complexity at Work Important
  4. 4. Diversity We need to learn to respond to an ever-increasing variety of often-conflicting demands from multiple sources: investors, clients, suppliers, the government, etc. Dealing with Complexity at Work The four main forces of complexity Interdependence Globalization’s deep web of connections has resulted in a small business world with fast worldwide consequences (Dominos Effect).
  5. 5. Ambiguity An overload of information makes it hard for us to have clear insights and to decide when facing our professional challenges. Dealing with Complexity at Work The four main forces of complexity Flux It is difficult to deal with our business environment since its features and circumstances that are taken for granted today may become irrelevant tomorrow, often with no advance warning.
  6. 6. • And when dealing with this complexity we need to develop a strategy that can be implemented into our: – Organization, – Team and – Leadership. Dealing with Complexity at Work Developing a strategy
  7. 7. 01. Setting minimal management structures It is important to set minimal management structures in our department to allow fast decisions and changes when facing new and unexpected business obstacles and challenges. Dealing with Complexity at Work Main strategies 02. Design a learning organization that can improvise Creativity and adaptability are required to face our new business world and our company needs to have such capacity to learn and improvise.
  8. 8. 03. Build expertise and real-time communication A company needs to build a team of business experts to improve its performance. And a real-time communication system is essential to allow them to share information and new business approaches. Dealing with Complexity at Work Main strategies 04. Distribute leadership Leadership in this context, regardless of role, needs to act as an enabler of spontaneous action. A company needs to allow its employees to take part as a leader when the situation requires and no one is around to make a decision.
  9. 9. • For businesses to succeed in times of chaos and complexity, a company needs to reinvent itself completely. • It’s about building the capacity, in yourself, your people, and the organization to adapt continuously and learn speedily, in order to maximize the chances of seizing business opportunities. Dealing with Complexity at Work Conclusion
  10. 10. • Gerard Seijts, Mary Crossan, and Niels Billou: – Coping with complexity – complexity#.U54ox_ldVK2 • Michael Cardus – Managing organizational complexity & change – complexity-change • Kathia C. Laszlo – Dealing with complexity – complexity • Linda Fisher Thornton – Dealing with complexity in leadership – Dealing with Complexity at Work Our main sources – Thank you
  11. 11. Feel free to send us an e-mail. Our Website: Our E-mail: Linkedin: Roberto de Paula Lico Júnior Skype: roberto.lico Dealing with Complexity at Work Our Business Contacts