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The IP Challange - Making Money


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Making Money with Intellectual Property requires the right knowledge and proven systems.

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The IP Challange - Making Money

  1. 1. The IP Challenge – Making Money Created By Rand Brenner Licensing Consulting Group Licensing4Proftis
  2. 2. Do you know…• Anyone with an invention or IP…• …who is looking for ways to make money with their IP….• …and who is frustrated, confused and struggling…• …to get the IP launched or get it to market?
  3. 3. This is a Common Challenge• How to make money with intellectual property…..
  4. 4. You Need A Proven System to…• Gain confidence in developing your IP• Get clarity on what to do with an IP• Give you the ability to make money with any IP• Enable you to put money in your pocket• Show you how to build a portfolio of income producing IP
  5. 5. Is Your IP Ready to License? • Market driven - in demand • Inventive, novel, and proprietary • Significant to a business • Functional • Can be produced economically • Can be launched quickly
  6. 6. Licensing is the Money Side of IP• Licensing is Lower Cost and Can Be Done Quickly• Existing Competitors are Potential Licensees• Licensing More Effective in Difficult Economic Times
  7. 7. The Licensing Process…• Money Making Tool• Brings Resources Together• Operates Globally• High Demand• You Just Need the Right Knowledge and System
  8. 8. Make Money with your IP…• Licensing Workshops & Seminars ( – Learn the sound, proven licensing techniques and strategies used in achieving money making licensing deals!• Monthly Licensing Coaching ( ) – Step by Step advise and expertise to guide you in your licensing process• Licensing Consulting ( – Individuals and Company consulting on Licensing & IP Management
  9. 9. Contact Us Licensing Consulting Group Tel: (646) 395-9572Email: