Are any of your drivers putting your company at risk?...Sales Rep Sal


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The 4th LICENCECHECK slide-share is here. Sales Rep Sal. Please like/comment/share what you think, it would be really appreciated.

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Are any of your drivers putting your company at risk?...Sales Rep Sal

  1. 1. Are any of your drivers putting your company at risk?.. Sales Rep Sal
  2. 2. Sales Rep Sal loved to chat, morning, noon and night. Mobile always in her hand, Never out of sight.
  3. 3. Up and down the motorway, targets must be met. Out before the break of day, not home before sunset.
  4. 4. No Bluetooth app, tired at the wheel, she motors nationwide. Until she ploughs into a bus and two people lose their lives…
  5. 5. Sal’s distraught, she knows she’s lied, she’s got points by the score. So when you’d asked to see her licence, she’d showed you one from years before…
  6. 6. And now, if your policies and procedures, don’t show you did your checks effectively to manage risk, you could be up to your neck…
  7. 7. in legal action and substantial costs, to answer, who and why allowed Stressed Out Sal out on the road, that fateful day in July…
  8. 8. Does your health and safety policy statement cover work-related road safety?
  9. 9. Ask yourself … Are your Drivers  Licensed to drive?  Competent & capable?  Properly trained ?  Sufficiently fit & healthy to drive?  Given access to relevant guidance? Are their Vehicles  Safe & fit for purpose?  Properly maintained?  Fitted with the necessary equipment? Are  Routes planned thoroughly?  Work schedules realistic?  Appropriate breaks taken?  Adverse weather conditions considered?
  10. 10. The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 requires you to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of all employees while at work. You also have a responsibility to ensure that others are not put at risk by your work-related driving activities. Source: HSE Driving at Work – Managing work-related road
  11. 11. Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, you have a responsibility to manage health and safety effectively. You need to carry out an assessment of the risks to the health and safety of your employees, while they are at work, and to other people who may be affected by their work activities. The Regulations require you to periodically review your risk assessment so that it remains appropriate. Source: HSE Driving at Work – Managing work-related road
  12. 12. Don’t take the risk…call us today to find out how online driving licence checking can benefit your business… 0845 226 9686