Open Access Resources on Internet - Statistics (Identify by MICA Library)
Forms of Government        Statistics/Publicatio...
Central Tube Crops
Research Institute
(CTCRI)                          Publications: Technical Bulletin              http:...
(A) Departments
Department of Information
Technology (DIT)              Important Articles                            http...
Disinvestment                other
(C) Subordinate Offices
Controller General of        Publications: Civil Account Manual...
Department of School         Publications: Annual Reports, Approach
Education & Literacy         Paper; Statistics and Ann...
Electricity Board
(B) Statutory Bodies
Bhakra Beas Management
Board (BBMB)                 Reports                        ...
Programme Implementation     * Reports and Publication: NSS Reports

(30) Ministry of St...
Newsletter, Performance Budget and Other
(B) Others
National Resource Centre
for Women                     Statistics, Rep...
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Open access resources on internet statistics


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Open access resources on internet statistics

  1. 1. Open Access Resources on Internet - Statistics (Identify by MICA Library) Forms of Government Statistics/Publication/Reports/Proceedings URL (1)Ministry of Agriculture (A) Departments Department of Agriculture and Co- operation Agricultural Statistics, Document/Reports Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries Statistics, Reports (B) Subordinate Offices Aquaculture Authority Publications: Quarterly newsletter Directorate of Rice Development: Statitical Handbook 2001, Articles (C) Autonomous Bodies National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE) Publications: Newsletter, journal (D) Boards Central Insecticides Board and Registration Committee Statistics Coconut Development Board Statistics National Dairy Development Board Statistics National Oilseeds and Vegetable Oils Development Board Statistics (E) Commissions National Commission on Farmers Commission Reports (F) Councils Central Institute for Cotton Research (CICR) Cotton Database Central Institute of Brackish water Publications: Bulletin, annual report, Aquaculture (CIBA) Newsletter, proceedings, case studies Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture (CIFA) Publication: CIFA News Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) CMFRI Newsletter Free Publications (souvenirs, reports, others Bioinformatics Centre but problem while accessing ), Proceedings, and Library Newsletter, Vision 2020 Central Rice Research Institute (CRRI) Publications: Annual Report, Newsletter
  2. 2. Central Tube Crops Research Institute (CTCRI) Publications: Technical Bulletin National Centre for Agricultural Economics and Policy Research Publications: Edited publications, research (NCAP) reports National Research Centre for Grapes (NRCG) Documents: Annual Reports, Graps News National Research Centre for Medicinal & Aromatic Documents: Annual Reports National Research Centre for Weed Science Publications: Edited works, Weed News (G) Others Agriculture Marketing Information System Market statistics of more than 506 Network (AGMARKNET) commodities (2) Ministry of Agro and Rural Industries (A) Statutory Bodies Coir Board Statistics (3) Ministry of Civil Aviation Publications: Annual Report, Performance (A) Ministry Budget, Financial Report (B) Directorates Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Statistics (4) Ministry of Coal (A) Ministry Statistics (5) Ministry of Commerce and Industry Annual Reports &Publications: Performance (A) Departments Budget, Newsletter, Newsletter, other reports Publications: Newsletter, Statistics, Act, Department of Industrial Industry policy statement, Others, FDI Policy & promotion Statistics (B) Attached Offices Office of The Economic Adviser Handbook (C) Autonomous Bodies Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) Statistics Marine Products Export Development Authority Publications: Newsletter, Marine Export (MPEDA) Review (D) Councils The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council Statistics (E) PSU and Joint Ventures National Centre for Trade Information (NCTI) e-journal (6) Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
  3. 3. (A) Departments Department of Information Technology (DIT) Important Articles (B) PSU and Joint Venture Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) Telephone Directory Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) Telephone Directory (C) Others Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) Statistics (7) Ministry of Company Affairs (A) Ministry Reports and Statistics (B) Boards Company Law Board Statistics (8) Ministry of Defense (A) Subordinate Offices Indian Air Force E-magazine (B) Others National Defense College Publications: Research papers (9) Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (A) Ministry Publications: Newsletter, Annual Report (B) PSU and Joint Ventures North Eastern Development NER Databank (AP, Assam, Manipur, Finance Corporation Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, (NEDFC) Tripura (10) Ministry of Environment and Forests Publications: Annual Report, Paryavaran Abstracts, Newsletter, Performance Budget (A) Ministry and Others (B) Autonomous Bodies C.P. Ramaswamy Ayar Environmental Education Indian Journal of Environmental Education, Centre (CPREEC) Booklets (C) Statutory Bodies Central Pollution Control * Environmental Databank (Login and Board password required), Environmental Standards (D) Others Environmental Information System (ENVIS), India Publications: Newsletter; Reports Sustainable Development Networking Programme (SDNP) Case Studies (11) Ministry of External Affairs Publications: India Perspectives, Annual (A) Ministry Report and Others (B) Others Online Search: Bilateral Treaties (1947 -), Library Ministry of Externals Event and Speech Database (12) Ministry of Finance (A) Ministry Statistics & Data, Reports (B) Departments Department of Publications: Annual Report, Manual and
  4. 4. Disinvestment other (C) Subordinate Offices Controller General of Publications: Civil Account Manual, Suspense Accounts Manual and others (D) Boards Income Tax Department Publications: Taxation related documents (E) Others Debt Recovery Appellate Tribunal, Chennai Important Judgments Indian Budget and Economic Survey Union Budget, Economic Surveys Reserve Bank of India Publications: Annual Report, Occasional (RBI) papers, RBI Bulletin and others Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research Publications: Annual Reports, Projects and (IGIDR) Proceedings, Working papers (13) Ministry of Food Processing Industries (PFPI) (A) Autonomous Bodies Paddy Processing Research Centre (PPRC) Publications: Annual Reports (14) Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (A) Subordinate Offices National Institute of Communicable Disease (NICD) Publications National Tuberculosis Institute E-Documents (B ) Boards National Medicinal Plants Publications: Annual Report, Modules and Board Manuals (C) Councils Indian Council of Medical Publication: Annual Reports, Bulletin, Research (ICMR) Manuals, Journal (D) Others Publications: Annual Reports, Country National Aids Control Scenario, Manuals and other; Facts and Organization (NACO) Figures (15) Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises (A) PSU and Joint Ventures Publications: Newsletter (16) Ministry of Home Affairs (A) Bureaus National Crime Records Publications: Crime in India, Accidental Bureau (NCRB) Deaths & Suicides, Prison Statistics, Gazette (B) Others Registrar General of Census and Commissioner, Census Data, Slum Data (1991 and 2001), India Population Projection (17) Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation (A) Autonomous Bodies Building Materials and Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC) Publications: Different documents (18) Ministry of Human Resource Development (A) Department
  5. 5. Department of School Publications: Annual Reports, Approach Education & Literacy Paper; Statistics and Annual Plan Department of Higher Publications: Annual Reports, Approach Education Papers, Handbook, Country paper and other (B) Autonomous Bodies National Assessment and Publications: Promotional Materials, Manuals, Accreditation Council Reports National Institute of Open Schooling Statistics Publications: Newsletter, Golden Jubilee University Grant Lectures University Tech Database, Higher Commission Education in India National Council For Publications: Books available in Hindi and Teacher Education English Languages Gandhi on Education) Sarva Siksha Abhiyan (SSA) Research Studies (19) Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (A) Directorates Directorate of Advertising Publications: Bharat Nirman and other and Visual Publicity documents (B) Boards Central Board of Film Certification Statistics (20) Ministry of Labour (A) Ministry Statistics, Reports (B) Attached Offices Directorate General of Employment and Training Publications: Monthly Highlights, Statistics, (DGE&T) Quarterly Employment Review and other Labour Bureau Statistics (21) Ministry of Minority Affairs (A) Statutory Bodies National Commissioner for Linguistic Minorities Reports (22) Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources (A) Ministry Publications: Annual reports and others (B) PSU and Joint Ventures Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited (IREDA) Publications: IREDA News, Manual, Bulletin (23) Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions (A) Attached Offices Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) Reports (24) Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas (A) Ministry Reports (B) PSU and Joint Ventures Oil India Limited Publications: Synergy, Oil News (25)Ministry of Power (A ) Boards Western Regional Electricity Board Reports Northern Regional Reports
  6. 6. Electricity Board (B) Statutory Bodies Bhakra Beas Management Board (BBMB) Reports Central Electricity Publications: Consultancy Reports; Power Regulatory Commission Data (C) Western Regional Power Committee Reports (26) Ministry of Rural Development (A) Departments Department of Drinking Data Bank, Publications: Case Studies, Study Water Supply Reports Department of Land Resources Reports, Department of Rural Development Softwares for DRDA/ZPs (Data Available) (B) Others National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) Data & Statistics Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) Reports (27) Ministry of Science & Technology (A) Departments Department of Science & Technology R&D Statistics (B) Autonomous Bodies Human Research Development Group Publications: Directories and Handbook National Institute of Oceanography Data, Digital Repository National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies Articles of Faculty Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology Data (B) Others Natural Resources Data Publications: Technical session, S&T inputs Management Systems for Water Resource Management (28) Ministry of Shipping, Road Transportation and Highways (A) Departments Department of Road Publications: Annual Reports and Financial Transport and Highways Statistics (B) Autonomous Bodies Howrah Bridge (Rabindra Setu), Kolkata Statistics Mormugao Port Trust Port Data Tuticorin Port Trust Port Statistics Port of Visakhapatnam Port Statistics (C ) Societies Indian Ports Association Port Statistics (29) Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MOSPI) (A) Divisions Central Statistical Statistics (Energy, Social, other data), Organisation (CSO) *Publication National Sample Survey * Reports and Publication: National Account Organisation (NSSO) Statistics, Statistical Abstracts, Country
  7. 7. Report Programme Implementation * Reports and Publication: NSS Reports (30) Ministry of Steel (A) Ministry Statistics (31) Ministry of Textiles (A) Ministry Statistics (B) Subordinate Offices Office of the Textile Commissioner Statistics, Reports (C ) Councils Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council Statistics The Handloom Export Promotion Council Statistics Power loom Development and Export Promotion Council (PDEXCIL) Statistics The Synthetic Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council Statistics (D) Statutory Bodies Central Silk Board Statistics Jute Manufacturers Development Council (JMDC) Statistics (E) Others Asia Pacific Textiles and Clothing Forum Data (Production and Consumption) (32) Ministry of Tourism and Culture (A) Departments Publications and Statistics: Annual Report, Department of Culture Sanskriti, Budget Estimate Department of Tourism Statistics (B) Autonomous Bodies Gandhi Smirti Darshan Publications: Children's Newspaper, Samiti Magazine, Annual Report (33) Ministry of Urban Development (A) Autonomous Bodies National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) Database(Statistics) (34) Ministry of Water Resources Statistics, Publications: Annual Reports, Performance Budget, Demand (A) Ministry Grants,Outcome Budget (B) Attached Bodies Publications: Annual Reports, Technical Central Water and Power Reports, Technical Papers, Technical Research Station (CWPRS) Terminology (C ) Autonomous Bodies National Water Development Agency (NWDA) Publications: Annual Report (35) Ministry of Women and Child Development (A) Ministry Publications/Reports: Annual Reports,
  8. 8. Newsletter, Performance Budget and Other (B) Others National Resource Centre for Women Statistics, Reports (36) Ministry of Youth Affair and Sports (A) Autonomous Bodies Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Publications: Newsletter, Annual Reports, Development (RGNIYD) Other (B) Others Sports Portal Database of Sportsperson (37) Department of Atomic Energy (Independent Departments) (A) Department of Atomic Publications: Annual Report, Newsletter, and Energy other (B) PSUs and Joint Ventures Nuclear Power Corporation Publications(NU Power) Number of articles of India Limited can be accessed (C ) Others Indira Gandhi Centre for Publications: Journal Articles from 1966 to Atomic Research (IGCAR) 2006 available, E-thesis abstract or Synopsis Apex/Independent Offices Election Commission of India Statistical Report, Database National Commission on Population Publications (Reports, Statistics) National Human Rights Commission Reports and Publications (Covers reports) Offices of the Principle Scientific Advised Reports Planning Commission Reports, Data and Statistics Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) Study Papers, Reports * Formal process of Login and password is required. However it does not support at the time of accessing of particular report or publication.