Ritz carlton an analysis


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Ritz carlton an analysis

  1. 1. Luxury Hotels &Technology-An AnalysisBy: AkramNehmé, MarieCharbonnier, AlexandraHumnicki, Yann Le Bris
  2. 2. Concierge Department- Evolution  Previously, concierge services were based on direct interaction with the customer  Now a days, the concierge department has developed to the flexibility of the consumer, allowing the consumer to access information wherever and whenever they need it, by continuous technological update  However, giving it a personalized touch: using each employees values and knowledge to create a constant update of information.
  3. 3. Ritz Carlton’s Strategy: The Guest Technology Experience The core strategy of the Ritz Carlton, is to adapt their technology to the client’s habits, by using guest preferred tools Forexample, phone applications and location based social networks using SoLoMoto give guest trusted recommendations, based on the guests’ current location and preferences, as well as improving and facilitating the customer experience
  4. 4. Ritz Carlton’s Strategy: The GuestTechnology Experience  Theirnew strategy focuses on “Let Us Stay With You”, to create lifetime memories, by making sure the entire team of ladies and gentlemen is at the guest service  Passionate and evolved team full of innovative and creative ideas to WOW the guest by considering their habits and preferences
  5. 5. Renaissance Hotels’ Navigator Program The hotel’s strategy was to create a new search engine for the guest, related to location or activities including, food, spirits, retail, music, entertainment, and culture The navigators’ database is developed based upon employees ingenious recommendation Furthermore, the Group’s Navigator Program, is based on all the hotels in the group, and all employees working in the hotels, to create a wide database
  6. 6. Renaissance Hotels’ Navigator Program The ultimate goal is to create a platform for guests with useful information, as a landmark for the traveling guest Making sure all employees are present and participating in creating the ultimate guest experience
  7. 7. Ritz Carlton vs. Renaissance Hotels Both Brands have changed their perception of the concierge guest relationship , by using New Media and new technology to reach each guest personally. They extend their personalization and availability of the guest services by using guest preferred platforms and tools to provide modern recommendations that suits the guests’ new lifestyle. Ritz Carlton Renaissance Hotel  Involving all employees on the field  The concierge, develops in the concierge mission, creating written and geo-localized for each location a unique & advices available on based original database for unique recommendations on customer location.  By creating videos and helping the  Therefore, the guest can guest, the employee is therefore empowered and more involved in benefit from a direct the guest satisfaction mission interaction (F2F) with the concierge, and also whilst  From the client’s point of view, this travelling, making them feel initiative creates a feeling of being like the hotel is with them, welcomed & privilege d in experience an “off the track” rather, than the other way adventure around.