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Organizing Libreplan free software project


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Organizing Libreplan free software project

  1. 1. LibrePlan free software project organizationJavier Morán Rúa <> November 2012
  2. 2. Organization● It will be explained how LibrePlan is coordinated and how is developed: ● The tools ● The human practices (methodology)● The purpose of these slides is to explain the project execution stage.
  3. 3. The tools - Wiki● The project wiki:● The wiki contains: ● Developer documentation. ● Analysis of the project tasks (it is a very well documented free sw project regarding requirements). ● The development iterations (XP is used)
  4. 4. The tools - Wiki● The wiki contains: ● Release log ● Roadmap ● Meeting minutes● Wiki is public (read-only) for everybody.● Contributors can have an account with write privileges.
  5. 5.● is a website to host resources of open source projects. ● It was the first site to offer resources for free for open source projects. ● Resources: Repository, mailing lists, forums, visit statistics, downloads and stats, documentation, open source directory, issue tracking
  6. 6.● LibrePlan uses currently for: ● Source Code Management and Revision control: Git ● Downloads and stats. LibrePlan releases can be downloaded there, as well as, other published files. ● Mailing lists ● User forum (They will be closed soon)● Address:
  7. 7. Mailing lists● At LibrePlan we use mailing lists for communications about the project. ● Several mailing lists depending on the topic and language. ● They are public and everybody interested can subscribe.
  8. 8. Mailing lists● Three mailing lists: ● List for developers. For analysis debates, patch reviewing, doubts, recommendations... ● : List thought for all the LibrePlan users in English language. For doubts, pieces of news... ● : List thought for LibrePlan users who talk Spanish.
  9. 9. User forums● LibrePlan uses the forums, but they will be closed soon. Two forums: ● Help and Support forum. The same purpose as libreplan- users mailing list. ● Foro de Ayuda y Soporte. The same purpose as libreplan-users-es mailing list.● LibrePlan Question & Answer forum (preferred way for communication among users):
  10. 10. Other media● Freenode IRC channel #libreplan ● Igalia LibrePlan team members are always connected there. ● Live communications about LibrePlan: Feedback about the project, doubts, feature requests, design and implementation questions...
  11. 11. Other media● @libreplan user at Twitter. Follow us!● LibrePlan page at Facebook.● LibrePlan Planet. Community members posts at
  12. 12. Bugzilla● LibrePlan uses bugzilla as issue tracker ● Address: ● Bugs and issues that are not part of a new feature. ● Everybody can register and file a bug about the project. ● Number of issues since the project start:1553 ● Number of bugs open:181
  13. 13. Development in wiki● We use Twiki with a XPTracker plugin.● We create two projects: AnalysisLibrePlan and LibrePlan● AnalysisLibrePlan XPTracker project: ● ● The requirements of the features organized by modules
  14. 14. Development in wiki● AnalysisLibrePlan:
  15. 15. Development in wiki● LibrePlan XPTracker project ● Iterations in time. ● We use 1 iteration per release. ● In each iteration the set of user stories developed ongoing. ● Each developers does a public log of his programming work at the user stories he takes part.
  16. 16. Development in wiki● LibrePlan XPTracker project ● Each user storie has a set of tasks with an estimation of time to do, and the developer tracks the time he devotes. ● Each user story is linked with the analysis story of the AnalysisLibrePlan XPTracker project where the requirements and analysis has been written.
  17. 17. Development in wiki● LibrePlan XPTracker project
  18. 18. Development in wiki● In LibrePlan the patches have a code referencing: ● If they are a bug fix, the bug number of the ticket in LibrePlan Bugzilla. ● If they are patches which implement a user story, a unique code of the user story.
  19. 19. Development in wiki● LibrePlan XPTracker project commit dee3588280a22a48411053d06fae1c6627ecad93 Author: Manuel Rego Casasnovas <> Date: Tue Sep 11 13:25:06 2012 +0200 Implement first version of project status report * Using a DTO to manage the information in the report (ProjectStatusReportDTO) * Add filter by projects in the UI FEA: ItEr77S09WBSReport
  20. 20. Development in wiki● In the user story in LibrePlan we have programmed a plugin which gathers automatically all the patches which implement a user story (query done with the code in the commit message)● In LibrePlan we are able to have traceability: ● From commits up to the requirements. ● From the requirement down to the patches.
  21. 21. Development in wiki● Commits table at a user story
  22. 22. Meetings● In LibrePlan community we held periodic twice- weekly coordination meeting in the #libreplan IRC channel.● We review the work done.● We talk and make the decisions of the next work to do.● They are public and the meeting are available for everybody.
  23. 23. Meetings● Meeting minutes at
  24. 24. Meetings● In LibrePlan community we held extraordinary meetings after each release to define the roadmap for the next one.● They are also public● Everybody interested in the project (contributor or not) can attend.
  25. 25. Roadmap● LibrePlan roadmap is public and can be looked up for everybody interested.