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Annual report 2014 slide share


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Annual report 2014 slide share

  1. 1. Lower School Library Annual Report 2013-2014 Ben worked with pre-k teachers on their “transportation” unit, finding materials in both the Lower School Library and Upper School Library to complement their units. He chose books to support the Nursery units such as penguins and their literature study as well. Ben consulted with kindergarten teachers to help choose new materials for their annual unit on insects. Ben continued to use the work of author and illustrator Tim Egan to complement first grades’ Language Arts curriculum. Using Egan’s books, the classes explore thematic elements, story structure, characters, problems and more. In addition, Ben added some new books with student writers as their main character. He received feedback from the teachers that these types of books help them introduce their creative writing unit. He hopes to find more books like this to add to the collection. Ben collaborated with the second grade to create a LibGuide that complements their unit on Kenya. Previously, the students were given a long list of URL’s for specific sites to visit for their research. Now, the second grade has a LibGuide that combines all of those websites into a single place. He received feedback from the teachers and will continue to tweak the site as needed. Brooke continued to work closely with third to fifth grade teachers this year, adapting projects to meet the needs of the current students. In third grade, she collaborated with Donna Holmes, Rebecca Boswell, and Joyce Ball to add more depth to their Biography Study. Both classes came into the library together to talk about the elements of a biography and the teachers introduced the project. They used Wangari Matthai as a model. They read 4 picture books about her and discussed the author’s perspective, and focus of each book. Later, the children came to the library to hear a book talk about a wide variety of biographies in the library and each student chose a book to use for their presentation. We have discussed expanding this project in the future with a short research project. Brooke worked with Anne Stevenson to create a new final research project in her 5th Grade class. The students spent four library classes choosing a topic of interest to them. They had to search the library collection, databases and the web, using Sweet Search 4 Me, to see if there was enough information for them to do an in-depth study of the subject and create a picture book in the Book Creator app. The students were really engaged in this project and commented that picking their own topic made the research process more interesting to them. Statistics Total items checked out: 9,210
  2. 2. Top Grade Level Statistics Grade Level Total Patrons Average Circs/Patron Total Circulations 1. 03 44 36.86 1,622 2. 05 51 21.78 1,111 3. 02 32 16.50 528 4. 04 46 9.76 449 5. 01 19 18.95 360 Grade 1 9% Grade 2 13% Grade 3 40% Grade 4 11% Grade 5 27% LS Library Book Checkouts 2013-2014 Classroom 19% Faculty and staff 17% Parent 12% Student 52% 2013-2014 LS Library Circulation by Patron Type
  3. 3. Circulations by Patron Type Classroom: 1,519 Faculty/Staff: 1,371 Parent: 900 Student: 4,117 New Technology Added: IPads: This year we added 4 IPads for catalog access throughout the library. Students have really enjoyed using the IPads to search our collection. Next fall, we hope to add some additional IPads for self-checkout stations. We also used various apps on these additional IPads to further their research. Students in the 4th grade used a National Geographic bird field guide app for their bird research. Some 5th graders used Britannica’s Ancient Egypt App for their research on Gods and Goddesses. OverDrive: This year we rolled out our new platform for downloadable ebooks and audio books called OverDrive. We began by introducing faculty to the service in the fall and the 4th and 5th graders in the winter. Students and families primarily downloaded books for the Battle of the Books and Rooster Games. We will continue to add to our collection next year. Outreach and Professional Development Ben attended: American Library Association School Library Conference in Hartford, CT Nov. 2013 Brooke attended: MassCue Conference at Patriot’s Stadium October 2013 American Library Association School Library Conference in Hartford, CT. Nov. 2013 Learning Commons Conference at Pingree School. February 2014 Brooke participated in: Mock Newbery Award Committee: the State-Wide Mock Newbery committee. Education Committee Veteran Teachers Evaluation
  4. 4. Librarians Leading Faculty Workshops: November 2014 Brooke and Ben introduced teachers to how to use OverDrive ( and our new Database Britannica School and Britannica Image Quest. We also reminded faculty of our TeachingBooks database Lower School Online databases: This year we added Britannica School and Britannica Image Quest to our list of databases. Teachers commented on how useful the Image Quest database is which provides 3 million+ images that are rights-cleared. Our other databases are: World Book Online, Grolier Online (includes America the Beautiful and Amazing Animals), EBSCO Searchasaurus, and Teachingbooks. Other online ebooks (ebooks) Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of Nations, UXL Encyclopedia of World Biography, Trueflix. We are thinking about purchasing World Book eBooks , a collection non-fiction ebooks, next year. Library Renovation: We spent a good deal of time this year meeting with Gary Esposito, Jessica Storm-Coyle, and Rebecca Burlingame, developing plans for our updated library space. We wanted a space that was friendly, inviting, well-lit and flexible to meet the varied needs of the different age levels and classes that use the library. To that end, we will be giving over our current office space to be a comfy reading area for students, creating an even more inviting and open space. New paint, carpet, and easy-to-move furniture along with new technology, will make the space more beautiful and will, as one of the 5th graders put it, “create the library of the future”. We are now in the final phase of preparation for the renovation and have spent four weeks weeding 4,000 books, packing supplies, and moving furniture into storage. We cannot wait to see how the finished space looks in September!, Library Events: Rooster Games On Feb. 6, 2014 95 students from Lincoln School, Sophia Academy and Wheeler/Hamilton Schools participated in our 11th annual Rooster Games. Battle of the Books On April 10, 2014 121 students from Gordon, Lincoln St. Michael’s , and Wheeler/Hamilton participated in our 26th annual Battle of the Books. One of the students in Mrs. Simpson’s class commented “This was definitely one of the best days of my life!” Author Visits:
  5. 5. Ben and Brooke collaborated with Celebration of Reading chair Kristin Simoens to bring author/illustrator Laurie Keller to visit Nursery-7th grade. Laurie’s visit was a huge success and the feedback from students and faculty was overwhelmingly positive. Little Women Book Group: In honor of Wheeler’s 125th Anniversary, Brooke collaborated with Barbara Simpson to hold a weekly book discussion this spring. Children in the 4th and 5th grades volunteered to meet over lunch once a week for 8 weeks to discuss the book Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. Other activities include a trip to Concord, MA to see the Wheeler and Alcott Homesteads and an after-school viewing of the 1994 movie adaptation of Little Women. Book Lists: As a department, we created a top 125 list of fiction to help celebrate Wheeler’s 125th Anniversary. Ben and Brooke also collaborated to create a recommended book list to help celebrate the Lower School’s first Unity and Diversity day. Ben highlighted several of these titles at the Lower School Community Meeting. Parents and families: More and more families use the library’s resources before and after school. The most notable increase in use is in the mornings. We often have 40-50 students gathering in the library and browsing the collection before school starts.