Facebook 101


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Facebook 101

  1. 1. FACEBOOK 101
  2. 2. WHAT IS IT EXACTLY?  Facebook is a software program that connects you with your community, friends, family, & colleagues.  An example of “social networking software.”  There are two distinct parts to Facebook  Personal profile pages  Business/organization/group pages
  3. 3. WHAT’S SO GREAT ABOUT IT? PERSONAL PROFILES:  Find & interact with friends and family on a regular basis by  Instantmessaging or chatting  Sharing & commenting on photographs, websites, etc  Emailing  Snooping  Public or private? Lots of info or very little. You choose.
  4. 4. WHAT’S SO GREAT ABOUT IT? BUSINESS PROFILES:  Viral marketing  Create ads for target audience  Discover more about your “fans”  Status updates vs. the “old school” newsletter  Think of it as socializing at a cocktail party or other event…only it’s online.
  5. 5. PAGE OR GROUP?  A Facebook Page for your business functions much like your personal page.  More interactivity & marketing potential.  Allows for status updates which appear on your fans’ “walls.”
  6. 6. PAGE OR GROUP?  A Facebook Group is more restrictive. Some are private (ex. Milford Rotary).  Group members have to go to your site; you can only reach out by emailing.  To best explain the difference between creating a Facebook Page or a Group, see  http://tinyurl.com/pd2w75
  7. 7. WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?  Facebook currently has over 200 million active users worldwide.  Over ½ that number log on at least once each day.  Average user has 120 friends.  The fastest growing demographic is age 35 and up.  More than 8 million users become “fans” of a group page each day.
  8. 8. Ok. I get it. Now what? Check out these great sites for tutorials on how to get started:  Video series on how to use Facebook  http://tinyurl.com/lgbuor  Tutorial with video & screenshots  http://tinyurl.com/l4984s  Setting up personal and business pages  http://tinyurl.com/nm7fla  http://www.facebook.com/advertising/?pages
  9. 9. General info for Facebook users  www.facebook.com/help  www.allfacebook.com  http://mashable.com/category/facebook  Geared to marketing:  www.insidefacebook.com  10 Facebook privacy settings you should know:  http://tinyurl.com/c59bzd
  10. 10. Pages you need to “fan” Once you’re up and running, be sure to look up and become a fan of:  Wadleigh Memorial Library  Milford Rotary Club  Milford DO-IT
  11. 11. Brought to you by your friendly librarian @ the Wadleigh Memorial Library 7.8.09