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Ceesa powerpoint for slideshare


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Ceesa powerpoint for slideshare

  1. 1. Amanda Bond Ayse Ozgun Digital Book TrailersHelpful Ideas * Inspiration * Discussion
  2. 2. Find someone you do notknowIntroduce yourself andtell them about a GREATbook you have readrecently
  3. 3. Now find two more peopleIntroduce the person you just spoke with to thenew people - include their name, the bookthey liked and WHY they liked it.
  4. 4. Grade 4OAyse Ozgun – grade4 teacherAmanda Bond –librarian
  5. 5. Use film trailer here – file too big to upload to slideshare with film trailer
  6. 6.
  8. 8. Other Resources Wiki for Book Trailers – lots of good information. Tools for creating book trailers. Why teachers and librarians love Book Trailers
  9. 9. Resources used in this presentationHobbit Movie Trailer and the Dragon Book Trailer Argument Life – always wear your seat belt Dots and Waves