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Gender and leadership


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ALA-APA Presentation

Published in: Education
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Gender and leadership

  1. 1. Gender and Leadership Jessica Olin, MLIS, MAEd Michelle Millet, MA, MLS
  2. 2. Who are we?
  3. 3. JessicaOlin
  4. 4. Michelle Millet
  5. 5. What we will and won’t be covering: Will Cover:  Gender  Leadership  Management  #libleadgender Won’t Cover:  Salary (except maybe obliquely)
  6. 6. How we found the topic:
  7. 7. #libleadgender
  8. 8. Why?
  9. 9. Findings  From the literature;  From informal interviews;  From our own experiences.
  10. 10. So many stories… “At my current job, I recently stood/spoke up for all the women… when one employee thought it was appropriate to make a sexist comment. [Our male superior] still hasn’t spoken to this employee because the conversation makes him ‘uncomfortable.’” “Well, that’s just the culture around here.”
  11. 11. So many stories… “I remembered watching certain women get torn apart in my state association for being too brash, too bossy, too ‘too’. I really admired many of them, and this still makes me sad and angry.” “Thank the high heavens I landed in a job (with an amazing female director) that supports me, encourages me to succeed and fail and all that good stuff!”
  12. 12. Moving Forward
  13. 13. Twitter & Social Media  Recurring Chats  Tweetups  Other possibilities?
  14. 14. BeyondSocial Media
  15. 15. InConclusion…
  16. 16. InConclusion…
  17. 17. Questions?  Jessica:  or @olinj  Michelle:  or @winelibrarian