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Choosing An eReader That's Best For You


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Choosing An eReader That's Best For You

  1. 1. Choosing an eReader That’s Right for You
  2. 2. eReader Basics• What is an eBook? • electronic book; newspaper, book, periodical in digital form• What is an Audiobook? • Recording of a book being read • Find FVRL’s eBook and audiobook collection at• What is an eReader? • Electronic portable device used to read eBooks; some play audiobooks, as well • includes dedicated eReaders, tablets, and smart phones
  3. 3. Decide Whats Important to You• Main purpose of the device? Simply reading for eBooks? Audiobooks? Or for browsing the Internet, gaming etc.• Is a user-friendly device important? Transferring eBooks vs. wireless downloads• What features are most important to you? Screen size? Text clarity? Size/weight of device?• How will you be using the device? On long vacations- battery life. On the beach- anti-glare. Holding it for long periods of time- weight/size of device• How much are you willing to spend? $40-$800
  4. 4. Dedicated eReader or Tablet?• eReaders • solely for reading eBooks • some can play audiobooks • some have wireless option• Tablets • read eBooks, play audiobooks, browse the Internet, email, watch videos, play games etc.
  5. 5. Features to Consider• Public Library Access • see links for compatible and incompatible devices ex. Kindle not compatible with FVRL• Screen Type • e-ink vs. LCD• Battery Life • range from 7 hours (tablets) to 2 months (dedicated eReaders)
  6. 6. Features continued• Size and Weight• Price • ranges from $40 to $800• Capacity/Speed • higher memory= more room to store books • SD card option• Supported Formats • popular eBook formats are EPUB, PDF, TXT, and HTML; audiobooks formats WMA and MP3
  7. 7. User-Friendly • transferring eBooks with Adobe Digital Editions and a computer vs. wireless downloads using Overdrive Media Console.
  8. 8. Transferring eBooks• Dedicated readers use Adobe Digital Editions- requires the use of a computer• Some of the newer dedicated eReaders can transfer eBooks wirelessly- does not require a computer• Tablets use Overdrive Media Console- does not require a computer
  9. 9. eReaders- Kindle• Kindle:’s eReaders• Not compatible with BC public libraries due to Amazon’s eBooks format and license agreements.
  10. 10. eReaders- Kobo• Chapters Indigo’s eReaders• Canada’s best selling eReaders• Kobo Touch $99.99 Kobo Mini $79.99 Kobo Glo $129.99• Compatible with public libraries• Does not play audiobooks• Requires Adobe Digital Editions and a computer to transfer eBooks
  11. 11. eReaders- Nook• Barnes & Noble’s eReader• Nook Simple Touch $99 Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight $119• Does not play audiobooks• Compatible with FVRL but shipping/tech support may be limited for Canadians
  12. 12. eReaders- Sony• Compatible with public libraries• Newest version has wireless and does not require a computer or Adobe Digital Editions• Sony 6" eBook Reader with Wi-Fi (PRST2HRC) $119.99
  13. 13. Tablets- Kobo Arc• Chapters Indigo’s tablet• $199.99-$299.99• Full colour; capable of reading eBooks, listening to audiobooks, watching videos, accessing Internet• Uses the app Overdrive Media Console to download library eBooks and audiobooks
  14. 14. Tablets- Samsung Galaxy•$199.99- $499.99•Full colour; capable of reading eBooks, listeningto audiobooks, watching videos, accessingInternet•Uses the app Overdrive MediaConsole to download libraryeBooks and audiobooks
  15. 15. Tablets- iPad•Apple’s tablet•$399.99- $779.99•Full colour; capable of reading eBooks, listeningto audiobooks, watching videos, browsingInternet•New iPad Mini just released- $250-$299- all thefeatures of the iPad only 7”•Uses the app Overdrive Media Console todownload library eBooks and audiobooks
  16. 16. SmartPhones• Most smartphones can be used as eReaders• Use Overdrive Media Console app• Portable but screen is small
  17. 17. How Do They Compare?- eReaders• August 2012 ConsumerReports tested 22 eReaders based on readability, versatility, responsiveness, page turn, navigation, and file support: #1 Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight #2 Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch Reader ConsumerReports Best Buy #3 Amazon Kindle Keyboard 3G #4 Amazon Kindle Keyboard 3G with Special Offers #5 Barnes & Noble Nook Color …. #8 Kobo eReader Touch Edition ConsumerReports Best Buy
  18. 18. How Do They Compare?- Tablets• August 2012 ConsumerReports tested 49 tablets based on ease of use, display, touch response, versatility, and portability:• Apple iPad (3rd. Generation) wins first place in 9-10” screen• Galaxy Tab wins first place in 7-8” screen (this could differ with the release on iPad Mini) For more detailed information consult August 2012 ConsumerReports- ask at the Information Desk
  19. 19. Questions?If you have any questions or comments about this presentation, email Angela:
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