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Research Impact Roadshow


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Poster Presentation for 4:am Altmetrics Conference, Toronto ON, CA and National Institutes of Health Bibliometrics and Assessment Conference, Bethesda MD, US

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Research Impact Roadshow

  1. 1. Research Impact Road Show: Adaptable Impact Instruction for Campus Constituencies Ring Number One: Traditional Bibliometrics Cited Reference Searching in WoS & Scopus Journal Impact Metrics Deciding Where to Publish DORA In 2015, the University at Albany Libraries launched Scholars’ Archive, our Institutional Repository (IR). A challenge for the IR staff has been to obtain content for depositing in the repository. At the same time, the Libraries ceased the uniform provision of librarian-conducted citation searches for faculty. Instead, a policy of instruction and assistance was incorporated and a Scholarly Metrics library guide was created. This was done to encourage self-service citation searching, and to provide an introduction in to the nuanced implications of various measures of impact. Combining the concepts of open access and research impact in a scalable, modular “roadshow” provided the Libraries with a tremendous opportunity to reach out to various campus constituencies. The Libraries developed 3 main components to the roadshow, and began to do targeted outreach to campus units promoting library expertise in traditional bibliometrics (primarily for promotion and tenure), newer metrics and increasing research impact, and information about open access and institutional repositories. Librarians and staff were able to scale and modify the roadshow depending on the audience. One or more of the three “rings” can be discussed at length, or all three can be touched upon in a given session. The roadshow will continually be updated as services are added in the future and efforts are underway to reach higher levels of campus administration and other potentially interested parties. Constituencies Reached School of Public Health School of Social Welfare School of Education Counseling Psychology Ph.D. Students UAlbany Librarians Regional Librarians International Ph.D. Students and PostDocs New Faculty Tenured Faculty Additional Benefits Librarian Expertise Now Recognized for: Research Impact Scholarly Communication Bibliometrics Altmetrics Open Access Public Access Authors Rights Copyright Research Process Future Plans Added Services: Research Data Management Journal Publishing New Constituencies: Campus Administration (President, Provost, VP Research) Deans and Department Heads Graduate Student Association Ring Number Two: Altmetrics & Maximizing Impact Article Level Metrics Author Identifiers Alternative Metrics Manifesto Becker Model Ring Number Three: Open Access & IR Basic Concepts Options for Scholarly Output Federal Mandate Compliance Impact of Open Dissemination Success Stories