Facebook for Networking and Professional Service


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Short presentation with tips for using Facebook to connect with colleagues both as an individual and a professional association.

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Facebook for Networking and Professional Service

  1. 1. Using Facebook forProfessional Networking and Professional Service Elaine M. Lasda Bergman Presentation for Professional Activities Committee December 11, 2012
  2. 2. “Taking Your Temperature” 1 How many of you have a Facebook account? 2 How often do you use it? 3 Do you use it for professional purposes? 4 Do you use it to reach out and connect with students and faculty?
  3. 3. What we’re going to cover• Networking and service – why?• Professional Uses for personal FB pages• Caveats• FB Organizational Pages for Professional Associations• Caveats
  4. 4. Why do we joinProfessional Associations?
  5. 5. What benefit is there to sharinginfo on FB with other librarians?
  6. 6. Share Resources
  7. 7. Promote Your Skill Set
  8. 8. What’s going onat other Libraries?
  9. 9. Find Speakers for Programming
  10. 10. Discuss the“big ideas” in our field
  11. 11. Stuff to Talk About IRL
  12. 12. Be Acknowledged By Peers
  13. 13. Caveats• Mixing personal and professional can be tricky• Understand FB privacy settings and use them• Consider separate accounts if you’re squirrelly
  14. 14. A Quick Primer on Privacy
  15. 15. All the Privacy Options!
  16. 16. Custom VisibilityMay wish to havethis unchecked (canset to approve ifothers tag you andhave this checked)
  17. 17. Blocking People and Apps
  18. 18. Help With Privacy Settings
  19. 19. Many use FB tomove professionalfriendships intothe personalrealm.
  20. 20. Facebook for Professional Service Organizations
  21. 21. SLA DSOC Communication CommitteeSurvey of Members:• 66% in EasternTime Zone• 55.3% unaware of FB page• 60.7% check FB at least once a week (39.4% each day)• Also looked at Twitter, LinkedIn, Web PageSurvey created and executed by Brandy King, Owner of KnowledgeLinking inBoston, MA. (DSOC Chair, 2012).
  22. 22. SLA DSOC Communication CommitteeCreated Communications Plan• Outlined Priorities – (main target is existing members)• Strategies for each social network based on survey responses
  23. 23. Facebook Section• Purpose: To promote blog entries and other SLA- and division-related news, events and resources by appearing in the social media stream of our members.• Writing style: Informal• Length: 1-2 sentences and a link, photo, video or question• Update Schedule: 2x/week between 6pm and 10pm EST• Person responsible for upkeep: Facebook coordinator (in 2012, Chair is responsible)• Communications Committee support: Suggesting non-blog content to link to, suggesting pages to follow, inviting other DSOC and SLA members to follow the page, commenting on and sharing posted content when possible.
  24. 24. Results for FacebookOct 2011: Total Likes 88, Engaged Users 10, Total Impressions 223Oct 2012: Total Likes 112, Engaged Users 23, Total Impressions 695 250% 200% Likes 150% Engaged 100% Users Total 50% Impressions 0% % increase• Social Media Referrals to DSOC website: 53% from FB
  25. 25. What is Postedon DSOC FB?
  26. 26. Drive Traffic To Blog
  27. 27. Useful Info from Other Groups
  28. 28. Organizational Business
  29. 29. Resources
  30. 30. Feature/Promote Events
  31. 31. Showcase Members
  32. 32. Also: Invitations for Events
  33. 33. Caveats• Constant maintenance• Turnover of leadership• Variety• Set goals
  34. 34. Is It Worth The Trouble?
  35. 35. Questions?