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Open access and libraries: Pandora's box?


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For the VALA forum on 'Setting the default to open', 24 October 2012

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Open access and libraries: Pandora's box?

  1. 1. • Rebecca Parker Swinburne University of Technology • Open access and libraries • Pandora’s box? VALA meeting, University of Melbourne, 24 October 2012 Image: Microsoft Clipart
  2. 2. SwinburneImages: Wordle and Microsoft Clipart
  3. 3. Swinburne Myth 1:Open access is simple Image: Microsoft Clipart
  4. 4. Swinburne GreenInstitutionalrepositories Image: Microsoft Clipart
  5. 5. Swinburne GoldOpen access journals Image: Flickr/Peter Heilmann
  6. 6. Swinburne Hybrid‘paid open access’ Image: Microsoft Clipart
  7. 7. The spectrum of openness Swinburne • From very open to very closedHowOpenIsIt? © 2012 SPARC and PLoS. Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0
  8. 8. Swinburne Myth 2: Open access is freeImage: Microsoft Clipart
  9. 9. Currently … Swinburne Someone always paysImage: Microsoft Clipart
  10. 10. In an open access journal Swinburne world … Someone always pays (and it’s often the taxpayer)Image: Microsoft Clipart
  11. 11. Swinburne Myth 3:Open access is the default Image: Microsoft Clipart
  12. 12. Open access availability by discipline (2009)Source: Björk B.-C., Welling P., & Laakso M., et al. (2010). Open access to the scientific journal literature: situation 2009.PLoS ONE 5(6), e11273.
  13. 13. Swinburne But The Finch could change everythingImage: Flickr/daBinsi
  14. 14. Swinburne For researchers cost? impact?Image: Microsoft Clipart
  15. 15. Swinburne For librarians no green, only grey?Image: Microsoft Clipart
  16. 16. Swinburne For fundersImage: Microsoft Clipart
  17. 17. Swinburne For governmentImage: Microsoft Clipart
  18. 18. Swinburne Springer, Sage, Wiley, Elsevier: $US 3000 (₤1840) per article Taylor & Francis: $US 3250 (₤1725) per article Lancet: ₤400 per page Annual UK ₤10m = ~5435 articles research output = ₤38m = ~20652 articles ~60000 articlesImage: Microsoft Clipart
  19. 19. SwinburneA truth universally acknowledged Image: Microsoft Clipart
  20. 20. Swinburne Truth 1:Open access issomething we can do Image: Microsoft Clipart
  21. 21. Swinburne Traditionallibrary skills aretransferable Image: Microsoft Clipart
  22. 22. Swinburne Truth 2: Open access is something we are already doingImage: Microsoft Clipart
  23. 23. Swinburne Resistance to subscription feesSource: Sample, I. (2012, 24 April). Harvard University says it can’t afford journal publishers’ prices. The Guardian.
  24. 24. SwinburneResearch Works Act Image: Microsoft Clipart
  25. 25. SwinburneResearch data Image: Microsoft Clipart
  26. 26. Swinburne Truth 3:Open access is growing Image: Microsoft Clipart
  27. 27. SwinburneOut in the open Image: Microsoft Clipart
  28. 28. Swinburne FundermandatesResearchreporting Image: Microsoft Clipart
  29. 29. Ask not Swinburnewhat open access can do for you, but what you can do for open access Image: Flickr/Dalbera
  30. 30. (Or anything else in this presentation) • Rebecca Parker Research Services Librarian Swinburne Library