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Yarra libraries book bike libmark grant presentation october 2012

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Yarra libraries book bike libmark grant presentation october 2012

  1. 1. The Book Bike The true story of the big bright green reading machine brought to you by Yarra Libraries in association with The LibMark Marketing Award
  2. 2. The idea Our community: diverse, creative, quirky, geographically small and oh so green LibMark grant competition! Outreach! Something different! Sustainability! National Year of Reading! Fun! Lasting value! Bike riders! Staff involvement! The Library Bike Project
  3. 3. Research Having secured some in- house funding to add to the LibMark grant, we investigated various options and tried out some models before settling on a customised Christiania cargo bike.
  4. 4. Our new baby We took delivery of our brand new bike at the National Year of Reading Launch at the State Library in February 2012.
  5. 5. L plates We organised training sessions for staff who were willing to give it a go. Riding a cargo tricycle is different to riding a normal bike… …it’s stately, grand & We graduated from the very conspicuous. park to the streets and had a lot of fun riding in convoy.
  6. 6. The name We couldn’t keep referring to “the library bike” (unfortunate connotations!) so we asked our patrons to come up with a new name. There were some clever entries: Tribrary But the most popular choice was simply The Book Bike
  7. 7. Bike as signpost One of the bike’s first appearances was as a signpost, directing the more than 100 people who attended the Elliot Perlman talk into the Fitzroy Town Hall. And here’s the bike on the footpath outside the tiny shop front North Fitzroy Library →
  8. 8. Space and flexibility The basic cargo on board the Book Bike includes: • a marine ply display stand • NYOR sign • umbrellas • stools • picnic rugs • promotional material There is plenty of room to The bike fits well with a sustainable customize the cargo according to philosophy. We showcase library resources the event. such as Powermates, Lux meters, green books & magazines & our sustainability booklist. For example, we take sample board books & Baby Book Bags to new We have developed a Sustainable Storytime Kit parent talks at Maternal and Child promoting reading & green living. Health Centers.
  9. 9. Library promotion The Book Bike enables us to promote our services and events to non-users by reaching them where they work, shop, study or play. We have service and event flyers, booklists, balloons, bookmarks and crayons to give away. At a local shopping strip
  10. 10. Publicity The bike featured on the front cover of the “Yarra News”, a monthly magazine produced by the City of Yarra & delivered to all houses in the municipality. It has also appeared in the local paper - the Melbourne Leader - and in inCite.
  11. 11. A presence at major events The bike provides a focal point at festivals and non-library events – a change from the usual tent or table. There is growing recognition of the Book Bike as a fun and colourful addition to a community event, especially if we are giving away merchandise or weeded books or reading stories. We are now fielding many requests to attend local events. Some events we have attended • Emerge Festival in Collingwood • Harmony Day in Carlton • Sustainable Family Fun Day in Richmond • Moon Lantern Festival at the Richmond Housing Estate • Holden Street Neighbourhood House Equinox Picnic in North Fitzroy • Collingwood Children’s Farm school holiday activities
  12. 12. Outreach to families The Book Bike is hugely popular with children. We have developed a Sustainable Storytime Kit for the bike, promoting reading and care for the environment We visit parks, schools, after-care, kinders and Maternal & Child Health Centres
  13. 13. Children’s activities This year we gathered a crowd around the bike in the park opposite Carlton Library for Simultaneous Storytime with guest author Meredith Costain. The bike also fits beautifully with the relaxed setting for storytime at the Collingwood Children’s Farm
  14. 14. Strengthening ties The Book Bike project builds on existing links between the libraries and other sections of Council, with the program receiving support from Yarra’s Green Team and Bicycle Users Group. The bike has been used as a focal point for community consultations on bike infrastructure and featured at a Yarra Staff World Environment Day Extravaganza. There is increasing interest from other Council Departments to book the bike for events
  15. 15. Benefits of the bike •generates positive comments and a fun atmosphere wherever it goes. Children in particular •high visibility makes finding us easier love the bike and ask •sustainable message reinforced to the lots of great questions community. such as: •portable, adaptable outreach vehicle ” how did it get here?” •increased profile during the National Year “ can I have a go?” of Reading. “ is this a new library?’ • has attended more than 35 venues and our favourite • so far we’ve reached over 2000 people. “ can you come back another day?” Overwhelmingly people see the bike as a positive addition to the library.
  16. 16. Challenges Along the way there have been some challenges in implementing the project: •Securing extra funding for the bike and other costs such as staff training and overtime •Logistics – storage, transporting between library branches, fitting through doorways •Empowering staff to feel confident to take it to the streets •Staff time •Juggling on-going requests from community and other Council staff, particularly for weekend festivals and events •Creating and implementing a Cargo Bike Policy The Book Bike’s very success is also its main challenge: it could appear at events on a daily basis if demand was to be met.
  17. 17. On from here… Upcoming events and activities include: • Yarra Ride to Work Day Breakfast •Children’s Week celebrations at the Collingwood Children’s Farm •Spring Hat Storytime in the park •Relax and read sessions out in the community •An intensive school and kinder visit program •Bulk loan deliveries •Summer Reading Club joint events with Yarra Leisure (reading sessions at pools and parks)
  18. 18. Thanks We would like to acknowledge and thank: •City of Yarra •Libmark •PS Bikes (bike supplier) •Kate Simnett (cargo bike training) •The original National Year of Reading Book Bike Committee: Lindy, Melissa, Theary, Jill