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Ya ppt

  1. 1. Every night at midnight – time stops for just one hour. While others sit frozen in time, some teens can enter into this secret hour. They all have special powers. They will need their powers to help protect themselves from the creatures that roam in this secret hour. Rex Melissa Dess Jessica Jonathan The Midnighters The Secret Hour
  2. 2. T. J. hatches a plan to get the school misfits letter jackets and exact his revenge on the school bully. Ben must figure out what he wants to do with his senior year when he is given this last year to live. “ Well written, action packed, engrossing, and at times humorous . . . “
  3. 3. What if you woke up in the Magic Kingdom . . . and found out that you were needed to save it?
  4. 4. It is only among the dead that you find Life is worth Living dead also check out Coraline
  5. 5. Miranda keeps receiving notes that accurately predict the futre She is making new friends And a strange man keeps appearing Everything that is happening Will make sense And losing best friends on the corner
  6. 6. Nobody does love like Sarah Dessen
  7. 7. In the future, all education is done by television. 14-year-old kids are dropped in Antarctica without an adult in site to recreate Robert F. Scott’s 1912 expedition to the South Pole. In order to make sure it is entertaining, they are writing a lot of unexpected things into the script. Can these teens survive?
  8. 8. Take a tunnel through time with historical fiction author Ann Rinaldi Other historical authors include Carolyn Meyer and Katherine Paterson
  9. 9. Cammie Morgan is fluent in 14 different languages and can kill a man with her bare hands in 7 different ways But she has no idea what to do When she meets and ordinary boy
  10. 10. This all began on the day I came home with straight Fs. I was given a choice . . . Our Lady of Perpetual Homework or Vlad Dracul Magnet School The students at Vlad Dracul Magnet School are . . . Odd. He is marked He is safe For now
  11. 11. Adam Canfield The Slash of Adam Canfield blows lid off of cover-up This just in . . . Adam Canfield is about to ruin his school and newspaper career when he discovers that his principal may be involved in scandal. Why does her office have so much cool stuff? Where did the funds come from? Only Adam Canfield may be able to crack the case. For more mysteries try the Final Four sports mystery series by John Feinstein and The Echo Falls mysteries by Peter Abrahams
  12. 12. This is Steampunk! It is the cusp of World War I The Clankers are metal war machines The British use fabricated animals as weapons The Leviathian is a living airship, the beast of the sky
  13. 13. Al Capone DOES MY SHIRTS In 1935, Moose’s dad is a prison guard on Alcatraz Island – home to one notorious criminal: Al Capone. His little sister his autistic and he is forced to spend his time taking care of her. Perhaps the devious mind of Al Capone can help Moose get her sister into a special school – but he’ll have to get Al’s attention first.
  14. 14. 13 years later Jonah and Chip receive a note . . . You are one of the missing No crew No pilot Just 36 babies A plane appears unnoticed " " The Missing series by Margaret Peterson Haddix
  15. 15. Can You Find Them The clues are everywhere A fortune is at stake Time is running out ?
  16. 16. Vampires hot reads Werewolves
  17. 17. With just a look in your eyes she sees the numbers. The date you are going to die. She didn’t want a friend. Especially one she knew was going to die soon. But now they are both on the run. Blamed for a terrorist act. And everywhere she looks she sees the numbers . . . Something big is going to happen soon. Numbers 8
  18. 18. Everything can change . . . In a Heartbeat You may also like books by Lurlene McDaniel and Caroline B. Cooney When Egan dies, Amelia finally gets the heart transplant she needs.
  19. 19. "Yancey takes...gore and violence...to thrilling new levels in this sophisticated tale."-- School Library Journal Will 12-years-old Also check out the Alfred Kropp Adventures by Rick Yancey
  20. 20. In this epic fantasy adventure, Will must help to protect the Kingdom. You may also like the Pendragon series by D. J. MacHale, The Last Apprentice series by Joseph Delaney, and the various Merlin books written by T. A. Barron. “ Half the time is spent rolling on the floor from the humor, the other half is spent biting your nails and hoping Will and his buddies get out alive.” – a teen reader
  21. 21. Suzanne Collins You may also like The Dead and the Gone by Susan Beth Pfeffer and The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan
  22. 22. Stargirl 2 b Dare 2 b U! Dare Different