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LIBER DH Working Group Workshop: The Library Towards Digital Humanities by Despoina Gkogkou


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This presentation was given as part of the Digital Humanities workshop at LIBER 2017, Patras. For more about LIBER and the Digital Humanities Working Group, please see:

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LIBER DH Working Group Workshop: The Library Towards Digital Humanities by Despoina Gkogkou

  1. 1. Digitized literary and popular magazines ▪ Kosmopolis (19th century) ▪ Pleias (19th-20th century) ▪ Daniilis (19th-20th century, regional interest) Latest addition ▪ Diogeneia (general archival interest, UPatras Archive, Industrial History Archive) ▪ Details at
  2. 2. ▪ Open Access ▪ Collaboration within and outside the UPatras ▪ Department of Philology ▪ Hellenic Literary and Historical Archive (E.L.I.A.) ▪ Municipal Library of Patras ▪ Library of the Greek Parliament ▪ Partially funded by project TELEPHAESSA ▪ Implemented on OJS (Open Journal System)
  3. 3. ▪ Started in early 21th century ▪ Free access from anywhere, anytime ▪ Minimal indexing ▪ Entry errors ▪ No OCR
  4. 4. Department of Mathematics (University of Patras) Seminars on text mining and network analysis in Classic Literature Implementation with texts by Homer and Shakespeare Department of Archives, Library Science and Museology (Ionian University) T.E.I. seminars for the students of Department of Philology Implementation on a recently acquired literary archive
  5. 5. ▪ Laboratory of Modern Greek Dialects ▪ Seminars for the postgraduate students of Department of Philology in order to familiarize with the new technologies, the services provided by the Library and academic social networks. ▪ Pilot phase, six (6) courses on basic search information, electronic sources (humanities oriented), reference tools.
  6. 6. ▪ Start by updating and converting our image files to digital text ▪ What we need? Working together with our Engineering Departments ▪ More support – equipment, skilled (wo)manpower
  7. 7. Despoina Gkogkou