Research libraries. Future roles and challenges


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Research libraries. Future roles and challenges

  1. 1. UCL LIBRARY SERVICES Research libraries – future roles and challenges Dr Paul Ayris Director of UCL Library Services, UCL Copyright Officer, Chief Executive, UCL Press President of LIBER (Association of European Research Libraries) Chair, LERU (League of European Research Universities) Chief Information Officer Community e-mail:
  2. 2. UCL LIBRARY SERVICES Contents  Open Access  APC payments  University publishing 2
  3. 3. UCL LIBRARY SERVICES Contents  Open Access  APC payments  University publishing 3
  4. 4. UCL LIBRARY SERVICES  Main stumbling block to Gold OA is cost of APC (Article Processing Charges)  Finch estimated average APC as £1450 per article  Government now (31/1/14) calls for publishers to reduce subscription rates at institutional level 4 Policy Developments
  5. 5. UCL LIBRARY SERVICES Who pays?  Funders  UCL  Decision Tree at library/open-access/ plots path for individual researchers  General OA Guide also available 5
  6. 6. UCL LIBRARY SERVICES APC payments  JISC Collections trialling a shared service to UK universities 6  OAK will manage OA funds held in universities  And payments for APCs for Gold OA publishing
  7. 7. UCL LIBRARY SERVICES RCUK workflow process 7
  9. 9. UCL LIBRARY SERVICES 9  Gold APC payments represent an opportunity for new services to construct payment infrastructures to support university research
  10. 10. UCL LIBRARY SERVICES Contents  Open Access  APC payments  University publishing 10
  11. 11. UCL LIBRARY SERVICES Monograph Publishing  Is Open Access a solution to broken Business Model?  University Press takes on role as monograph publisher  Long form monographs, peer reviewed  Short monographs in AHSS – new publishing format? 11 UCL Special Collections, 15th century Book of Hours, with 19th century additions. MS. Lat. 25
  12. 12. UCL LIBRARY SERVICES UCL Press  Imprint repatriated from commercial publisher  Launched as an OA Press in August 2013  Publishing research monographs, journals and textbooks  £75K won in JISC project call to construct e-textbook infrastructures  A department of UCL Library Services 12
  13. 13. UCL LIBRARY SERVICES The view from Arts and Humanities? 13 /2012/09/aha-statement- on-scholarly-journal- publishing/
  14. 14. UCL LIBRARY SERVICES Shared European infrastructure for monographs?  19 European partners, led by UCL  European universities can become publishers themselves  Shared publishing infrastructure with Open Access business models  Research monographs in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences  OAPEN to provide much of the technical infrastructure  Launched at UCL in December 2013 14 UCL Special Collections. Pentateuch, 1666. STRONG ROOM MOCATTA Q B 12 TAR
  15. 15. UCL LIBRARY SERVICES What could be achieved? 15 OUTPUTS  Shared publishing infrastructure  Shared by 19 partners  Scaleable to all European Universities  Advocacy for new solutions to solve monograph crisis  Marketing frameworks  Business Modelling activities  At least 180 OA monographs in 35 series
  16. 16. UCL LIBRARY SERVICES Indicative series in European collaboration 35 series titles proposed in total Subject area Media History and Film Theory Media studies, Film theory Spirituality Studies in Theology Theology World Oral Literature Series Literary Studies Iranian Studies Middle Eastern Studies Law, Governance and Development Research Law, International Studies Interdisciplinary Issues - Art, City, Society Urban Studies New Ideas in Human Interaction Linguistics 16
  17. 17. UCL LIBRARY SERVICES Conclusion  Gold OA infrastructures  Gold APC requires payment infrastructures  Flexible enough to cope with a variety of funder mandates and user needs  University Library as publisher  Requires publishing platforms and associated infrastructures  Needs of research community now being identified  Library has major role in research support 17  Thanks for listening  Happy to answer questions
  18. 18. UCL LIBRARY SERVICES Thanks! 18