Why Use Social Media to Grow Your Business by Libby Webb


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Why Social Media to Grow Your Business by Libby Webb

I presented this to a group of College Students at the University of Alabama Huntsville to help them understand why it's important to use Social Media in your marketing strategy to grow a business. I shared my personal experience from how we grew our remote located restaurant business (New Market BBQ) by 40% using a viral Customer Fan Review Application, a perpetual Contest, and building a community online around our brand. We have created a "destination" eatery that draws people from long distances using Social Media. We're also exploring the use of Google Hangouts to further engage our fans and just create opportunities to interact, engage and have FUN with our customers! I hope you find value in this presentation. Connect with me online at http://www.libbywebb.com

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Why Use Social Media to Grow Your Business by Libby Webb

  1. 1. Using Social Media to Grow Your Business Guest Speaker: Libby Webb, BSBA MIS 1994 University of Alabama Huntsville Student Advertising Federation
  2. 2. Guest Speaker: Libby Webb, BSBA MIS 1994 Technology Professional turned Entrepreneur  25 yrs in Mfg Sector - 10 yrs. in Information Technology  2008 We purchased New Market BBQ  2010 left corporate to be full time entrepreneur  2010 Helped with SJP Playground Project using a FB Page  Raised $130K in 7 months  Over 2,000 Fans  2011 Focused on restaurant business – grow the value of our business by increasing our Fanbase and exposure locally.  “Helping other people is what comes naturally for me.”
  3. 3. Why Social Media in Business is Important That’s where customers are spending their time…  Over 50% of the world’s population is under 30-years-old  Social media is the #1 activity on the web  90% of consumers trust peer recommendations  Only 14% trust advertisements  The reality: We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well do we do it.  Traditional marketing is no longer working like it used to  Even News is being consumed through Social Media  Purchasing decisions are being made & executed every minute on Social Media
  4. 4. Why Social Media The backbone of the strategy we used is called creating “Earned Media” or “Social Proof”  • Earned media is having your customers and advocates talking favorably about your brand. Also known as: creating “Buzz” or positive “Word of Mouth”  According to Nielsen’s latest Global Trust in Advertising report that surveyed more than 28,000 internet respondents in 56 countries, 92% of consumers around the world say they trust earned media, such as recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising.  That’s 9 out of 10 people!
  5. 5. Libby Webb Accomplishments – New Market BBQ  June of 2008 bought existing restaurant  Established an online presence which did not exist  Website, Google, FB, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram  Warp speed – Focused & gained 1,000 fans on FB  Aug 2012 installed Fan Review App & launched Contest  Had 2,100 fans at this time – NO EMAIL LIST  Now at 14,300+ fans – Generated 250+ Fan Reviews, 900+ email subscribers & Revenue is up 40% from 2008  We have created a “destination” eatery & online community of Raving Fans that help us grow every week!
  6. 6. Libby Webb Keys to Success  Build Community Online around your cause, business or purpose & build relationships  Host Google Hangouts and Contests to raise awareness and deliver VALUE – integrated approach  Provide ways for your customers to engage with you  Work Fan Reviews into your process  Partner with other business’ to help cross promote each other  Build an Email List and continue to deliver value  Encourage sharing of your content / teach the behaviors your want / need your fans to execute
  7. 7. Libby Webb Connect with me online at www.libbywebb.com and join me at one or all of my Social Channels. Join me LIVE every week at www.livewithlibby.com and Hangout with me and learn some awesome Social Media & Life Strategies that you can apply to your business. THANK YOU!!! CLICK HERE =>> TO WATCH THE REPLAY OF THIS HANGOUT