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Glenohumeral Joint


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Glenohumeral Joint

  1. 1. Acromioclavicular Coracoacromial ligament ligament The Glenohumeral Joint from Kinesiology of the Musculoskeletal System, 2nd Edition by Donald A. Neumann, © Elsevier Sciences Subacromial space Supraspinatus eral Biceps brachii tendon ohum Corac ament Subacromial bursa (long head) lig mion Acro Coracoacromial Conoid Cap ments ligament liga ligament sular Coracoclavicular Coracohumeral Transverse Trapezoid ligament ligament ligament ligament Coracoid process Infraspinatus Biceps tend Superior glenohumeral ligament Glenoid labrum Subscapularis Axillary Glenoid fossa Middle glenohumeral on pouch ligament Teres minor Anterior band Inferior Axillary pouch glenohumeral Anterior view of the right glenohumeral joint Posterior band ligament showing the following external features of the joint capsule: the capsular, coracohumeral, and Lateral aspect of the right glenohumeral coracoacromial ligaments. joint showing the internal surface of the joint. e humerus has been removed to Cor expose the glenoid fossa. on ac omi ligaoacr Acr me om nt ia Subacromial l space Coracoacromial Short head of biceps (cut) ligament Supraspinatus Coracoid Coracobrachialis (cut) process Supraspinatus Infraspinatus Biceps brachii tendon Subscapularis (long head) Teres minor Long head of Glenoid labrum biceps tendon (cut) Teres major Coracobrachialis (cut) Triceps Inferior Side view of right glenohumeral joint with the capsule Anterior Posterior joint opened up to expose the articular surfaces. e longitudinal diameter is depicted in the frontal Anterior and posterior views of the right shoulder plane (purple) and the transverse diameter is showing the rotator cu muscles blending into and depicted in the horizontal plane (blue-green). reinforcing the glenohumeral joint caspule.