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Cameo writing oliver in the garden


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Cameo writing oliver in the garden

  1. 1. Splash in the water A great white shark was hunting for a fish and it was a puffer fish. Then he saw a hammer head and the great white was eating the hammer head and there was heaps of meat on it. It was dark and scary and the great white was scared because he didn’t like the dark. Suddenly he saw a megaladon and he got eaten up and that’s why he was scared. There were heaps of magaladons which were eating all of the great white sharks. Out of nowhere lots of great white sharks came. Then there were lots of great white sharks and they tried to eat the megaladon. It was crunchy. The megaladon was faster than the great white. They finally bet the megaldones. It was cool. By Charlie
  2. 2. King in the forest Once upon a time there lived a king elephant. Then suddenly a prickly hedgehog started to come closer and tried to prick him. Soon he heard a scuffling sound. It was the hedgehog. The elephant was scared. By Abhishek
  3. 3. Splash the fish called Camille Camille was the big one. The little one was her sister that followed her. They both were really grey. They saw another fish. The fish was as pretty as a princess. Sometimes they were scared of the sharks. Camille doesn’t have many sparkles on her. She has a flower and her little sister has a heart. Once they both dreamed of making crunchy cookies. Some of the cookies had heaps of chocolate inside of them. The dad and mum don’t hang out with Camille and her sister. They go to look for treasure. Once they found a huge big shark that was following dad and mum. They lived in the ocean. They went out and saw some boats. Some were really huge but not that huge. Also they were scary. By Alamea
  4. 4. Jordan the Cheetah in the Grass Jordan is hunting at night when suddenly he met a wolf. He liked to eat meat and steak. The wolf was big , heavy and white. Jordan and the wolf had really big fights. had heaps of scratches. The wold had more scratches than Jordan. Then they found more and more food. They found steak and more meat. The wolf was white but not only that he had black long, long, long stripes. The cheetah had very long brown hair. He also had hair on his chin. The cheetah’s tail was very long. Finally they became really, really, really good friends. By Cruise
  5. 5. Jet the Fish in the Ocean Jet wanted to go through the net to eat some fish. Jet swam into the net and he didn’t see any fish until a boat was going past. It was blocking the sun light. He couldn’t see any fish. By Norman
  6. 6. Chris in the Sea Chris was very big and he liked to eat lots of fish. One day Chris was swimming into the deep sea. It was very black and he couldn’t see. He swam very fast but a big fish with a light on his head was chasing Chris. Chris saw the fish “YEOW!” Chris said. The big golden fish said “I can help you.” And the fish helped Chris get home. By Ricky
  7. 7. Yoda in the Garden The garden was as dark as a raincloud. Yoda the dog was looking around and he saw Lola the cat. Yoda was chasing Lola lots and lots. Yoda and Lola like drinking milk. Then they became friends and they loved each other. They were leaping and jumping at the same time. They liked hunting for some food. Lola said “MEOW!” our load so the whole earth could hear. By Kaitlyn
  8. 8. Chris in the Snow Chris loved to eat reindeer. Today Chris was getting two new animals in the snow and they were called reindeer. Chris was excited about eating the reindeer meat but most of all he liked people meat. By Caitlyn
  9. 9. Poppy and Foxy in the garden Once upon a time there was a cat named poppy and a dog named foxy who had big fox ears. Poppy and foxy belonged to me. Poppy like drinking milk and Foxy liked eating dog food. Once Poppy was in my room when along came Foxy, “MEOW!” The dog started racing after the cat. Suddenly I heard a loud sound. I went to the room and I said bad foxy and after that he lived outside. By Mele
  10. 10. Beauty in the Sea The sea was all noisy and loud. Beauty was naughty. It was a scary and noisy night. There were fish screaming and fish trying to hide under rocks. Soon it was morning. The shark came out so the fish were hiding. The shark tried to find all the fish but he couldn’t so he had an idea. His idea was to look under the rocks and soon he found a fish. So the fish swam quickly away until he got tired but had to keep swimming and rushing to get away. The fish said “OUCH!” because the shark bit her. Soon lots of fish yelled “OUCH!”. By Vidya
  11. 11. Princess and Pingow Princess was in the house. Suddenly she came across a penguin. The penguins name was Pingow. By Kyla
  12. 12. Abhishek in the Maze Once upon a time there was an animal called Abhishek, he was a cheetah. Abhishek lives in a maze. He can eat a leopard in ten months. Abhishek is cool and big. He is a meat eater and he can walk 70 days until his legs get tired. He can run as fast as lightning. He can travel a long way. Abhishek is black. He can be blue and green too. By Mathew
  13. 13. Master the Wolf in the Jungle The jungle was loud in the day. Master was hunting when suddenly there was two rabbits. It was his favourite food to eat. He leaped for it. Then he crept up and leaped again and caught the rabbit. After this his predator came and it tried to eat him but the lion missed. He saw the lion but the lion didn’t see him because he was in the bushes. By Raphael
  14. 14. Once upon a time there was a cheetah and his name was Cruise. He liked to hunt for springboks. He went down in to the green grass. He saw a springboks. He leaped out of the grass and the springboks started to run. Cruise started to run as well and he ran as fast as he could until he caught the springboks. Last the next day the springboks ran then Cruise chased it he started to eat the springboks. By Lucas
  15. 15. Ben in the Water The water was quiet during the night. Ben eats and hunts when Ben saw fish they went to their green cave. Ben ate more and more. When Ben saw two sharks where catching fish. By Mahdi