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I masterclassvideoepisode5


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Published in: Education
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I masterclassvideoepisode5

  1. 1. Our students Now they need to have the regularly reflect on SMART goal those goals, in thetemplate in a blog, to help them wiki achieve their goals Lets watch a quick tutorial about how to use a blog
  2. 2. Back atthe PLTmeeting I came across this on the ultranet support site, a cool module that has key questions students could use when they are reflecting on their goals. Why reinvent the wheel!! I think we should use these questions. And any others that we can add that will help our students.
  3. 3. • How could you use this Some questions to prompt reflection learning in different ways? • What did this make you • How have your ideas think about or wonder? changed? • Two things I have learned...and one thing I still wonder about? How could you do this differently next time?• What did you learn that you didnt know before?
  4. 4. Lets save time and poolall our strategies. Thatwill improve our studentsabilities to reflect ontheir goals. And save usall planning time!!
  5. 5. Pooling all our strategies Strengthening student reflection skills Graphic Conceptrubrics organisers maps Sentence stems
  6. 6. O.K what makes a This will help us good see the problemsreflection? students mightLets have a have go
  7. 7. GOAL “I am going to finish my homework by 8pm tonightand I’ll achieve this deadline by spending half an hour oneach subject.” We’ve got one…it took a few drafts… Draft one: I achieved my goal Draft two: I learnt that half an hour was enough time but finding a good place to work on my homework also helped me to finish it quicker. Draft three: I need to have a look at my whole week, after school activities to plan the best nights to complete my homework so that I don’t run out of time to complete it.
  8. 8. GOAL “I want to write a letter to the Shepparton News onthe issue ‘What can the Government do about Victoria’swater problem?’ that is a page in length and completed byJune 28th. I’ll write at least one argument every night, cross Got it!checking with the Persuasive Text guide.” It took two drafts… Draft one: I used the guide to keep me on track, it gave me a chance to check my work to see if I was on the right track, rather than wait until the end and having to start again. Draft two: Having the guide, breaking the letter down into smaller parts or arguments, made it easier to develop each argument separately until I was satisfied it gave a strong message. This was easier than trying to do it all in one night
  9. 9. After a while I’ve noticedsome of my kids get I’ve got a few ideas to pursuebored with writing a using web 2.0 tools that we canjournal. explore, like vokis How do we make reflections more interesting by giving students more choices? There is more info on Learning Goals reflections in the Online Support Module 9 in the Ultranet support site