detailed research into Target audience


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detailed research into Target audience

  1. 1. Research into potential audience By Libby Jones
  2. 2. Male Female ‘Letter for Tom’ is primarily aimed at a female audience. Why? 1. Typically Romance films are aimed more towards a female audience. However the sci-fi element of the film might make it more appealing to a male audience. 2. The story is written and produced by female authors which could make the media biased towards men. The Lead role is played by a female character and the audience views the film from her perspective. Its uncommon in a lot of films for the female to have the main roll, in our film however females are well represented as the majority of the cast are women. The Audience questionnaire results support this as 71% of people who said they would watch the film are female.
  3. 3. What Age group is our product aimed at?  Letter for tom is aimed mostly At young adults. Why? The film mostly appeals to young adults. This is because the story is about ‘young love’. The main characters in this film are both around the age of 20 which makes the product more relevant to viewers who are in early adulthood. Our film targets this age group because they can relate more to the characters. We expect the film to receive a PG certificate because it has no explicit content, violence, horror, bad language, sexual content or drug reference. Giving the film a PG certificate makes t it a family friendly movie and widens the potential audience. But I think the film is less suited to a a young audience (children under 12) because the ‘love and relationships’ are considered adult themes and stereotypically wouldn’t interest children. However the film could also appeal to: Elderly people: because the storyline displays a clash between the past and the present and part of the film is set in the Edwardian era. You might expect the elderly to have more knowledge of the time period from which Alice (the main character) is from making them more aware of the emotions and struggles the character is facing.
  4. 4. How will this effect the production, distribution and exhibition of the product? When making the film we will need to firstly chose a cast that are of the same generation as the target audience, or alternatively actors who are seen as role models to young adults. Secondly we must take care when filming and editing the footage to make sure a correct and understandable message is being displayed. For example we could use elliptical editing to show the characters are lively and active which will overall give a positive representation of young adults. The age of the target audience will also effect the distribution of the product. Because our film is marketed to young adults a good way of advertising is through viral marketing. However because the film is independent its very unlikely we would have a large scale marketing campaign. Finally the exhibition of the product could change depending on the age of the target market. I think that our product would likely be screened in local cinemas because going to the cinema is deemed as a popular social activity for people within our target age range. Does the audience questionnaire and feedback results support this?  Yes, generally the questionnaire results support our target audience research.  75% of audience questionnaire responses who said that they would watch the film were aged between 12-20. after reading the storyline for the film the majority of people gave the film a PG or 12certificate.
  5. 5. Who is our product aimed at? The filming locations are all in Barnsley making it more likely appeal to a regional audience. The film may attract local people as they have a connection with the film. Why The film is independent and will probably be of interest to a niche audience as appose to a national audience. The film is a category A film meaning the actors, funding and location are all British.
  6. 6. How will this effect the production, distribution and exhibition of the product? We will need to consider how our region is defined. Also how the characters in the film represent the region. Hopefully we will be able to display a truthful view of the south Yorkshire area. The main ethnicity/race of people in the area is white British. The stock type of a white British person in the media is a dominant person (lead role) who is often the hero. I think our film supports these stenotypes and plays on peoples ideologies. The Regional Identity of the target audience will also effect the distribution and exhibition of the product. Because our film is marketed to local people it would make sense to advertise locally. One way this could be done is by airing a radio trailer of the film on a local radio station. To reach the target audience the film would be screened in local cinemas. Does the audience questionnaire and feedback results support this?  Yes, some people claimed that the localised filming locations is the most appealing part of the film. this shows that using recognisable locations appeals to our target market.  Overall the people who tuck most interest in the film considered Yorkshire to be there regional identity .
  7. 7.  The audience would probably already take interest in the romance and drama genre and may have watched similar media with a related storyline such as the film time travellers wife or TV series lost in Austin. The product appeals to people of different classes and backgrounds.  The two main characters in the film have different social classes. Tom (middle-class living in northern England) and Alice who is more upper class. The audience might connect with the character that represents them best.