Using windows azure to develop secure and deploy cloud applications Santiago Chile


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Presentación en el lanzamiento de VS2013 en Santiago de Chile, donde se muestran las herramientas que VS tiene para trabajar con Azure

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  • Demo 5 – Mobile Services from Visual Studio
  • Using windows azure to develop secure and deploy cloud applications Santiago Chile

    1. 1.
    2. 2. Introduction to the Cloud OS Windows Azure Overview Visual Studio Tooling for Windows Azure Scenarios: • • • • Dev/Test Web Mobile Hybrid
    3. 3. Development Management Identity Data Virtualization
    4. 4. All services are now contained under a single Windows Azure node VS OAuth with WLID
    5. 5. Subscription and Region Filtering Support
    6. 6. Sandbox environments for application development and testing on supported OS QA and application compatibility on new O/S (e.g., WS 2012) or software (e.g., SQL Server 2012) Stress & load testing SharePoint 2013 dev/test sandbox Reproduction and bug fixing for s/w and app stack failures Environment for doing training, learning and application demos TFS: Customized TFS setup with < 2200 users; testing TFS upgrades and roll-outs
    7. 7. Stop/Start Virtual Machines within Visual Studio
    8. 8. Test/Dev VMs in the cloud Windows Azure Leverage existing skillset to move test/dev to cloud Hyper-V VHD Saved Disk State Deploy Sandbox Test/Dev VMs Connectivity with on-premises data and applications Azure Storage Common identity VPN Tunnel Onpremises Dispersed Teams Common dev tools and frameworks for on-premise & cloud Accessed by a geographically dispersed team
    9. 9. It’s easy to deploy and administer high-density scalable website hosting services Scalable Automated Flexible High-density and secure web hosting Lowers customer onboarding costs and streamlines upselling Support for PHP, Node.js, and ASP.NET Open publishing methods and protocols Integrated and open solution Upsell from shared to reserved Metering and throttling of resources Fully integrated into Web App Gallery
    10. 10. Traditional machine-centric model Distributed model With multiple web applications, challenges for service providers include: Web Sites allocates a web application to a specific process (or processes):       Increased load and management complexities Security - Isolating stored data, authentication & authorization mechanisms Scaling - Auto-scaling platform compute, scaling platform storage Provisioning tenant resources Lack of support for multiple SSL web sites; applications have affinity to single servers Web application content   Web application content Internet Information Services web server Application databases  Distributes load by allocating web applications to specific processes Enhances management by requiring no change to code for existing applications Provides a scalable and elastic resource pool capable of running an arbitrary set of web applications Provides multiple SSL Web sites that use unique server certificates for HTTPS binding; applications are freed from affinity to single servers applicationHost.config root web.config Php.ini Application databases Worker process Web application applicationHost.config root web.config Php.ini
    11. 11. Using FTP and Web Deploy Services Web Sites cluster Web workers Server or virtual machine Local routing logic End user Worker process (w3wp) HTTP/S Request ….. Upstream hardware loadbalancers Front-end application request router Front-end application request router Temporary perapp file storage Persistent storage Web application databases Cluster topology and run-time state Resource usage data Publishers Web application file directories FTP Service Web Deploy Service Publisher services carry out various file operations against a web application's directory structure.
    12. 12. Decrease onboarding costs and increase customer satisfaction Web Sites cluster Web workers Server or virtual machine Local routing logic End user Development Tools Worker process (w3wp) HTTP/S Request Front-end application request router ….. Upstream hardware loadbalancers Temporary perapp file storage Front-end application request router Persistent storage Visual Studio, WebMatrix Protocols FTP, Git, WebDeplo y, HTTP Source control integration Web application databases Cluster topology and run-time state Resource usage data Web application file directories Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 Developer tools and protocols
    13. 13. Remote Debugging Web Sites Cloud Services
    14. 14. Windows Azure provides two platform services that accelerate mobile development Mobile Services supplies a scalable and secure backend for mobile apps. With Mobile Services, it’s easy to store data in the cloud, authenticate users, send push notifications, and add business logic. Notification Hubs is a broadcast push service that makes it easy to send personalized push at scale with low latency from almost any app backend.
    15. 15. Windows Store iOS Android SQL Windows Phone 8 iOS Android HTML 5/JS Table Storage Blob Storage Mongo DB Scripts: table scheduled custom API Facebook Twitter Microsoft Google Active Directory SDKs REST API WNS & MPNS APNS GCM Notification Hubs Source Control
    16. 16. Use server scripts to add custom logic to your mobile application as well as connect to other Windows Azure or third party services Table Scheduled Custom API
    17. 17. Core technologies that enable a truly hybrid application platform
    18. 18. Service Bus Relay Service Bus Queues D E Service Bus Topics C B A
    19. 19. ?
    20. 20. Windows Azure Active Directory Internetscale multitenant directory Build concurrentl y with Office 365 Extends Windows Server Active Directory into cloud Cloudbased directory and identity services
    21. 21. Global Data Center Footprint Flexible & Open Integrate with Compute OnPrem Manage workloads with your Options existing Tools 99.95% Monthly SLA. Pay only for what you use Virtual Machines, Web Sites, Mobile Services & Cloud Services
    22. 22. Activate your MSDN Windows Azure benefit and receive up to $150 in credit each month to use on any Windows Azure service including VMs, Websites, Databases and more.
    23. 23. Download Visual Studio 2013 studio Try Visual Studio Online Get Started with Windows Azure Activate your MSDN Benefit & try it for free or get a Windows Azure Free Trial Account