How to present better @L7H


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my outtake from presentation books, seminars, TED's and practice in my day to day job as a Strategic Planner.

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How to present better @L7H

  1. 1. HI, I’M LIANE. WHY PRESENTING? As a kid I failed hugely in a presentation at school. The 1930’s Great Depression wasn’t really my topic. In addition my best friend tried to embarrass me with nasty questions and I had to stop right in the middle. Ever since this presentation trauma I didn’t feel comfortable presenting in front of bigger groups. Which didn’t matter for uni. But in my job, being a great presenter is a must have skill.Strategic Planner from Germany. Psychology So ever since I’ve been working I’ve practiced tobackground. Ex- JVM. Now LLR. 4 years experience improve and overcome this barrier. Here is myon international brands such as Mercedes-Benz, outtake from books, seminars, TEDs and jobPanasonic, Germanwings and RaboDirect. experience, that work for me.
  2. 2. Presenting is not about copying role models or certain styles. It is about carving out yourown character with your own originality and features in order to stand out. PICTURE BY DANORBIT, FLICKR
  3. 3. It feels like your are turning red and your voice is shaky? Guess what? Nobody can notice it.Eye opener: record & watch yourself while doing a spontaneous presentation with an audience. PICTURE BY STEWART LEIWAKABESSY, FLICKR
  4. 4. PPT is not your presentation. You are. With your body language and tone of voice.Don’t sit, stand up. Try one black chart in your presentation to drive attention back to you. PICTURE BY ©SYBELLESPHOTOGRAPHY, FLICKR
  5. 5. The most convincing presenters strongly believe in what they say. Furthermore, they createa clear message that sticks with the audience. Try to do the same with your content. PICTURE BY JAKOB E, FLICKR
  6. 6. Talk to people before you start. Don’t hold a monologue. Make your presentations inter-active. Ask questions. This creates a great atmosphere and makes you more comfortable. PICTURE BY MARK SEBASTIAN , FLICKR
  7. 7. To make presentations more interesting use personal stories and experiences, metaphorsand props. Everything beyond your slides differentiates you and creates empathy.
  8. 8. Rehearse your presentation and look for challenges at work. For example, present in yourcompany’s internal meetings or moderate workshops with your team. Practice is paramount. PICTURE BY DANBRADY, FLICKR
  9. 9. BOOKS WORTH READING SPEECHES WORTH WATCHINGJon Steel: Perfect Pitch. The art of selling ideas Jamie Oliver: Teach every child about food. Greatand winning new business. It has great client talk to watch and learn a lesson of body language.stories and presentation openers. In addition Jamie Oliver is all about beliefs.Gerriet Danz: Neu präsentieren. Convince with the Kathryn Schulz: Don’t regret regret. See how shemethods of advertising. It offers checklists and uses her personal example to make a point oninspirations for storytelling. embracing regrets in life.Bridgehouse: Presentation Skills. Excellent work Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire to practice a whole range of communication Leaves a memorable message. Uses examples andskills. Gives excellent tips and tasks. paints a clear and concise model. No PPT.
  10. 10. TRAINERS WORTH BOOKING SLIDESHARES WORTH SAVINGJürgen Schulze-Seeger: Bridgehouse Trainer. He Carmine Gallo: Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs.does many workshops with advertising agencies In three acts: tips and tricks to convince yourand is brilliant!!! Great exercises and feedbacks. audience. Based on Steve Jobs’ approach.Gerriet Danz: He held a workshop on presenting in Fabian Crabus: Presentation Zen. Short summaryour agency. He’s a charismatic coach and showed of presentation design and delivery you can learnus many tricks and tips. from the same book by Garr ReynoldsPetra Bock: I was impressed by her speech ot our Clear Presentation Design: Presentations Matter.last APG Deutschland conference. She worked in Gives you some guidelines to structure and designconsulting is now a coach and wrote “Mindfuck”. your presentation better.