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Unit 9 evaluation


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Unit 9 evaluation

  1. 1. Unit 9 – Evaluation How did you decide what area to do your exhibition on? I chose ‘Kingfisher Lake’ to take my photos as I live on the back of it and as I chose the topic of landscape photos. It seemed a perfect opportunity to take photos of the lake as it is a very photogenic lake and can produce some stunning views. During my practice photos I went out around school with a camera and took photos of the school but I found it hard and struggled to get photos I liked as a school is not exactly the best place to take Landscape photos. Where did you get inspiration from? I got my inspiration to take landscape photos from a Photographer and YouTube Vlogger called Ben Brown. He travels round the word taking beautiful landscape photos and shares them on the internet; he has inspired me to take landscape and made me want to go to all these incredible places. Below are some of the photos he took on a recent trip to Canada he went. The reason I admire his as a photographer is the way he captures the beauty and contrasts of different landscapes and environment that is what I have tried to achieve in my photos.
  2. 2. Unit 9 – Evaluation What equipment did you use to create your project? The camera that I used to take my photos with is a Canon EOS 600D SLR which costs £389.99 and the tripod that used is a Velbon DF-51Tripod which costs around £25. And I also used a SanDisk 16GB Ultra SD Card which costs £16 For this project I exclusively used the Canon EOS 600D SLR I’ve used this camera many times and therefore it is the camera I’m most confident with. Whilst I was tempted to try out a different camera, maybe something a bit more powerful and with a greater range. Had I chosen to use a different camera it would have most likely been the 1100D. One large advantage of using the Canon 600D is its ability to take stills, beautiful ones at that. The ability to take high quality stills is very useful when taking landscape photos. That said the Canon 600D does have a few faults, the most prominent of which is the overall price of the camera, yes the camera is allowing you to take outstanding photos but for the pictures you’re taking it slacks majorly when it comes to filming. Did you edit any of your photos? If so how? No, I did not edit any of my photos using Photoshop because one of the goals that I was trying to achieve during my project was to have natural photos so that I could show the beauty of my surroundings and my photos that I have taken. I didn’t feel the need to edit any of my photos because I feel like the quality of my photos were good enough and captured what I wanted to achieve in my photos without using Photoshop. In this photograph I took for my project, I did not use any editing software’s to enhance my photo because I like the way the trees reflect onto the water,
  3. 3. Unit 9 – Evaluation Have you learnt any new skills or used any tools you haven’t before? Because I found myself doing a project I was comfortable with and a project that I had experience with I didn’t exactly learn anything new nor do anything that I had never done before. But if I had never used and camera and edited my photos I would’ve learnt many new skills and used different tools that I had never used before to edit and enhance my photos but saying that I learnt how to frame my pictures correctly to get the best image possible. I have used framing in the shot here because I have purposely tried to get the swan in the bottom left corner so that it shows the beauty of the swan’s surroundings. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your photographs? A weakness of my photographs is that many of them are very similar and don’t have much variety between them, if I ever do a photography project again I would go out to other locations to make sure I have a variety of different landscapes in my photographs. I think that I strength of my photographs is the way I have captured the reflection of the lake onto the water that creates a mirror effect and makes the photo look beautiful and diverse
  4. 4. Unit 9 – Evaluation Are you pleased with them? Overall you could say I’m pleased with them, I am pleased with how my photographs turned out and I feel like I have a collective amount of photos that successfully show the topic of landscape photography, but on the whole I am pleased with the images I captured because they are of a high quality and due to this my photographs were not needed to be edited or changed in anyway. Has it turned out the way you planned? Yes, the majority of my project went to plan, my photos turned out the way I was hoping them too and I was happy with them, I got to use the camera I wanted to use and I got to go to the location I originally hoped to go to so everything went according to plan. But the only flaw in this project is that on the day I went out to take my photographs the weather wasn’t as good as I was hoping to, I was hoping that the weather would be sunny and create a beautiful sunset around Kingfisher Lake, but due to the weather slowly edging closer towards winter them opportunities are hard to come by. So I just had to work with what I got but thankfully it wasn’t raining whilst I was taking my photos. How did you improved as a photographer? During this project I have improved as photographer because whilst I was taking my landscape photos I learnt how to frame my photos perfectly so that I could get the most effect image possible and have them stand out above other photos. I also feel like I have improved as a photographer due to following photographers I admire, during the project I started following a substantial amount of Photographers that capture and publish images that I was hoping to produce during my project, this helped me know how to take my photos and capture them at the best quality possible
  5. 5. Unit 9 – Evaluation ‘Looking Is Not Seeing’
  6. 6. Unit 9 – Evaluation Questionnaire Question Yes No Comments (optional) Do you think that I showed the topic of landscape through my photos? yyyyyy Natural beauty, lots of light Yeah, the photos came across as landscape very well Do you think that my photos can be improved? If so how? yyy nnnn They could be done with the sun in the background or moon Could do with better lighting Have I laid out my images Right? yyyy nn Well displayed, would fit well on A4 Did I choose the correct topic for my photography exhibition? yyyyy Do you think that my photographs are good quality? Yyyyyy They are good quality but they could be in-large