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Shooting script

  1. 1. 1DATING CLUBSCENE 1EXT. CITY STREET - DAYFADE IN:1. L.S., EYE LEVEL Two Twenty year old men, JACK and ADAM, can beseen walking down the street talking to each other. The two arewearing casual clothes. Jack is small and quite chubby whilst Adamis tall and skinny. The CAMERA TRACKS with them as they walk downthe street talking. They are both walking towards a dating centrewhich Jack is nervous about.2. TRACKING TWO SHOT Jack and Adam:JACKI cant do it! It feels weird!ADAMJust give it a go! Trust me, you’ll comeout feeling like a different man!3.L.S. of Jack and Adam standing outside the dating centre.The two are shaking hands while they speak.JACKI hope youre not lying. Last time youtold me to do something I ended uplosing all my clothes. You best rememberthat!ADAMStop moaning and get in there!4. C.U. of Adam shaking Jacks hand; Adam walks away leaving Jack onhis own.INT. SPEED DATING CLUB - DAY5. C.U. Of the DIRECTOR of the club begins to speak, the director isa Twenty Nine year old Female, wearing smart clothes such as a blacksweater with a shirt underneath and black pants. The CAMERA PANSaround the dating room to reveal the different people Jack couldmeet.
  2. 2. 2DIRECTOR:Can everyone please pair up and take aseat? You have two minutes then you willswap with someone else!6. C.U. Of bell Ringing.7. L.S. of everyone talking, CAMERA PANS to capture everyonetalking.8. M.S. Of Jack is sitting with an odd looking WOMAN. The Woman iscovered in makeup and is wearing a sexually provocative pink dress.The CAMERA TRACKS getting closer to Jack and the Woman.9. The CAMERA PEDS UP the womans legs. The woman speaks in a gruffvoice and does not sound very feminine.10. SHOT REVERSE SHOTJACK:Hi, my name is Jack . . .WOMAN:Hello handsome. I’m Sean.JACKSean?WOMANSian, I said…Sian.JACKOh sorry I thought I heard you wrong.WOMANIts fine darling, how old is yougorgeous?11. C.U. Of Jack as he becomes uncomfortable around Sian.12. SHOT REVERSE SHOTJACKErm…twenty . . . fourWOMANMmm! Just how I like them . . .
  3. 3. 3JackErm I think I need to leav . . .WOMANKiss me you charming stud!13. C.U. Of the woman grabbing the back of Jacks head and pressingher lips firmly on his. However, Jack is struggling and trying toget away.14. X.C.U. The Woman takes off a wig to reveal she is a man, hervoice changes to a deeper husky voice. The CAMERA SLOWLY PANStowards Jack to reveal his facial expression of shock and confusion.Jack has smudged red lipstick around his mouth.15. M.S. of Jack and the Woman sat at the table.WOMANCheers mate Its been a while.The Woman walks off and Jack is left confused with lipstick leftaround his mouth.FADE OUT:SHOPPING MARKETINT. SHOPPING MARKET - DAYFADE IN:1. L.S. HIGH ANGLE shot of a long queue which is formed behind acheckout whilst a teenage boy, MIKE, Is operating the tills. TheCUSTOMERS are beginning to get Impatient.2.M.S. of an empty shopping aisle.3.L.S. LOW ANGLE of another empty aisle.4.C.U. CAMERA CRABS LEFT towards Mike who is looking like he is inhis own world and is not fully concentrating. He is also wearing ahat with the shops logo in a strange way that makes him lookunsuitable and informal for the job. The CAMERA BECOMES STATIC oncemike is fully in the shot.
  4. 4. 45. C.U. of Mike scanning a customers shopping and lazily pushing itdown towards the customers bags.MIKEBeep . . . beep . . . beep . . . sorry Ilike to do that, helps the time pass.CUSTOMER 1Do what you must just…be a bit quickerplease love?6. TWO SHOT Mike and Customer 1.Mike looks at CUSTOMER 1 in a docile way, Customer 1 is a 64 yearold Woman who is wearing a beige coat with a Green dress; thencarries on.7. C.U. of Mikes hand as he begins scanning again.MIKEbeep…beep…beep…8. M.S. of Customer one, CAMERA TRACKS customer as they walkaway.9. M.S. of customer 2 arriving at the conveyer belt.Customer 1 leaves and CUSTOMER 2, who is a 24 year old male, iswearing a white t-shirt and jeans. Customer 2 starts putting theirshopping on the conveyer belt.10. C.U. of Mike looking at the items of food hungrily as he scansit.MIKEThat pie looks nice, aw that new filmwith Vin Diesel!....Phwoar I’d like toget into those . . . cabbages?11. C.U. of customer 2s reaction as Mike becomes silent. Customer 2sighs and packs his shopping away then leaves with haste.12. C.U. of Mike as he looks up and notices his friend in the queue,PETE.
  5. 5. 5MIKEPete! Come here mate I’ll get thosethrough for you!13. L.S. CAMERA PAN RIGHT showing Pete who looks just likeMike and is as dopey and ignorant as him. Pete is wearing abaggy jacket, old battered t-shirt and oversized jeans.PETEAlright Mike nice one mukka, in a bit ofa rush cheers!14. TWO SHOT of Mike and Pete at the checkout.15. CAMERA CHANGES FOCUS TO CUSTOMER 3. Customer 3 is a 36year old male with a moustache, tight black pants and anovercoat.CUSTOMER 3Excuse me sir, I believe he was behindme?16. C.U. of Mikes upset face as he wants to serve Pete.MIKEYeah but . . . its Pete . . . Everyoneloves Pete!17. TWO SHOT of Mike and Pete handling Petes shoppingwhilst customers in the background can be seen whisperingand mumbling.The customers sigh and mutter amongst each other, Pete has finishedpaying for his things and starts to walk off, Mike begins to servesomeone else when he remembers something, Mike shouts his nameacross the shop and the two begin to have a conversation from oneend to the other.18. SHOT REVERSE SHOT of Mike and Pete from one end of the shop tothe other.MIKEOh yeah PETE!...PETE!PETEYEAH?MIKE
  6. 6. 6CAN YOU HEAR ME?PETEOF COURSE!19. C.U. of Petes face.(Pete sighs and looks down inembarrassment of Mikes intellect)20. SHOT REVERSE SHOT of Mike and Petes conversation.MIKEWhat time you coming over on theweekend? Shall we say…5?PETENah mate babysitting aren’t I? Whatabout 6?MIKEI dunno mate that’s a bit late innit!21. C.U. of Customer 4 growing impatient with the boys.CUSTOMER 4Can you hurry up please I need to gethome!22. C.U. of Mike as he replies to the customer with a lazyattitude. Mike does not realize how annoyed the customersare.MIKESorry love its four o clock I’vefinished now.FADE TO BLACK:
  7. 7. 7STACEYS HOUSEEXT.HOUSING ESTATE NIGHTFADE IN:1. L.S. TWO SHOT of JACK and ADAM walking down the street. Jack isseeking advice again. This is continued from the dating scene andJack still has a small part of lipstick on his face from before.2. SHOT REVERSE SHOT of Jack and Adam stood outside a house. Thehouse has lights on and is in a good looking, upper classenviroment.JACKI dont think this is a good idea, Ivehad a bit to drink as it is!ADAMTrust me, birds love the romantic type,imagine youre Romeo and shes Juliette!JACKYeah . . . yeah your right! Im gonna doit!3. C.U. of Adam laughing to himself4. C.U. Tracking shot of Jack walking up to a door frombehind.Adam laughs to himself, hiding his sniggers from Jack. Jack beginsto walk up to a house and knocks on the door whilst Adam waitsaround the corner5. OVER THE SHOULDER SHOT behind Jack showing STACEY opening thedoor.Stacey, a 20 year old Woman, is wearing a dressing gown and hasRollers in her hair. Stacey opens the door.STACEYOh, hi Jack whats up?6.SHOT REVERSE SHOT of Jack and StaceyJACKHi erm what are you doingSTACEY
  8. 8. 8Are you alright Jack? You look reallypale.JACKAhh yeah Ive just been down the pub,because Im such a lad you know.STACEYErm no not really, you should come inand sit down you look awful.JACKNo Im fine just kiss me.7. C.U. of Jack going to kiss Stacey and then throws up allover her floor.Jack goes to kiss Stacey and Stacey backs away. As Jack opens hismouth to kiss her he throws up all over the floor and Stacey beginsto scream. Jack looks up with bits of sick dripping from his lips8. Medium shot of Staceys reaction as Jack lifts his head up.9. C.U. of Jack lifting his head up in shock and embarresment.JACKDoes this mean you wont kiss me?BLACK OUT.