Product and target audience


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Product and target audience

  1. 1. Media products interact with people in 4different ways according to media theoristDennis McQuail. These are some of theways in which the Product Grand TheftAuto 4 interacts with its consumers.Information – The game portrays real world events and themes such as crime, authority, social status and power, racismand relationships. It also adds morals to the multi narrative story by showing themes of betrayal, trust and family.Entertainment – The game enables the users to become distracted from their problems by entering a new world whichrepresents their own. Because the game is based around reality the players can do things that they are not allowed to doin real life therefore giving them a sense of freedom and enabling them to immerse into a world of their own. Not onlydoes this let the players forget about their problems but it gives them emotional release as well due to the fact that theyare able to create mass destruction, ride in vehicles and do many more things in which they may not be able to do in reallife.Personal identity – The game is portrayed through the eyes of Nikko Bellic, an immigrant who has been through a lot andis very low class and status. Throughout the story the character works his way up from very low class, living in thesuburbs with scruffy clothes, to a very high class living in the city wearing suits and other smart clothes. This shows theaudience the struggles of being in different classes and by moving through different classes throughout the game, theproduct is able to speak to all of its audience who will be in one of those classes.Social Integration – Grand Theft Auto 4 has a multiplayer mode in which the players can go online with other people,such as their friends or they can choose to play with random people. This enables the users to enjoy the game withothers. This links to the narrative of the game in the way you meet random people and can choose to help or not helpthem, in the same way you can do this online with people you meet/play the game with.
  2. 2. The target audience for the product “Grand Theft Auto 4” I would say is over 16 males due to the amount ofviolence in the game as well as pictures of promiscuous women on the cover and in the actual game make itmore appealing to your typical teenage male. Even though the game age rating is set as an 18+, it is quite easy forpeople under that age to purchase the game for them. By putting the target audience into a “bulls-eye” form Ican show my understanding of the main target audience for this product.Other game consumersfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff20+/AdultsddfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffdfdsfdssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssTeenagers16-19
  3. 3. The story follows the immigrant Niko Bellic who moves to “Liberty City” (the games portrayalof New York) to visit his cousin. Nikkos cousin pretends he is very rich and is at the top of thesocial ladder, but when Niko arrives he is disappointed and finds out he is living in a dirtyroom and also discovers his cousin is being pushed around by people. In the game Niko end’sup fighting his cousins battles which attracts a lot of attention from higher class criminalswhich either help him or hurt him. The Narrative shows various themes such as betrayal,money, power, love and more that the audience can all relate to in some way therefore beingable to empathise for the characters in the story making it feel more like the game player iswatching a movie, therefore making it more appealing to the audience as they are in contol ofthe main character of this Hollywood movie like game.Narrative Structure – The story follows a linear multi narrative, encountering manydifferent characters. Throughout the story you come across options between killingsomeone or letting them live, by making these decisions the narrative changeseither quickly or later on in the story. This adds a twist to the game that makes itmore attractive to people who follow the stories on games.
  4. 4. The mise en scene signifies the main difference between the social classes of the overall game. For example on the first twoislands that the game begins in, the buildings are quite grubby and dirty and people are wearing scruffy clothes. Thiscontrasts the third and fourth islands which have skyscraper buildings and people wearing suits and carrying briefcaseswhich symbolizes the difference in class. This appeals to the audience as it gives them different perspectives of the gamesworld, which adds interest to the game play, rather than having all places the same.Another detail that Grand Theft Auto contains is the costumes of authorities within the game to portray reality.Authorities such as Police, Firemen, Medics, Lawyers etc all have significant clothing in order to symbolize their role inauthority. This creates a realistic feel towards the game, which compliments the opposing feel of being in a movie. Thisworks by enticing the users with things they can relate to making them feel like they are in the real world, whilst addingelements that they have seen but cannot fully relate to such as the use of weapons and fast cars, therefore making themfeel like they are in a world where they can do what they want.
  5. 5. One of the unique things about the Grand Theft Autoseries is Rockstars signature “free roam” format. This isnot a feature in just this Grand Theft instalment but in allof the others as well. The free roam creates the ultimatefeel of reality for the user of the product due to the factthat it enables them to do and go where they want whenthey want. This is the same for the “missions” that theuser must complete to progress through the story. This ishelpful as if the user does not want to do missions andsimply wants to drive around or other antics they havefreedom to do so. This makes the game more attractivefor its target audience as teenagers can sometimes feeltrapped by work, college work, problems etc. Thereforeby giving them a feel of freedom they are able to use thegame as an outlet.
  6. 6. The game is shown from a 3rd person perspective. This creates a barrierbetween the gamer and the character they are playing. This is possibly done toremind the gamer that they are playing a game and are not actually doing thethings on the game. This would be because there are a lot of graphic things thathappen in the game. As well as this you can see the details on your charactersuch as clothes bought, blood from fights and difference in facial hair etc whichshows more detail to the game. When driving vehicles you can change thecamera settings to behind the wheel, bonnet, cinematic or just the distancefrom the car. This helps the user adjust the camera settings to whatever theyprefer attracting the target audience by deciding whether they want to driverealistically or unrealistically.
  7. 7. One of the main elements in which is the mostattractive to the audience is the ability toperform actions in the game that the usersimply could not in real life (withoutpunishment). This means that the gamer canuse vehicles at reckless speeds, use othervehicles that would require them vastamounts of training such as helicopters,motorbikes, boats, cars etc. The player canalso use weapons to damage or kill nearlyanyone in the game, even themselves. Asgruesome as it may sound the outcome ofthese actions on the game may be found asquite comical and enjoyable. This is due to thefact that it gives the gamer a sense of freedomand adrenaline, without actually going out andperforming these actions in real life.
  8. 8. In conclusion the game is attractive to itstarget audience by creating an excitingfantasy movie-like experience for them.This is done by combining normaleveryday things that the audience canrelate to, and abnormal, action movie-likeelements such as guns, seductive women,fast cars, explosions etc. This creates aworld in which the typical male gamertarget audience can relate to, and feelfunctional in, whilst at the same timerelease feelings and emotions in a way inwhich they cannot in real life. Whether it isadrenaline from wreck less driving tobeing chased by police, or flying ahelicopter above the city to robbing thecity bank on the story mode, the game isfull of exciting and appealing outlets forthe users.