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Evaluation A2 (Original PowerPoint) V2.0


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Original PowerPoint from A2 media studies evaluation Without/sound

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Evaluation A2 (Original PowerPoint) V2.0

  2. 2. In what ways does your product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Teaser TrailerThe products I looked towards for inspiration within my trailer, were theBourne, James Bond and Mission Impossible series’.
  3. 3. Having already seen the films I watched thetrailers to help the development of my ownfilm. The trailers used various conventions ofthe genre (which was an action thriller). Thisincluded such features as; Establishing shots The use of weapons Fast-cars chases ‘Slow Motion’ techniques and standoffs Titles/Credits
  4. 4. By exploring these conventions and inserting them into our own trailer, it meant that wecould easily establish our genre and aim it towards our target audience of predominately18-40 year old males. We also developed on the storylines of films such as ‘Taken’ where the main character has his girlfriend stolen, however our film trailer suggests it is not by an ‘enemy’ of sorts but by a ‘friend.’ Hence our title ‘Friend Or Foe.’
  5. 5. We also managed to challenge existing media products, bytwisting the conventions slightly. For example, the maincharacters all appear ‘young’ and the British and ‘home-grown’ feel to the film (Featured within the establishingshot) offers a unique selling point and differs to thestereotypical ‘Hollywood’ action feel. The cars also usedwithin the film are not the stereotypical ‘Supercars’ theaudience are used to within the genre, meaning they mayfeel a stronger attachment to the characters as theyappear more ‘human’ as opposed to the ‘undefeatable’characters such as James Bond etc. This gives the trailer anew feel and the audience a fresh new feature they maynot have seen the likes of before. Another code and convention which was used throughout the trailer, was the pace. We observed that most trailers of the same genre begin slowly before short, fast, action filled scenes kick in and then dropping slightly before the final credits at the ending. Our focus group also suggested that we add our music in a similar fashion, fitting in with the trailer and establishing the pace and feel of the film for the audience. We also included a voiceover as if the main characters were speaking on a phone to establish the plot.
  6. 6. In what ways does your product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? MagazineI looked at variouseditions of the worldrenown empiremagazine to analysevarious conventions for I based my own magazine primarily on the conventionsto use within my own on this version of empire magazine. You will notice themagazine. conventions I have applied to my own magazine
  7. 7. In what ways does your product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? PosterI looked at the latestMission impossibleposter to analysevarious conventions forto use within my own I based my own magazine primarily on the conventionsmagazine. on this version of empire magazine. You will notice the conventions I have applied to my own magazine
  8. 8. How effective is the combination of the main product and your ancillary tasks?All three products aim to create a sense of excitement and buzz within the audience as anadvertising campaign through their respective forms. They are all clearly representative ofthe action thriller genre.The colour scheme and fonts between the three is particularly noticeable and it is this subtlecontinuity between the three, which helps the audience to recognise the film andacknowledge it within the different forms.
  9. 9. Both the poster, and magazine help towards establishing the protagonist in the piece.With him featuring at the forefront of the whole campaign and prominent in both, it gives the audience the opportunity to get a feel for the plot (Two ‘darker’characters waiting in the background.) This would give the audience a ‘sneak peak’At the plot of the film and encourage them to go and see the film or look out for a trailer.
  10. 10. Same Clothes. Continuity. Fonts remain the sameDark background, red and white text.
  11. 11. I believe that the combination of the texts and main product have been extremely effectiveas a promotional campaign.They all feature stereotypical action/thriller conventions making them appealing andrecognisable to the target audience. They are all also in someway linked as a group ofproducts and contain continuity, whether it be the images and giveaway of the plot from thecharacters and their body language, the font and colour schemes of the texts or the symboliccodes and conventions featured in each product.
  12. 12. What have you learned from your audience feedback? We acted upon the constructiveWe set up a focus group during comments we were given andour early stages of editing. This went onto creating a secondmeant that we could get and third version of our traileraudience feedback from people before submitting our finalboth inside and outside of the entry which was again judgedtarget group. We received mixed by our focus group who hadcomments as can be seen nothing but unreserved praise.below; We created the music to fit in with the pace of the footage and also added the voiceover as the audience believed they couldn’t quite grasp the plot of the film. We also changed some of the clips and special effects all based on the comments we received on the day of the focus group. Focus group – Trailer version 1.0 – 16.12.2011
  13. 13. Rather than use another focus group to display my magazine and poster to, Idecided to go down the route of social networking. I uploaded them to thesites Facebook and Twitter asking for comments from users (Generally peopleaged within the target audience.) Feedback was mostly positive with varioususers leaving comments on Facebook. The poster also gained 21 likes with 2shares from friends, to raise awareness and gain more comments to buildupon. I changed my poster image and manipulated it by adding effects, due toa comment left on twitter about the clash of colours between the backgroundand main characters hood. They have since commented that ‘It looks muchbetter’ and ‘They are a fan as it appears a more striking image. We have since uploaded the finished trailer to the teams own ‘YouTube’ account, where it has been viewed (as of now) 32 times, incurring 2 ‘Thumbs Up’
  14. 14. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? Throughout the construction of the trailer and ancillary texts, we have used many different media technologies, without the likes of which, wouldn’t have made our coursework possible. Pre-Production (Research and planning).Within the Pre-Production stage of creatingthe coursework package we used variousdifferent media technologies;The Internet – The Internet played a pivotal role in helping us within all three stages of production.YouTube – We used YouTube regularly in pre-production. This meant that we were able toview the codes and conventions of previously made trailers of films within our genre,before establishing them within our own. It also gave us the chance to analyse thecharacters and some of the shots featured. With YouTube being a free service, we were alsoable to look at as many trailers as needed.
  15. 15. The InternetBlogger –, is essentially an online blog, which within the task became more ofa diary for myself and the FOYOW team. Everything that we have achieved over the year isavailable for viewing and everything from original draft copies of trailers, to location recce’s,research and budgets is featured on our individual blog page. Mine can be found her byfollowing the link below. It also acted as a link between the group, as we could see wheneach other was updating their posts and adding new and fresh content. I tried to update myblog as regularly as possible so that if one of us had completed a task, we could share itbetween each other easily on our blogs and it served us as somewhat of an archive.Content we often shared was the embedding of codes from YouTube clips etc. Google – The use of Google (and more specifically), Google Images, meant that I could find examples of well renown magazines and posters. This was important as being able to search through the entire library of previous Empire Magazine covers, meant that I could focus on the conventions of magazines specifically related to my genre (action/thriller).
  16. 16. Production and Evaluation.Apple MacThe bonus of working on Apple Mac meant that I had access to both the ‘Final Cut Express’and ‘GarageBand’ software within the same device. Final Cut Express was used to firstlyimport clips that I had shot on the camera, before editing the clips into order (adding andcutting footage.) It also allowed us to add the effects such as gunshots and upload titles wehad previously created. We then exported our finished trailer into GarageBand, where wewere able to edit and create the sound and voiceover (Recorded using a Dictaphone) tomatch the clips, before exporting the final version onto the desktop and then YouTuberespectively.Microsoft WindowsUsing Windows allowed me to create my evaluation using Microsoft PowerPoint,before uploading it to the online format of ‘slide share’. I also had access to theimage manipulation software ‘Page Plus’ and ‘Photoshop’. These programs allowedme to edit the cover of my magazine and add effects to the image as well asdeveloping techniques and key skills I had learned in my previous (AS) years work.This included cropping, layering, fading, adding effects and the use of the ‘MagicWand’ tools.
  17. 17. Thank you for viewing