2nd social environmental risk conference 2011


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Ethical Corporation is pleased to announce The 2nd Social & Environmental Risk Management and Implementation Conference taking place on the 5-6 April in London. After the success of the last conference we have again secured the support of the ICMM. Not only that we’ve an A-list collection of speakers from leading companies such as Anglo American, Chevron, Rio Tinto, ArcelorMittal, Barrick Gold, Newmont, Statoil, Teck and more. The conference will address key issues like putting CSR strategies into action, maintain a social license to operate, manage supply chain risks and safeguarding operations from human rights violations.

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2nd social environmental risk conference 2011

  1. 1. Designed specifically for the mining, oil & gas, steel and other heavy industries Sav when e £270A practical conference on you re before gister 4th FSocial & Environmental ebrua ry!Risk Management and OFFICIAL SUPPORTING PARTNERImplementationInnovation and Inspiration for OUR EXPERT SPEAKERS INCLUDE:the Extractive Industry§ 5-6 APRIL 2011 | REGENTS PARK MARRIOTT HOTEL, LONDON§ 2 Day Conference Case Studies Focused Debate Networkingwww.ethicalcorp.com/risk Implement CSR strategies on site level: Put policies into action across global operations Maintain your social license to operate: Build effective community relations and enhance your reputation capital Manage supply chain risks: Implement best practice to ensure your suppliers and contractors do not merely agree on paper Prevent policy breaches: Carry out human rights due diligence, comply with changing legislation and get effective guidance on preventing reputational damage ORGANISED BY Expert tips on operating in conflict zones: Identify and calculate risks to your businessaa TESTIMONIAL FROM LAST YEARS EVENT THIS CONFERENCE IS FOR YOU IF YOU WORK IN: Mining / Oil / Gas industry Environmental Management Corporate Responsibility “Excellent event – great mix of Steel or other heavy industries Community Development Sustainable Investment speakers, global calibre” Social Performance Corporate Policy / Affairs Climate Change Stakeholder Engagement Corporate Communications Risk Management Steven Robinson, Director, Augure aa Sustainable Development Corporate Partnerships Crisis Management Check out our packed agenda and see who’s involved §
  2. 2. The most valuable social and environmental management conference you’ll attend in 20112nd Social and Environmental RiskManagement Conference 2011 t OUR 5 GUARANTEES mining, oil gas, TO YOUDevoted exclusively to the needs of the ldwide and supported by the ICMMsteel and other heavy industries wor 1 A TIGHTLY-FOCUSSED AGENDADear Colleague, RELEVANT TO YOU: tribal Following months of extensive research The rejection of Vedanta’s plans to mineThe BP Deepwater Horizon catastrophe. ht this agenda has taken shape thanks to New Zealand. The extractive sector is caugland in India. Mining disasters in Chile and dented the input and insight of incredibly we are all coming to terms with unprecein the media glare like never before, and and knowledgeable industry professionals. It it is no longer enough to conduct socialscrutiny from all quarters. Quite simply, has been developed with one thought in ct sites for mine s, oil wells and gas terminals. environmental assessments on the proje mind: that it should tackle every major er NGOs are putting extractive companies und issue and challenge you face in your day- The actions of governments, banks, and money to. -stricter about who they lend to-day working environment. It will offer huge pressure, with investors growing ever your operations are having from an practical solutions to all the biggest social Stakeholders want to know what effects ng re to ‘walk the walk’ can lead to the halti environmental challenges. environmental and social perspective. Failu short, it and a fall in profits and share value. In of projects, massive reputational damage 2 FANTASTIC NETWORKING ctive sector to be transparent, honest and has never been more crucial for the extra OPPORTUNITY: thorough in all their work. If you’re looking to fill your contact book less woolly and more tangible by the day. with the biggest industry names then Corporate social responsibility is becoming ion ly on the practicalities of policy implementat this conference is the place to be. Ethical For CSR professionals, the emphasis is firm fits in. ronmental Risk Conference 2011 Corporation has an incredible reputation – and that is where the Social and Envi and this event last year featured top eeded in attracting people with similar “The conference was extraordinary – it succ speakers and delegates from the biggest learning at the same time. Brilliant!” experience and focus. I was speaking and companies. This time around, it will be munications Director, Czech Coal – Radek Stavel, Human Resources Com even bigger and better – top names are is on guaranteed. inaugural event, the emphasis this year Back by popular demand after a sell-out policies in the field tions you need to ensure your 3 equipping you with the real-world solu see this PARTICIPATORY AND INTERACTIVE come to take a look at the agenda, you’ll are effectively brought to life. When you s most DEBATES: tives against many of the industry’ is a chance to benchmark your own initia For a unique conference experience be prominent names. prepared for a platform where you can t, Czech ArcelorMittal, Chevron, Shell, Newmon discuss your specific issues with our Expert speakers from companies such as g in London from speakers. There will be tonnes of debate e but a few are convergin Coal, Teck, Nexen and Quatargas to nam and discussion, all expertly chaired so it is around the world. of maximum benefit for you. There won’t lt of l Risk Conference 2011 is the direct resu The agenda for Social and Environmenta just be one voice speaking, everyone will inability experts in your industry, which have an opportunity to have their say. primary research with the EHS, CSR Susta is thought-provoking, useful and current. means we guarantee everything you learn 4 RELEVANT TO YOU: us you want to know how others are For instance, you and your peers have told to This conference is not just a chance for level. Equally, you need to know how best implementing their CSR strategies at site companies to brag about how great they violations. protect supply chains from human rights are or for endless sales pitches and PR reason to attend. At last year’s event, speak. It is specifically tailored to deal Important though this is, it is not the only il, from 21 different countries, including Braz with problems and solutions from top delegates came from all over the world – professionals who have practical Peru, Finland and Australia. experience. , Rio Tinto, Agip, Areva, ExxonMobil, Lihir Major businesses such as Anglo American 5 all Royal Bank of Scotland and JP Morgan ACCESS TO EXPERT KNOWLEDGE: Gold, Repsol, Chevron, Xstrata, Swiss Re, rtunity for networking, making useful new sent delegates, making this a fabulous oppo Our list of speakers this year is unrivalled. s and friends. Top industry professionals offering the contacts and catching up with old colleague benefit of their wisdom and experience London. Hope you can join us this April 5th-6th in coupled with hands-on decisions makers Yours sincerely, and problem solvers. Coming to the Social and Environmental Risk Management and Implementation conference will ensure that their knowledge is made available to Liam Richardson you in an accessible and useful manner Conference Director that you can take away with you. Ethical Corporation Got any questions? Contact conferences@ethicalcorp.com or call +44 (0) 20 7375 7535
  3. 3. AGENDA 5-6 April 2011 www.ethicalcorp.com/riskBridging the gap: Put CSR Minimise supply chain risks: Capacity on the ground:strategies into action across a Enlisting full support from Proven strategies that willglobal site network your suppliers enhance your operationsYour site managers and their staff understand Controlling a supply chain is enormously complex, One of the major problems faced by extractiveenvironmental and operational issues. But there is especially in the extractive industry with its vast companies today is a lack of capacity on the ground, global supply chain. Moreover, once you are which hinders the implementation of sustainabilityoften a knowledge gap when it comes to dealing involved with a supplier it can be very difficult to policies. While translating policy into practice iswith social issues. So how can you bring boardroom terminate your arrangement – and making the difficult for any organisation, understanding capacitystrategies to life, and make them work on sites on the ground is key for future operational success. break is in any event often not the best solution.across the globe – especially in places where Suppliers need to adjust to your social and • Hear about proven strategies to collect andlegislation can change rapidly and communities can environmental requests, and more importantly, respond to site managers’ feedbackbe divided over the right approach to take? they need to understand why it’s crucial for them to • Discover how to quickly adapt to sudden• Tried and tested ways of encouraging buy-in from do so. So how do you strike a balance between legislative changes local operational staff policing a supply chain and remedying it? • Find out how best to implement sustainability• Sensible solutions for dealing with on-site • Find out how to effectively evaluate suppliers by strategies in developing countries and conflict zones operational issues tailoring questionnaires and scorecards specific to • Hear about special techniques to develop a better your needs relationship with the community: The value of• Equip your operators with the skills they require to • How to ensure your suppliers do not merely outsider evaluation handle social issues with ease agree on paper. Proven strategies to get them to • How to improve management systems and• Learn how to structure the training and understand – and live up to – the social and increase operational efficiency development of site staff and increase your environmental standards you require Obajana, Adeola Adeyemi, Director Corporate Affairs operational effectiveness Teck, Carmen Turner, Leader Sustainability • How to implement best practices withoutBanro Corporation, Simon Village, CEO compromising the bottom line Petrobras, Ana Paula Carvalho, Co-ordinator ofSuncor Energy, Brenda Erskine, Director Stakeholder Sustainability Reports • How far down the supply chain do you need toRelations go to effectively monitor your social andNordea, Sasja Beslik, Head of Responsible Investments environmental risks?Governance Barrick, Rod Jiminez, Vice President, Corporate Water usage: The best ways Communications to measure and preserve your access to suppliesProtect your social licence to Human rights violations: A recent Ethical Corporation report reveals that 99%operate: Build effective of sustainability managers say water is very high on How to safeguard yourcommunity relations their agenda for 2011. It has become critical to operations from breaches understand your water footprint by measuring yourHaving a social licence to operate is invaluable. of policy usage – in order to reap the benefits of effectiveNewmont’s Chief Sustainability Officer refers to it as water management. Attend this session to find outreputation capital. Engaging with stakeholders and Professor John Ruggie, UN Special Adviser on how this can be done. Plus:integrating into communities are a fundamental Business and Human Rights, has unveiled his new • Guidelines to help minimise your impact onpart of any successful business enterprise. Protect, Respect, Remedy framework, and surrounding communities guidelines such as ISO 26000 on social responsibility • The benefits of measuring your use of water for• Expert advice on the optimum approach for have been updated to reflect his work. This session specific projects developing relationships with indigenous people will get you up-to-speed. • What data do you need to decrease your water• How to be responsible corporate citizens without • How to carry out due diligence on human rights footprint? taking on the role of government • How to identify – and calculate – risk from your • Expert tips on innovative human rights policy for• Get practical information to identify the needs operating in conflict zones water management strategy of different stakeholders and secure their • Human rights integration – Best practice methods ArcelorMittal, Charlotte Wolff, Corporate Responsibility co-operation Manager to ensure your detailed guidelines are integrated• Hear about the best ways to avoid meaningless within corporate culture and management systems box-ticking and make your social policies a • How to develop better labour relations – and genuine reality maximise efficiencyNewmont, Dave Baker, Vice President Sustainability Chevron, Silvia Garrigo, Manager Global IssuesCzech Coal, Radek Stavel, Director of Communications HR Nexen, Jim Shaw, Manager Community Affairs GROUP DISCOUNTS § Check the website! Why don’t you link up with the corporate affairs/social engagement/environmental management department and take advantage of our group discounts: For frequent updates go to: A Buy 3 conference passes – get the fourth one free www.ethicalcorp.com/risk B Buy 4 conference passes – get one free conference pass + a free subscription to Ethical Corporation magazine Group discounts available - forward this brochure to your colleagues now
  4. 4. Practical advice on social environmental management for your industryAmbassadors for your Environmental risks and FACT!business: Practical steps thatwill get local contractors reputational damage: How to identify and reduce the 75% of last year’s attendees would recommendto put your social and threats to your business this conference to a colleagueenvironmental policies into The BP Deepwater Horizon incident has proved that or a peer dealing with climate change and environmentalpractice risks not only contributes to reduced C02 emissionsA major concern for corporate CSR managersis getting local contractors to implement but also prevents reputational damage to your company. The cost to BP was estimated at £67bn by 72% of last year’ssustainability policies at project level. Community the conclusion of the disaster. attendees were representativesrelations are often handled by these contractors • Why calculating environmental risk is a useful of multi-million global tool in responding to environmental disasters– making them ambassadors for your organisation. corporationsBut the fact is, understanding cultural differences • What to report and when to do it: Make sustainability reporting beneficial to you instead Attendees came from 21and laying out best practice procedures andeffective training is a major challenge for foreign of otherscompanies investing in developing countries.• How to develop performance criteria when • Effective strategies to handle environmental disasters when they occur – and how to limit the different countries issuing tenders to contractors damage to your good name – from Brazil to Peru, Finland to• Find out how to engage contractors with your Statoil, Baiba Rubesa, Head of Corporate Responsibility Spain, Canada to Australia Qatargas, James Baldwin, Environmental Manager sustainability policies c• Utilise a different skill set: Demonstrate the benefits of anthropology on the ground• Learn how to devise a selection strategy that “This Conference set itself apart by its engaging format, progressive places emphasis on social performance indicators agenda, and attracting relevant delegates. Definitely the eventAnglo American, Jonathan Samuel, International Social for sustainability in heavy industry.”Community Affairs ManagerRio Tinto, Catherine Garcia, Community Relations Manager Charlotte Wolff, Corporate Responsibility Manager, Arcelor Mittal Here are some of the delegates who attended the Summit in 2010:Case Study: Newmont on # Dalradian Gold, CEO # ICMM, Senior Program Director # Maersk Drilling, Head of CSRthe financial value of # Xstrata, Corporate Affairs # Total, Senior Advisor Climate # ENI, Sustainability Planning,sustainable investment Manager Change Reporting and Professional # RBS, Head of Environmental, # BP, Remediation Management Community ManagerWhat is the value of adopting a good CSR strategy? Social Ethical Risk # Rio Tinto, Chief Adviser PolicyThat question and many more are answered in this # Exxon Mobil, Alison Langford,fascinating case study. Newmont are one of the # Suncor Energy, Director and Performance Issues Advisorleaders in the extractive sector in terms of calculating Environmental Social Issues # Hess Corporation, Advisor Management # JP Morgan, Executive Director,the financial value of sustainable investments. Social Responsibility Environmental Management # Vale, Director Environment # Anglo American Brazil,Here they talk about how they have measured their # Teck,Social Communityinvestments – and seen their profits grow. In this # Lihir Gold, Director Sustainable Development Sustainable Development Manager Development Managerpractical session find out: # Lihir Gold, General Manager # Talisman Energy, Vice # Nexen, Community Affairs• How to make sure your sustainability investments Sustainable Development President Corporate Affairs Manager pay off• Practical information to help you measure your c performance for the best results• How to develop a highly effective, business- “Very rich conference - in terms of experience, diversity, and multiple topics integrated sustainability strategy that maximises your potential growth covered – very engaged and skilled speakers”Newmont, Chris Anderson, Director Corporate External Brigitte Sobry-Chignot, Sustainable Development Manager, ShellAffairs Acknowledgements to our Panel of Experts We would like to express special acknowledgment to our panel of experts who have really helped us zone into the core topics of this agenda. Ed Bickham, Independent Consultant | Helical Group, Dorothy Harris, Managing Director | SRK Consulting, Fiona Cessford, Principal Environmental Scientist | SSC Americas, Maria Ines Miranda, Managing Director | International Labour Office, Steven Oates, Senior Adviser | Czech Coal Group, Radek Stavel, Director of Communications HR | Outokumpu, Liisa Jalanko, Vice-President Corporate Responsibility | CDC Group, Niclas During, ESG Manager | Agip KCO, Zhanar Zhakeyeva, Social Impact Assessment | PricewaterhouseCoopers, Alexandara Stanek, Senior Associate | RePlan, Janet Fishlock, Community Development Specialist | Cepsa, Alberto Tovar, HSSE Department | Petrobras, Ana Paula Carvalho, Sustainability Manager | Shell, Brigitte Sobry-Chognot, Manager Sustainable Development Check the website for frequent updates on new speaker additions! www.ethicalcorp.com/risk
  5. 5. R E G I S T E R N O W 2nd Social Environmental Risk Management Conference London, 5-6 April 2011Business Intelligence Reports 1. CHOOSE YOUR PASS TYPEpackaged with Platinum PassesDelegates who purchase a PLATINUM PASS get Super Early Bird Early Bird Standard priceour newly published report on: Register by: Friday 4th February 2011 Friday 4th March 2011 Social and economic £2,150+VAT I £2,320+VAT I £2,420+VAT I PLATINUM PASS Save £270 Save £100 impact: measurement, evaluation reporting £1,625+VAT I £1,795+VAT I £1,895+VAT I GOLD PASS Save £270 Save £100 A must-have guide for £1,255+VAT I £1,425+VAT I £1,525+VAT I companies operating in SILVER PASS Save £270 Save £100 emerging markets and vulnerable communities £1,145+VAT I £1,315+VAT I £1,415+VAT I BRONZE PASS Save £270 Save £100Download free selected findings from Discounts are available for NGOs. Please go to www.ethicalcorp.com/risk for more detailsthe report here: WHAT YOU GET:www.ethicalcorp.com/reports/impact PLATINUM GOLD SILVER BRONZE • Access to all sessions • Access to all sessions • Access to all sessions • Access to all sessions • Networking lunch and • Networking lunch and • Networking lunch and • Networking lunch and coffee breaks coffee breaks coffee breaks coffee breaks • Evening Drinks Reception • Evening Drinks Reception • Evening Drinks Reception • Evening Drinks ReceptionBUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Access Access Access AccessFOR SOLUTION PROVIDERS • Access to presentation slides post-conference • Access to presentation slides post-conference • Access to presentation slides post-conference + Access to presentation slides post-conference• Highlight your company’s work, raise • Access to audio • Access to audio + Access to audio recordings of every recordings of every recordings from every your profile and network with senior conference session conference session conference session decision-makers who all have an active • 1-year subscription + 1-year subscription to interest in improving their social SAVE £100 WHEN YOU QUOTE THIS CODE! PRIORITY CODE BOX to Ethical Corporation Ethical Corporation environmental management. Printed Magazine Printed Magazine• Exhibit and network with potential clients + 1 Ethical Corporation (Saving £145 from the business intelligence normal subscription price) and partners from the mining, oil gas, report (Saving £230) steel and other heavy industries. Address delegates via speaking and sponsorship opportunities. 2. ENTER YOUR DETAILS Please photocopy this form for multiple registrationsContact Andrew Bold NOW on +44 (0)20 73757188 or email andrew.bold@ethicalcorp.com. Mr / Mrs / Ms / Dr : . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .First name: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Last name: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Job title: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Company: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .THE VENUE Telephone: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .This conference will take place at the RegentsPark Marriott Hotel in Central London. Ethical Email: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Corporation has secured a special room rate Address: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .for attendees and you will be sent detailedinformation about this when your registration is .....................................................................confirmed. Nearby attractions include Regents Park, Payment Choose one payment optionLords Cricket Ground and the fashionable bars, I Credit Card I Invoicecafes and restaurants of St Johns Wood, PrimroseHill, Madame Tussauds and London Zoo. (we’ll call to pick up your details) NB: Full payment must be received before the event 3. REGISTER CALL: Ethical Corporation +44 (0) 20 7375 7575 or US toll-free +1 800 814 34 59. Cancellation Policy: Places are transferable without any charge. Cancellations received before 19th February 2011 incur an administration charge of 25%. If you cancel your registration after 4th FAX: This form to +44 (0) 20 7375 7576 or to US toll-free +1 800 814 34 60. March 2011 we will be obliged to charge the full fee. Please note – you must notify Ethical Corporation in writing of a cancellation, or we will EMAIL: The registration team on register@ethicalcorp.com be obliged to charge the full fee. The organisers reserve the right to make changes to the programme without notice. All prices displayed are MAIL: This form to Ethical Corporation, 7–9 Fashion Street, London, E1 6PX, UK exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated but, vat will be charged, where applicable, at the prevailing rate on the invoice date and the relevant details will appear on the invoice. For more details WEB: Go to www.ethicalcorp.com/risk and submit your details for instant about prices please see terms conditions on confirmation of your place! www.ethicalcorp.com/risk-management. Places are strictly limited don’t miss out on your chance to attend. Register today!
  6. 6. Designed specifically for the mining, oil gas, steel and other heavy industries Sav when e £270A practical conference on you re before gister 4th FSocial Environmental ebrua ry!Risk Management and OFFICIAL SUPPORTING PARTNERImplementationInnovation and Inspiration for OUR EXPERT SPEAKERS INCLUDE:the Extractive Industry§ 5-6 APRIL 2011 | REGENTS PARK MARRIOTT HOTEL, LONDON§ 2 Day Conference Case Studies Focused Debate Networkingwww.ethicalcorp.com/risk Business-specific answers: A unique opportunity to learn from peers facing the same social environmental challenges as you. Industry approval: With the official support from industry leading bodies such as the ICMM (International Council on Mining Minerals), this is the only event in 2011 you cannot afford to miss. A targeted agenda of best practice designed for your industry: Created after months of primary research with senior executives from the mining, oil gas, steel and other heavy industries. The best speakers: From CEOs to operational managers we have a great range of speakers – whether its leading industry experts or hands-on staff working in developing countries who will all share their ultimate dos and donts Practical corporate case studies: Frank and honest accounts that you can learn from and apply to your operations. ORGANISED BY Unrivalled networking opportunities: Build lasting relationships with senior executives – from your industry and beyond.Come and hear from this unrivalled line up of expert speakers!Banro Corporation, Simon Village, CEO Czech Coal, Radek Stavel, Director of Communications HR Nexen, Jim Shaw, Manager Community AffairsNewmont, Dave Baker, VP Sustainability Teck, Carmen Turner, Leader Sustainability Chevron, Silvia Garrigo, Manager Global IssuesNewmont, Chris Anderson, Director Corporate Affairs Obajana, Ademola Adeyemi, Director Corporate Affairs Qatargas, James Baldwin, Environmental ManagerBarrick, Rod Jiminez, VP Corporate Affairs Petrobras, Ana Paula Carvalho, Co-ordinator of Sustainability Suncor Energy, Brenda Erskine, Director Stakeholder RelationsAnglo American, Jonathan Samuel, International Social ReportsCommunity Development Manager Rio Tinto, Catherine Garcia, Community Relations Manager Nordea, Sasja Beslik. Head of Responsible Investments Statoil, Baiba Rubesa, Head of Corporate Responsibility ArcelorMittal, Charlotte Wolff, Corporate Responsibility Manager Governance Check out our packed agenda and see who’s involved §