FMP - pitch presentation


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A presentation of my initial ideas for our FMP.

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FMP - pitch presentation

  2. 2. Mind Map
  3. 3. Showcased AssignmentsMarketing & PR• Assignment 2: Market Research & Product Development (CALHM Presentation)• Assignment 3: Creative Briefs and Marketing & PR Responses (F1 Presentation)• Product Analysis – The Sweeney and Virgin AtlanticGraphics• Narrative Assignment• Tom Prince / Heroes AssignmentJournalism• Shutter Island review• Toulouse Siege• Foiled pants bomber was CIA agent• Camp America Article• Sports Salaries Article• Terrorism Defence in the UKDigital Communications• Viral Marketing Campaign – GTA 5 Poster / Teaser website
  4. 4. Self-Promotional Activities• Business cards – My contact details; email, mobile, telephone and onlineportfolio/blog.• Virtual space – Presentation of both Marketing and PR assignmentsincluded in FMP.• Folder of best pieces of work (Relevant and irrelevant to Marketing).• Email local employers, in the marketing sector. I will also informemployers in Hampshire.• Create covering letter and CV tailor made for the marketing sector.• Create a show-reel with all my best pieces of work, however, the show-reel will only cover work that is relevant to the marketing sector.
  5. 5. Exhibition – Visual Space
  6. 6. Marketing& PR –F1PresentationMarketing& PR –CALHMPresentationWrittenwork -JournalismBusinessCardsCV’sCoveringLetters
  7. 7. How I’m going to utilise my spaceComputerI am going to use the two allocated computers to showcase both specified Marketing & PRassignments (F1 Presentation and ‘CALHM’ presentation). If possible, I am going to bring in alaptop from home to showcase the website that I have designed to promote myself as a youngmarketer.Desk / StandAll important business documents, such as Business Cards, CVs and Covering Letters will beon the desk, which will be covered by a sky blue sheet, in front of the computer desk. I will alsohave two stands on both sides of the desk, work portfolios and folder will be on show on thisstand.Board (1.5m x 1.2m)I will have shelves on the board which will also have work on show.I will use my allocated space on the board to promote myself as a young marketer, which willinclude work such as Product Development, Identifying product development, Pressrelease, Marketing Strategy, Creative Brief and Analysis of products (The Sweeney and VirginAtlantic).Designs and creative work will on show on the board, so graphics and digital communicationassignments. Also, designs from Marketing & PR will on show on the board.
  8. 8. The Look, Feel, Vibe and ThemeThroughout the exhibition, I am going to maintain a professional image, so ‘wacky’typography and graphology is completely dismissed. I want to give theaudience, primarily potential employers, the interpretation that I take this work veryseriously and have a lot of passion for MarketingI am still undecided on what font will be used, however, the likelihood is that I will useeither the ‘Arial’ font or ‘Helvetica Neue’ font. The reason behind this is down to the factthat these are typical fonts that would be used to showcase professional and importwork/information.I am going to follow a Sky Blue and White colour scheme purely down to the factthat, coincidently, I have followed this particular colour scheme in many of myassignments I’m exhibiting. I also feel that this colour scheme portrays a professionalimage.The ‘theme’ of my exhibition will be Marketing & PR, as this is sector I wish to work inonce I finish college.
  9. 9. Research – Exhibition SpaceFlowWhere is the entry point? (Stairs, elevator). People usually (although not always) move in a clockwise direction from thepoint of entry. You will most likely place exhibition information such as title, artist name and explanatory text near theentrance for people to read first as they arrive. What is the first wall they see as they enter the room? This is a featurewall and you want to put strong work here. It makes sense to display a sequence of images from left to right.LightingWhat are your lighting sources? E.g. Natural daylight, spotlights, fluorescent tubes, reflected ambient light What is thequality of the light? Warm or Cool? Can you direct it or modify it? Is it adequate or do you need more light?Use of spaceWhere are the best spaces? Are there dark areas or dead zones where people won’t go? Do some walls seem bettersuited than others to the display of certain artworks? E.g. Small wall spaces work well with small-scale artwork andlarge walls cope with large artworks or a series of work.LogicA good exhibition design seems obvious and we understand that there is a reason for the placement or groupings of theartwork. Some examples of logical exhibition layouts are:Chronological –artwork displayed according to WHEN it was made. (Usually in retrospective exhibitions)Like With Like – artworks are placed together because they share things in common.When you think you have an idea how to group the artworks you then need to consider the space you have to workwith.
  10. 10. Business CardsI am going to use two business cards to promote myself as a young marketer.One of my business cards will designed using the ‘Google website’ image withthe name of my marketing blog typed into the search bar. This is done to showpotential employers that my work can be found on the internet. Employers cantake this business card home, and if interested, look at my blog.My primary business card will designed utilising a professional approach. Thisbusiness card will have all my contact details, such as emailaddress, mobile, telephone and website.
  11. 11. CVI will create a CV that is tailor made for jobs in the marketing sector. Thiswill include a printed CV and an ‘Alternative’ CV (Digital).•••• order to be successful in Marketing, you need to be able to sell specificproducts and brands to a wider audience. If you can’t sell the one thing youknow best (yourself) then employers wont take notice. This is why I havedecided to create an ‘alternative’ CV, so I can stand out amongst a hugecrowd.
  12. 12. CV – What to includePersonal StatementIndividualised – Business skills / abilitiesPromotional statement – Selling pointCourses / Qualifications – relevant to industryPersonal DetailsAddress, contact details, references etc.Education HistoryGCSE / QualificationsUnits from BTEC Media (Marketing, Graphics, Digital Communications etc.)2/3 sentences as to why they are relevantWork experiencePart-time / VoluntaryWhat it involved, dates, How its relevantCommunication, Commercial Awareness, Team Work, Punctuality, Attendance, Initiative, ProfessionalismInterests/Skills/QualitySkills that you have aquiredHobbies – Surfing, travelling etc. Make yourself sound interesting. Do not include Reading, socialising etc.
  13. 13. CV
  14. 14. Logo
  15. 15. WebsitesI am going to create a website that showcases my bestmarketing work. This will include ‘inventions’ that I havecame up with, which will provide information on my productdevelopment as well as research and public response.It will also include information on how to contact us andsome information about myself.•
  16. 16. Covering Letters / emailsI am going to produce covering letters that provide information about myself, ambitions and skills that make me aperfect candidate for a marketing job.
  17. 17. Space LayoutI am going to lay out my exhibition similar the image below; Professional, clear and concise. I want potential employersto take my exhibition seriously and interpret it as a product pitch rather than a college assignment / exhibition.The two computers allocated to us, for the exhibition, I will use to show my presentations of both my ‘CALHM’ invention(Assignment 2: Market Research & Product Development) and F1 Development (Assignment 3: Creative Briefs andMarketing & PR Responses). The website that I have created will also be on show.I will use a sheet to cover the desk with, like the one in the picture below, to make my exhibition look a bit moreprofessional.I will also use stands to put my folders on, again like the picture below.
  18. 18. Marketing & PRMarketing & PR will be the main focus during my exhibition, as I intend to work in the marketing sectorafter college. I also feel that my Marketing & PR work is my best work.Both my F1 Presentation and ‘CALHM’ Presentation will shown on the computers that we’re allocated.Folders will available for people to look through, which will be on the desk along with otherdocuments, such as Business Cards and CVs.I am also going to expand on some other ideas for the Product Development unit and also expand onmy original idea, which is the ‘CALHM’ device.(Child and Adolescent Hypodermic Location Microchip)Marketing & PR• Assignment 2: Market Research & Product Development (CALHM Presentation)• Assignment 3: Creative Briefs and Marketing & PR Responses (F1 Presentation)• Product Analysis (The Sweeney & Virgin Atlantic)
  19. 19. GraphicsThe Graphic Narrative we did in Paul Parsons lesson will be included in mypresentation, this will be seen on the board above the two computers.Graphics• Narrative Assignment• Tom Prince / Heroes Assignment
  20. 20. JournalismWritten work from Claire Perry’s journalism unit will beincluded in the folder with all my best work. This includesfilm reviews, magazine articles and re-written news stories.Journalism• Shutter Island review• Toulouse Siege• Foiled pants bomber was CIA agent• Camp America Article• Sports Salaries Article• Terrorism Defence in the UK
  21. 21. Digital CommunicationsMy Digital Communications work will be available to view on the board and inone of my folders.Digital Communications• Viral Marketing Campaign – GTA 5 Poster / Teaser website• Digital Forums Assignment
  22. 22. Questions• Will I be able to bring my own laptop in to showcase mywork, as well as use the two computers allocated to us forthe exhibition?• Will there be desks that can we use?