Using the GitHub App to Connect to Bitbucket

Director + Designer at LBDesign
Oct. 16, 2014

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Using the GitHub App to Connect to Bitbucket

  1. Using the Liam Dempsey @liamdempsey GitHub App to connect to Bitbucket
  2. Why?
  3. Version control is for everyone. Not just developers. Designers who code can use it too. So can everyone else. Some people prefer visual feedback.
  4. This is my approach. There are bound to be others. My way is not perfect. But it does work.
  5. Let’s go!
  6. Grab the GitHub app
  7. Login to Bitbucket
  8. Create new repository Click on ‘Create’ bu1on
  9. Confirm new repository Confirma4on of success
  10. Get cloning details 1: Hover over this icon 2: Click on Clone
  11. Get the repository URL Repository URL
  12. Considering the repository URL git clone liamdempsey/using-github-app.git! NOTE: We only need the URL – not the ‘git clone’ bit. Copy this text
  13. Open the GitHub app These won’t be here un4l you add them.
  14. Set up the local repository 1: Same name as Bitbucket repository 2: Choose a folder for storing your local repository 3: Create repository START: Click on the + to bring up the dialog box.
  15. Confirm your local repository Find your repository
  16. Get into the remote settings Click on the SeHngs bu1on
  17. Connect to Bitbucket repository Edit this with the Bitbucket URL
  18. Connect to Bitbucket repository Confirm the correct URL
  19. Confirm the Bitbucket connection Confirm the correct repository name
  20. Find the local repository Right click on the local repository to find the directory in finder
  21. Find the local repository Your local repository
  22. Add code to the local repository A 2014 child theme
  23. A hiccup in my approach
  24. Publish to Bitbucket repository Click on Publish
  25. Forcing Bitbucket connectivity These are my GitHub creden4als
  26. But I already entered the Bitbucket URL. What gives?! No idea
  27. Workaround Close and restart the GitHub app. No, not ideal. But it works.
  28. With restart ‘Publish’ becomes ‘Sync’ Click on Sync
  29. Commit local repository CSS for 2014 Child Theme
  30. Confirm local commit Your first commit
  31. Publish local commit to Bitbucket Click on Publish
  32. Publish local commit to Bitbucket Sync confirma4on
  33. Double-check on Bitbucket It worked!
  34. Thanks! @liamdempsey