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Jack Butler Pitch


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Jack Butler Pitch

  1. 1. • We want the music video to mainly focus on our artist’s performance in an old pub in Brick Lane. • We also want to intertwine a nostalgic narrative with the performance. • The narrative would be based on a previous relationship that Jack Butler has had and the rollercoaster of emotions that where present at that time. • We really want the narrative to show the break down of a relationship as we feel that this would best visually suit the messages in the songs lyrics.
  2. 2. • We want our audience to feel that our artist has a personal relationship with the music he’s creating. • We depict him going through a troubled relationship to show him as a relatable individual with real human problems. • We also want to give him a very indie British style to emphasis him as a “home- grown” talent. • We made a more detailed account of our artist in a prezi: • who-is-our-artist/
  3. 3. Personal Relationships: • This is a very common theme in a lot of the of the music video’s we analysed within our genre (Jake Bugg – Two Fingers, Ed Sheeran – Everything has Changed, Daughter - Still). • We also thought that for the genre and the type of audience members that will be listening to his music that this theme would be appropriate and relatable to our target audience. • We also want to brand our artist as “human”. He isn’t highly glamourized, surrounded with dancers and other external exponents used to upgrade many artist’s image as one that is a above a normal human being. We present him as a very lonely performer. His only solace is his guitar and the lyrics he’s singing. • We thought that by intertwining the raw performance aspects with the depiction of a raw relationship gives our artist a humbled human quality despite having immense musical ability. This allows our audience to understand his music on a personally level and ultimately respect his music even more.
  4. 4. Brick Lane: • We chose to establish our artist’s performance in brick lane due to use wanting to depict him as a “local” artist. An artist that you may bump into the bustling streets of Soho rummaging through a vintage clothing store. • We want to again emphasize him as a proud British artist who is comfortable on home soil. We feel that this would give him a certain affinity with the British public as someone who they (much like Adele or Ed Sheeran) can proudly call a product of this country.
  5. 5. Brightlingsea Beach: • We wanted to establish the narrative in a aesthetically pleasing location. • We also thought that the beach really can act as metaphor in itself for the message in the songs lyrics. The songs lyrics comment consistently on nature and power - e.g wait on, thunder sky, Wherever there's smoke, there'll soon be fire. We thought that the uncontrollable nature of the sea. The wild beauty of the setting would really help push the narrative visually and intellectually as we juxtapose our narrative with the sea. • We also wanted to show our artist as having human experiences. Going to the beach is usually partnered with a sense of childhood memory and we thought that this setting would give the correct tone to merge the visuals and audio.
  6. 6. Lighting: • We really want to use as much natural light as possible. This is mainly to give a sense of realism to the video; allowing our audience to feel as present as possible with what is being seen visually – whether it the performance or the narrative. • For the performance, we may use a spotlight as we liked this use in Jake Bugg’s video broken. However we are still deliberating over this due to us wanting the audience to feel that they’re witnessing something special. The spotlight gives a blatancy to our artists talent. Without a spotlight it gives him an underwhelming presence which could work in conjunction with his overwhelming voice. • For the narrative, most of it will be shot on the beach using natural light, however we have access to a small hut which we feel to decorate with fairy lights to present the relationship as a quite a deep childish romance.
  7. 7. Camerawork: • We really want to keep the camera as smooth as possible. We want the audience to have a ghostly presence, as if visiting a past memory. The use of slow motion, Steadicam or still shots will feature heavily throughout. • We also feel that due to the slow, tide-like, rhythm of the song that we want the camera to emulate this smooth rhythm. • As much as do want the audience to be present in the relationship, we want the relationship to feel slightly alien to them with more artistic shots (we may be using a snorricam for a few shots). This would help convey some elements in the song lyrically. For example when Jack Butler sings “from the outside, from the outside, Everyone must be wondering why we try, Why do we try” we want the audience to be almost asking these same questions after viewing some aspects of the relationship. • We want the camerawork to help our audience navigate Jack Butler’s frame of mind when writing the words. We want an empathy and sympathy to be created by our camerawork to help for our target audience again to personally connect with our artist and be able to relate to him.
  8. 8. Snorricam: Steadicam : ive
  9. 9. Editing: • Slow paced and smooth to match the audio
  10. 10. • Jack Butler will be wearing typical indie-British clothing, i.e. a leather jacket, skinny jeans and either boots or scuffed up trainers, glasses and a hat are also an option, this is a all and essential part in creating our artist and representing him in the right genre.