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No gettin over analysis done


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No gettin over analysis done

  1. 1.  The video is an upbeat performance video. The music video reflects the liveliness of the song throughout, yet is has aspects of conceptual as the video does not reflect the lyrics.
  2. 2.  Fergie is dressed ostentatiously as if performing in a gig. This is reflective of the performance elements of the video. The men in this video are however more casually dressed reflective to the conceptual elements of the video.
  3. 3.  The camera shots used in this video are generally matched cuts and motivated cuts. They move at a fast pace to reflect the lively video. The shots are blurred at times which again reflects the fast pace and also the fast movements of the people in the video.
  4. 4.  The editing uses various cuts which reflects the pace of the video. It also uses continuity editing throughout to add flow to the music video. The editing also uses a dissolve technique that adds a blurring effect to the video. The blur is used to change scenes.
  5. 5.  The song is an upbeat song, which would most probably be played in night clubs. The song is reflected by the pace of the musci video through pace, but not through lyrics. This shows elements of conceptual video’s however, we know the video is performance due to where it is set.
  6. 6. This shot shows David Guetta in a recording studio, directing the video. This shows his automatic influence on the video.
  7. 7.  The mise-en-scene shows the surroundings of a recording studio. This immediately shows the setting and shows that the video is a performance video. David Guetta is dressed in fashionable, modern day clothes to show the modern time setting which is also shown in the amount of equipment in the recording studio.
  8. 8.  The scene cuts from the zoomed in image of a dashboard panel to David Guetta who is fixing another dashboard. This shows his role in the video. The shot is a medium shot which shows David Guetta and the surrounding in which he is placed.
  9. 9.  The editing in this scene uses a motivated cut to show David Guetta sat in the studio speaking into a microphone. No tilts are used to reflect David Guetta’s power, but this is already apparent through his ability to operate the machines in the studio.
  10. 10.  In this scene, David Guetta speaks into a microphone to announce the beginning of the recording. This again shows his power and also tells the audience that there are about to be introduced to the other artists in the video.
  11. 11. This shot shows Fergie singing into the microphone, who is obviously intent on making this song a success because of the way she looks up to the microphone. This shows determination.
  12. 12.  As mentioned earlier Fergie is dressed very over the top. This shows her celebrity status. Ostentatious outfits are also worn in music gigs which shows how the video is a performance video.
  13. 13.  The camera uses a medium shot to show the background of the recording studio. It uses a slight low angle to reiterate the artists celebrity status.
  14. 14.  The scene before this uses another motivated cut, to then show Fergie singing into her microphone. This shot is used to show the audience the artist that wasn’t apparent in the first place.
  15. 15.  ‘all the things I know right now’- this line is sang at the time of the scene. Fergie’s facial expression doesn’t show any particular emotion, but does show determination. This isn’t reflected through the lyrics.
  16. 16. This shot shows the artists dancing to the track as they sing. It also shows all the equipment and the empty space around them.
  17. 17.  The casually dressed men are in juxtaposition to the ostentatiously dressed Fergie. As she opened the song through singing this could be a possible reflection of her superiority over the men in the video. The empty is deliberately shown as it gets filled with people later in the video.
  18. 18.  The camera uses a long shot so that the audience knows everyone who is present. The camera is also tilted upwards giving everyone equal power however this is juxtaposed with the overly dressed Fergie.
  19. 19.  The camera uses a cut to this shot to show the artists in the video. It also uses a tilt to give power to the artists. The power is exerted over the audience who have the lower view. The tilt also suggests that of a stage and the audience looking up to the act.
  20. 20.  The sound in this shot is only the background track building up to the next part of the song. The artists are dancing to this build up which however rather than going into the chorus goes into another verse.
  21. 21. In this shot a man is peering into the studio listening to the music.
  22. 22.  The man is again dressed in modern clothes to reflect the time setting. He is wearing a pair of headphones around his neck, this shows his interest in music and the modernity of these headphones again reiterates the setting.
  23. 23.  The shot uses a close up. This makes the audience feel as though they are involved in the scene and also watching the song being recorded. The camera is directed at the man side-on to show where he is looking, this is used rather than using an over the shoulder shot to separate the man from the celebrities.
  24. 24.  This shot cuts from a zoomed out image into a close up of the man looking into the studio. He is acknowledging where the music is coming from and the cuts is used to show him finding the source of the music.
  25. 25.  ‘the heat between you and I’. The lyrics again do not reflect the video as the scene shows a man looking into the studio. This scene is flickering between the man and the artists singing.
  26. 26. In this shot, more people have acknowledged the music and are making their way to the studio.
  27. 27.  This shows a rural area and many people in the process of making their way to the studio. They are all dressed casually but their clothing is typical of the modern day.
  28. 28.  The camera uses a long shot to establish all the people on the way to the studio. It is at an floor level as shown by the legs walking past the camera. This shot is used to extend the shot and show more people.
  29. 29.  This scene uses cross cutting to show the number of people coming to the studio from different areas. The cross cutting reiterates the fast pace of the video.
  30. 30.  ‘there’s no gettin’ over’. These lyrics are obviously not shown in the video, as the video shows many people whereas this line is directed at one person.
  31. 31. This shot shows a dissolve from the scene inside into a scene in the street.
  32. 32.  The person in this shot is deliberately wearing a black t-shirt to stand out from the bright dissolving background. The shot gradually turns completely white until it turns into another shot.
  33. 33.  The camera uses a medium shot to show people moving outside. This can be seen in the bright background. The camera focuses on one main person who is dominating the shot.
  34. 34.  The dissolve technique is used to transcend this scene into the next. The scene blurs into a bright white light, then changes into a scene which is outside. This technique adds fluidity to the video and is also slower than the fast pace cutting.
  35. 35.  ‘I’ma party and party’- this scene shows everyone moving outside to continue the party. The scene before this shows the people in the studio dancing to the music.
  36. 36. This shot is similar to the establishing shot of a close up of the dashboard. This is again being operated by David Guetta, showing his power.
  37. 37.  The shot shows a close up image of David Guetta’s hand playing the piano. This shot was deliberately put in the video to reiterate his influence. In this background of this shot, people can be seen dancing. This makes the song seem popular and appealing as it is appreciated by fellow music fans.
  38. 38.  This shot is a close up of a keyboard. This shot shows the ability of David Guetta. It also shows the success of the song through the number of people who have attended the outside gig.
  39. 39.  The editing used in this shot is a close up shot. This shot is used to show the importance of the keyboard it is zoomed in on, as the keyboard is a main instrument used throughout.
  40. 40.  ‘no gettin’ over’ The keyboard is played over the prolonged ‘over’. This gives it an additional beat and keeps a steady rhythm. It also emphasises the word ‘over’ through the use of the only sound being heard are the keyboard and Fergie’s voice.
  41. 41.  In conclusion, whilst the video is predominantly a performance video shown through the setting of a studio, it has elements of conceptual in that the lyrics do not relate to the video. However, this usually isn’t the case in performance video’s as it isn’t possible on vide of live performances etc.