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Romanian villages buried in snow


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Romanian villages buried in snow

  1. 1. Romanian villages buried in snow Created by Lia
  2. 2. A tunnel to out the house covered with snow
  3. 3. The same tunnel to out from the house covered of snow
  4. 4. The fences damaged by blizzards and deep snow
  5. 5. Snow four meters as house
  6. 6. A woman leaves the house through the tunnel, then go up the stairs to the street
  7. 7. Deep snow
  8. 8. Deep snow
  9. 9. Danger to collapse the roof under the weight of snow
  10. 10. Soldiers trying to get through these tunnels to flood victims
  11. 11. Human solidarity
  12. 12. Equipment fighting drifts
  13. 13. Equipment fighting drift
  14. 14. Snow is so frozen that is cut as shown
  15. 15. Everyone save where can !
  16. 16. Finally aid started coming !