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The other side of truth


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A PEA activity on The Other Side of Truth by Beverley Naidoo

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The other side of truth

  1. 1. The Other Side of Truth It says, … I say, … This is how I know … The writer is ...
  2. 2. Key Word - PEA(L)Can I help you? he asked loudly. He didnt sound as if he want to be helpful.
  3. 3. Tiny bubbles of froth appeared at the edge of Video Mans lips. The others sent em in to distract me … and three of em was black as these two.
  4. 4. Writing a reading answer Level 3 – find evidence (It says …) tiny bubbles of froth appeared Level 4 – make a point using the evidence (I say ..) Video Man was obviously ... Level 5 – explaining how the evidence proves your point (People often have froth on the sides of their mouths when they are … ) Level 6 - By using this image of the man frothing at the mouth, Naidoo makes Video Man sound like … This is because … and makes the reader ...