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AIESEC Sydney TM Award Application

  1. 1. TM<br />AIESEC SydneyTalent Management<br />AIESEC Australia Talent Performance Award ApplicationJuly 2011<br />
  2. 2. TM<br />LC HR Plan<br />The fresh-in-office EB under the guidance of the LCP of AIESEC Sydney, definitively sketched out the HR Plan before the start of the semester back in February.<br />The HR plan was as follows:<br />35 members<br />5 X+Ls<br />10 Ls<br /><ul><li>AIESEC Sydney, in the past, has been one of the highest performing LCs in the country, and we wanted to live up to that fame. Hence, we decided to aim for higher to match the enthusiasm of our members.
  3. 3. The new HR plan is as follows:</li></ul>40 members<br />10 X+Ls<br />15 Ls<br />
  4. 4. TM<br />Recruitment<br />We carried out a successful recruitment at the beginning of year. <br />Mentioned below were the numbers we aimed to achieve at recruitment<br />600 O-week sign ups<br />70-100 attending info sessions<br />50 applications<br />35 members<br />Numbers we achieved<br />300 O-week sign ups<br />160 attended info sessions<br />80 applications<br />48 members (includes retained members from 2010, and members on probation).<br />We did not meet our target O-week stall sign ups, but we worked really hard towards pushing people to attend info sessions<br />We also successfully converted a large number of expression-of-interest into applications.<br />We believe we recruited some of the most enthusiastic people who turned out to become fantastic AIESECers. <br />
  5. 5. TM<br />Innovation @ Recruitment<br /><ul><li>Recruitment at AIESEC Sydney has always been a long and tedious process.
  6. 6. The general recruitment process took us anywhere between 5-6 weeks to complete.
  7. 7. Considering the fact that a semester at USyd is only 13 weeks, almost a quarter of the semester would pass without new members or official induction.
  8. 8. Hence, we decided to cut short this process and redefine it to suit our needs and goals.
  9. 9. Given below was our recruitment timeline:
  10. 10. Stalls and promotion – Orientation Week
  11. 11. Info sessions – Week 1
  12. 12. Selection Panel – Week 2
  13. 13. Activ8 Con – Weekend of week 2
  14. 14. Induction LCM – Week 3
  15. 15. The new recruitment plan took us 3 weeks to complete and proved to be a lot more efficient and productive as opposed to the old 5-week plan. </li></li></ul><li>TM<br />New Recruitment Process<br />1. O-Week Stall<br />2. Info Sessions<br />3. Selection Panel<br />
  16. 16. TM<br />Activ8! Con<br /><ul><li>As part of our Recruitment-process-shortening regime, we decided to merge Personal Interview and Induction into a small scale to conference called Activ8 Conference.
  17. 17. As the name suggest, the objective of this conference was to activate the AIESECer in every new member/applicant.
  18. 18. It was an all-day extravaganza with activities, talks by guest speaker, portfolio training and networking.
  19. 19. Some notable guest speaker included one by Emily Jones (ex AI), James Vincent (MCVP FN), and Sue (ex SM NSW).
  20. 20. It was a very successful event and the attendance (on a Saturday, with people having no prior knowledge of AIESEC) was beyond our expectations.
  21. 21. We feel, Activ8 Con was our very first milestone as an LC and has played a pivotal role in setting the right expectations and has not only helped boost performance and results but also create strong bonds between the members of AIESEC Sydney.</li></li></ul><li>TM<br />Activ8! Con<br />
  22. 22. TM<br />Retention Rate<br />Members retained from 2010: 8<br />Members retained from Quarter 1 2011: 43 (out of 48) (does not include new members post-pocket recruitment)<br />Retention rate: 90%<br />During recruitment, we were not able to clearly decided whether to keep or let go some of the candidates who were not as impressive at the Selection Panel or Activ8 Conference. Hence, we decided to put them on a 3-week probation. <br />As a consequence, we had to let some of the members go at the end of that probation period which clearly affected our retention rate.<br />
  23. 23. TM<br />X+L<br /><ul><li>Our X+Ls so far,</li></ul>Sandra Yu<br />X: Poland (Dec-Jan 2010)L: RTF Leader 2011<br />HanhDinhX: Izmir, Turkey (2011)L: RTF Leader 2009 OCP Pocket Recruitment<br />Thai HuynhX: Poland (2010/2011)L: LCP 2011<br />Robert PfeifferX: Cambodia (2011)L: VPOGX 2009<br />
  24. 24. TM<br />X+L Pipeline<br /><ul><li>AIESEC Sydney has 4 X+Ls so far (against a total of 43 members)
  25. 25. X+L: member ratio: 1:11 (roughly)
  26. 26. X+L Pipeline:
  27. 27. 3 EB members expected to go on exchange in the summer of 2011 (expected to sit the first MRB of semester 2)
  28. 28. Steven Ly (raised as EP. Will be OCP for EP Buddy system)
  29. 29. To boost X+L numbers, TM at AIESEC Sydney will be running an X+L dedicated program in the second semestercalled ‘Complete XP’.</li></li></ul><li>TM<br />LC Culture and Bonding<br /><ul><li>We take pride in saying that we are a very well bonded LC. In fact, we owe all our results across all portfolios to the kind of culture we’ve developed ever since Recruitment.
  30. 30. We frequently organize LC bonding events which are attended by at least 65%-70% of the LC.
  31. 31. Some of the LC Bonding events that we’ve organized so far are:
  32. 32. The AIESEC Sydney Amazing Race (major event)
  33. 33. Gaming Night
  34. 34. Easter Show outing
  35. 35. Eating contest (as bizarre as this sounds, it actually happened)
  36. 36. Some of the events in the pipeline:
  37. 37. AIESEC Sydney Sports Day
  38. 38. Movie Marathon
  39. 39. X+L Training Day
  40. 40. training day
  41. 41. We have an LCM attendance of 77%</li></li></ul><li>TM<br />Leadership Positions<br />This semester – we’ve had some of our fantastic members take up some really interesting leadership positions. <br />Given below are the leadership positions we had this semester:<br />RTF Leader: Sandra Yu<br />OCP Alumni Night – Reuben George<br />OCP Regional R&R – Kelly Nguyen<br />OCP Pocket Recruitment – HanhDinh<br />SLAP (Project) Coordinator – Giovanni D’urso<br />EEE (Project) Coordinator – Reuben George<br /><ul><li>Leadership Positions in the pipeline:</li></ul>OCP EP Buddy System<br />OCP Regional Sports Day<br />RTF Leader<br />
  42. 42. TM<br />Performance Analysis<br /><ul><li>This year, we decided to come up with our own Performance Assessment system.
  43. 43. So far, we were only basing our analysis on observations and Personal Learning Plans.
  44. 44. We have come up with an elaborate spreadsheet for each member with a detailed mathematical model to take each aspect of our member’s AIESEC Experience into consideration.
  45. 45. The system includes both EB Assessment as well member Self Assessment and is largely based on the Global Competency Model.
  46. 46. One of the reasons this model works very well is because the assessment is based on a member’s performance analyzed in contrast to his/her expectations from AIESEC.</li></li></ul><li>TM<br />Performance Analysis<br />
  47. 47. TM<br />AIESEC Mentorship Program<br /><ul><li>This is a program we started last year, and we’ve decided to carry it forward.
  48. 48. This year, this program is basically catered to the LCP, EB and the leaders of the LC.
  49. 49. Based on the feedback from the current participants of the program, we will extend it to the rest of the members as well as the region, next year.
  50. 50. This program starts in the second semester.</li></li></ul><li>TM<br />EP Buddy System- AIESEC Sydney’s EP Integration initiative<br /><ul><li>This program is basically aimed at integrating our large number of EPs into the LC.
  51. 51. This program starts from the second semester as OGX at AIESEC Sydney just finished EP recruitment and the last set of MRBs.
  52. 52. Steven Ly has been announced the OCP for this program.
  53. 53. This program is based on the system of middle management.
  54. 54. Basically, about 10-15 most involved members of the LC will be chosen to participate in this program.
  55. 55. The participants will choose 2 EPs each as their ‘EP Buddy’.
  56. 56. The participants will be trained by OGX in field of Matching, and EP Prep.
  57. 57. The participants will be responsible for the EPs - inviting them to LCMs, LC events, informing them about important OGX deadlines (payments, EP Prep day, Matching).
  58. 58. The participants will also be responsible for EP prep.
  59. 59. The participants will continue to maintain contact with the EP during realization and post-realization and will be responsible in getting feedback from the EP about their exchange experience. </li></li></ul><li>TM<br />Alumni Integration<br /><ul><li>Integrating alumni with our LC is one of our main MOSs this year.
  60. 60. We successfully organized the Regional Alumni Night in close association with the University Relations portfolio.
  61. 61. We also utilized the Alumni night as a platform to attract the Alumni towards the Mentorship Program.
  62. 62. The mentorship program is one our most important Alumni Integration initiative.</li></li></ul><li>TM<br />Conference Attendance<br /><ul><li>No. of members at NSW StateCon 2011: 30 (out of 48)
  63. 63. No. of members at JulyCon 2011: 20 (out of 48)
  64. 64. No. of members at Initiate the Future: 18
  65. 65. No. of members at NSW Initiate the Tour: 35</li></li></ul><li>TM<br />Thank you for reading the application. We appreciate your due consideration<br />- TM Team, AIESEC Sydney<br />