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Lit interimi toneanalysis_exemplars


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Having read a challenging text, students infer tone and explain how word choice conveys the narrator's tone/attitude toward central character. This slideshow shares student exemplars linked to a rubric, showing grading criteria and levels of

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Lit interimi toneanalysis_exemplars

  1. 1. “every student career andcollege ready”Literacy Interim I BHS Student Exemplars “Uncle Wilbur”
  2. 2. Infer tone & RL. 6.4 RL. 7.4 explain how Determine the meaning of Determine the meaning of words words and phrases as they and phrases as they are used in a specific word are used in a text, including text, including figurative and choice convey figurative and connotative connotative meanings; analyze the tone. meanings; analyze the the impact of rhymes and other impact of specific word repetitions of sounds (e.g.Learning Goal: choices on meaning and alliteration) on a specific verse or tone. stanza of a poem or section of aInterpret words story or drama.and phrases as RL. 8.4 RL. 9-10.4they are used in Determine the meaning of Determine the meaning of wordsthe text, including words and phrases as they and phrases as they are used in adetermining are used in a text, including text, including figurative and figurative and connotative connotative meanings; analyzetechnical, meanings; analyze the the cumulative impact of specificconnotative, and impact of specific word word choices on meaning andfigurative choices on meaning and tone (e.g., how the language tone, including analogies or evokes a sense of time andmeanings, and allusions to other texts. place; how it sets a formal oranalyze how informal tone).specific word RL. 11-12.4choice shape Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are usedmeaning or tone. in a text, including figurative and connotative meanings; analyze the impact of specific word choices on meaning and tone, including words with multiple meanings or language that is particularly fresh, engaging, or beautiful. (Include Shakespeare as well as other authors.)
  3. 3. 1350L Open Response Prompt Explain the narrator’s attitude (or tone) toward Uncle Wilbur. Choose two words from the passage that BEST convey the tone. For each word, explain the connotation and how theCCSS Recommended Lexile Bands9th – 10th 11th-CCR word reveals the narrator’s attitude toward Uncle1050-1335 1185-1385 Wilbur.
  4. 4. 4—Advanced 3—Proficient 2—Basic 1—Below BasicInference Draws thought-provoking Draws correct inference Makes accurate inference Inference is inaccurate, inference(s) about the about the attitude/tone but but offers no evidence to not supported by the attitude/tone of the passage . is less compelling than the support. passage . “4.” OR Inference is overly simplistic. OR Analyzes character, instead of tone.Evidence Selects two words that offer Selects two words as Textual evidence weakly Omits evidence, compelling evidence of the evidence from the text to supports inference. OR tone. correctly support tone, but Evidence doesn’t logically evidence is not as compelling support the inference(s). or strongly related to tone as the level “4.”Explanatio Thoroughly explains the Explains the connotations of Explanation is weak, Omits explanation.n connotations of two selected two selected words showing student does not OR words and how they convey accurately, but explanation is firmly grasp the tone of the Explanation shows the tone of the piece. less compelling and/or passage. inaccurate reading of Explanation is compelling. thorough than the “4.” Does OR passage. not thoroughly connect Student can’t accurately OR connotations of words to explain ideas. Explanation doesn’t make narrator’s attitude toward OR sense. Wilbur. Student explains character rather than tone.
  5. 5. 4—Advanced Career & College ReadyInfers Draws thought-provoking inference(s) about the attitude/tone (how narrator feels toward Wilbur)Evidence Selects two words that offer compelling evidence of the tone.Explanatio Thoroughly explains the connotations of two selected words and how theyn convey the tone of the piece. Explanation is compelling.
  6. 6. CCR 4
  7. 7. CCR 4
  8. 8. CCR 4
  9. 9. Tones notaccuratelyconnected to wordchoice andexplanation. 3 Minimal Commentary/Significance
  10. 10. Analyzing characterof Wilbur, not tone 2 Minimal Commentary/Significance
  11. 11. Weak explanationand evidenceDoesn’t developideas 2 Minimal Commentary/Significance
  12. 12. Inaccuratelyexplains tonetoward Wilbur 1