I Know I've Seen Them Before - Using Archetypes to Create Engaging Spaces


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Did you know there are always the types of people that come to an event, no matter what that event is? Our research found there are attendee and exhibitor archetypes whose view of the world is surprisingly predictable. By knowing what archetypes need, you can design engaging spaces that make powerful emotional connections and delight audiences.

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I Know I've Seen Them Before - Using Archetypes to Create Engaging Spaces

  1. 1. I Know I’ve Seen Them Before Using Persona Archetypes to Create Emotionally Engaging Spaces
  2. 2. What’s An Archetype? Why Should I Care? A pattern of behaviors that helps you understand yourself and others When you know your archetypes, the world becomes easier to navigate
  3. 3. Classical Archetypes The Explorer The Innocent The Sage YEARNING FOR PARADISE PROVIDING STRUCTURE The Ruler The Creator The Care Giver The Hero The Outlaw The Magician LEAVING A MARK NO MAN AN ISLAND The Jester The Regular Guy The Lover
  4. 4. Attendee Archetypes
  5. 5. Attendee Archetypes The Reluctant Attendee The Phantom Exhibitor The Trend Setting Leader The Up & Comer FOCUS IS ELSEWHERE DESIRE TO LEAVE A MARK The Mentor Vacation Focused PROVIDING STRUCTURE The Academic The Regular Guy The Protégé
  6. 6. Attendee Archetypes The Trend Setting Leader No-nonsense leader interested in the latest trends • Wants to network, meet experts • Less interest in conference education • Established career DESIRE TO LEAVE A MARK The Up & Comer The Mentor Growth-oriented leader who gains inspiration from events Empathetic leader who enjoys mentoring colleagues • Hungry to learn, passionate • Early in career or business • Loves everything about events! • Strong sense of community • Wants to network, share with others • Meeting experts, new vendors
  7. 7. Attendee Archetypes The Protégé The Regular Guy The Academic Contributor looking to learn and advance, but not to lead Hard worker who wants to improve their job performance Academic representative, often politically involved • Wants education, to learn about trends • May appreciate a mentor • NOT an industry leader • Hands-on learner, likes product demos • Looking for solutions to current problems • May share tips with peers • May fulfill governance requirements • Established in career • Wants to socialize with colleagues PROVIDING STRUCTURE
  8. 8. Attendee Archetypes Vacation Focused The Reluctant Attendee Attendee interested in combining the event with a vacation Employee who attends often because they HAVE to • Wants an attractive, desirable location • Coordinates with personal schedules • Less interested in trends • Less interested in trends, networking, exhibitors • May enjoy entertainment, socializing FOCUS IS ELSEWHERE The Phantom Exhibitor Business owner who attends to sell his/her own services • Wants to network with attendees, see trends, gain competitive intelligence • Deciding about exhibiting in future
  9. 9. Trend-Setting Leaders networking at their level SHRM The Trend Setting Leader
  10. 10. Up & Comers connecting with career leaders The Up & Comer SHRM sr mgr lounge? SHRM Hive? GlobalShop Attendee Networking Example 1: Networking-Heavy Environments GlobalShop
  11. 11. Mentors advising students in a structured setting The Mentor ASM Student Lounge? IFT SPA for teachers/students Example 3: Protégés and Mentors Connecting Science Conference
  12. 12. Protégés and Mentors connecting in their specialty Science Conference The Protégé The Mentor
  13. 13. Ultimate hands-on demos for the Regular Guy Outdoor Retailer Summer Market The Regular Guy
  14. 14. Ultimate hands-on demosthe Regular GuyGuy See it, touch it demos for for the Regular Outdoor Retailer Summer Market The Regular Guy
  15. 15. See and use products soon-to-be on the market The Regular Guy The Protégé The Trend Setting Leader The Up & Comer The Mentor ACEP
  16. 16. See and use products soon-to-be on the market The Regular Guy The Protégé The Trend Setting Leader The Up & Comer The Mentor ACEP
  17. 17. In-booth theaters for archetypes who want to learn The Trend Setting Leader The Up & Comer The Mentor The Mentor The Regular Guy The Protégé Vacation Focused Medical Conference
  18. 18. Exhibitor Archetypes
  19. 19. Exhibitor Archetypes The Coat-Tailer The Anchor The Silent Leader The Recruiter SALES BUILDERS BRAND BUILDERS The Specialty Player The Defender Need for Scale The International
  20. 20. Exhibitor Archetypes The The Anchor Anchor The Silent Leader Large, familiar company with a large event footprint Well-respected company, not in the limelight • Supports the event, may sit on the event’s board • Scrutinizing spend, may consider a private event • Events are a large % of the marketing spend • Wants to partner with the event organizer BRAND BUILDERS The Defender Mid-sized biz exhibiting to keep up with competitors • Feels obligated to attend • Concerned about being missed by customers • Less happy with event ROI The International Non-US company growing into new US markets • Wants to expand, look for new distribution channels • Often less familiar with event logistics, US customs
  21. 21. Exhibitor Archetypes Need for Scale Small company looking to aggressively grow • Often a regional or first time exhibitor • Must generate sales to survive • Cost conscious SALES BUILDERS The Specialty Player Business targeting a subsection of attendees • Promoting specialty products to generalists • Exhibits at few events so they must count The Recruiter The Coat-Tailer Company focused on finding hard-tofind talent Exhibitors selling products unrelated to the event • Looking to hire talent (doctors, dentists, technical) • Connect with earlycareer attendees • Often consumer products (jewelry, cars, vacations, etc) • Wants attendees with disposable incomes or in target
  22. 22. Anchor archetype communicating their brand message The Anchor Qualcomm at CES
  23. 23. Anchor archetype communicating their brand message The Anchor Qualcomm at CES
  24. 24. High traffic location is engaging for Recruiters Corporation at a Science Event The Recruiter
  25. 25. Color, images, textures make the most out of small spaces Need for Scale The Recruiter The Coat-Tailer The Specialty Player The International Recruiters at a Medical Conference Design Event
  26. 26. Mid-size spaces can be effective brand builders The Silent Leader The Defender The Specialty Player
  27. 27. Is clustering International archetypes engaging? The International Example 3: International exhibitors clustered together Science Event
  28. 28. So… What is the Key Takeaway?
  29. 29. Physical spaces can be designed to compliment archetypal mindsets …If you take the time to understand what creates engagement
  30. 30. Don’t be a Stranger