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The importance of english by dothihanh


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The importance of english by dothihanh

  1. 1. The Importance Of EnglishImplemented by: Do Thi Hanh Class: 12N School: Bac Kan High school Email: Phone: 0962 202 096
  2. 2. In the industrialization and modernization of the countryat present and in the age of information explosion in theglobal context, how can we keep up with the pace of lifeall over the world so that the people of Viet Nam canreach a high level and intellectual world? – We mustinvest, develop education, and know foreign languages.​ ENGLISH
  3. 3. IIhad a had adiscussiondiscussion about about learning learning English English with my with my friends friends
  4. 4. Goals- To help people better understand the benefits and importance of English- To help in learning English : “study is to use”- To have fun- To get good jobs- To make new leaders for our country
  5. 5. Planning- Inviting classmates or other classes to participate. It can be held at home or school where the space is big enough for 10 people or less.- Talking about the views and opinions of individuals, such as: learning English for a language, the current social needs for English to communicate, integration and development; especially when applying for a job, you must submit a resume including two languages.- Creating a lively atmosphere to discuss and play games in English. This can be done everywhere to work together to discover the fun of English.
  6. 6. Working and discussing together to exchange experiences in learning English
  7. 7. Giving a good idea for people to comment.
  8. 8. this all for the this all for the future futureThey will be more confident in life when stepping on the road of life.
  9. 9. Slogan: