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  1. 1. Welcome to the slideshow.Cleaning the school to proted the invironment. Presenter: Ly Thi Loan Supervisor: Phan Nguyen Nghi
  2. 2. Her I would like on behalf of thegroup presentation on their workwith the them: Cleaning the school to proted the invironment.As we all know the current environment is a very interesting problem.As students we feel that you need to keep the school hygiene to contribute to environmental protection.
  3. 3. Looking at this picture you cansee to day’s students but besidesthat you know how hygieneschool.
  4. 4. But this picture students have toassist the health workers cleaningcantin so just help know the hardwork of the janiors to yourself aware of hygiene in public places.
  5. 5. This girl in cleaning the classroomclean the table after each lessonpossible environmental.
  6. 6. Current environment is to speakfor the job and lack of awarenessof human actionWe neet to protect yourself aswell as protect the endvironmentof ourown lives through thepresentation today we want eachstudent to protect the environmeteasiest job is to do the least.Let us join hands to protect theenvironment!!!
  7. 7. Here are some pictures of yourhands proteced environment.
  8. 8. The end! See you late!