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Powerpoint english -

  1. 1. *Name: Ta Thi Huong Nguyen.*Date of birth:10/12/1996.*Email: tathihuongnguyen@gmail.com.*Telephone: 01655048517.Now, I am living in Thai Nguyen City. I am student in class 11a2 in Chu VanAn High school and I am member in Tech Aged Girl propject.
  2. 2. *Human beings are changing the environment. For instance, they are destroying the airand the water, changing climate by cutting down the tree in the forest and so on. Thishas resulted in serious consequence, Many kinds of rare animals are killed and they areat risk of becoming extinct.* According to static figure:- It is estimate that only 1000 pandas live in the wild.- There are only about 20 Siberian tigers live in the wild in China.- Cheetahs are only scattered around east Africa.- According to scientists, it is estimated that only 3200 tigers live in the wild.- Asia elephants are in danger of becoming extinct.- There are only about 50 Javan Rhinoceros live in the wild.* In VietNam:- There is only one Great turtle live in HoanKiem Lake.- Wild bears are in danger of becoming extinct.
  3. 3. * Some of photos about rare animals at risk of becoming extinct Tiger Javan Rhinoceros Asia ElephantIrrawaddy Dolphin Dermochelys coriacea Vaquita Dolphin
  4. 4. * Some of photos about the rare animals are killed Elephants are killed People trap the weaselPeople kill the wild monkey The police hold the hunter
  5. 5. •Many kinds of rare animals are killed and they are in danger of becomingextinct because:- People hunt a lot of them for fur, skin and food.- People are changing the weather conditions and climate.- People are destroying by cutting down the tree in the forests for burnt-overland.- Etc,…* Now, we have many organization be set up to protect the rare animals, forinstance:- WAR.- WORLDWIDE FUND ACTIVITIES (WWF).- “Vote for the nature” in VietNam.
  6. 6. * Ideal to set back killing and destroying the rare animals* In my opinion, everybody needs to know this problem’s importance, especiallystudents. We should set up movement be called “Action as the Earth’s peace”. First, wepropagate why to protect the rare animals for household in the area and we also talk tothem the consequences of not protecting the rare animals, besides we make the bannersand the statistical table of the rare animal are in danger of becoming extinct in the areaand send to the household. Second, we set up “hotline” to contact with the police. If wefind someone is hunting the rare animals or destroying the forest, we will announce tothe police through the hotline. At the school, we also propagate for other students. Totake drastic measures to judge the criminal.* If people have the responsibility, the rare animals will survive and produce offspring.The Earth will be happy planet and becoming peacefully where people and animals co-exist!
  7. 7. Chu Van An high school Thank you for your time!