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Love and sex


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Love and sex

  1. 1. Love and Sex Organized by Thanh Binh Hoang October 25, 2012At Bac Giang specializing high school Email: Class: 11 Literature Phone: 0987 256358
  2. 2. #2: Need for the project• In my school, all students are in marriageable age, so there are many questions about love and sex that need to be answered.
  3. 3. #3: Goal• The purpose of my project is together with students solve the problems about school love and sex.
  4. 4. #4: Project Activities• To achieve my goal, I held a meeting for students of BG specialising school. I organized a group of 5 students to help me in preparation.
  5. 5. #5: Step by step planning• I organized a group of 5 students in my class to help me advertise this event. We made advertisement, went to each class to announce and report to the teachers about this event.• After our announcement, 5 friends and I together planned what we would do in the meeting.• I held a meeting at BG Specializing High School’s multifunctional house
  6. 6. #6: Result• After my project, many problems and troubles about love of students were solved clearly. And the students got more knowledge about sex. They also left positive replies to my project.