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The Networked Administrator


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For Pete & C Session
Monday, 2/13, 4 PM

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The Networked Administrator

  1. 1. The NetworkedAdministrator
  2. 2. let’s explore• social media use and positive benefits for schools and learning• the administrator as lead learner• tools and first steps
  3. 3. disclaimer: i love to learn.
  4. 4. isolation?
  5. 5. together is better.
  6. 6. If effective principals energize teachers incomplex times, what is going toenergize principals? Michael Fullan The New Meaning of Educational Change (2001)
  7. 7. should I?why
  8. 8. Source:
  9. 9. 92% Source:
  10. 10. 92%of U.S. toddlers havean online presence bythe age of 2 Source:
  11. 11. creatingdigital footprints
  12. 12. Scott McLeodIf we were really serious about educational technologyDangerously Irrelevant
  13. 13. Image: Alec CourosSource:
  14. 14. connections relationships opportunities
  15. 15. Kids are eager to
  16. 16. Kids are eager to share.
  17. 17. Kids are eager to share.(Why aren’t we?)
  18. 18. "If you generally think of the Internet as a place to look up stuff youre missing the best part.” "Because everyone embraces a culture of sharing, I benefit.” “The benefits of one idea or comment can be golden to someone.” -Dean Shareski
  19. 19. Image: Alec CourosSource:
  20. 20. PrincipalImage: Alec CourosSource:
  21. 21. be transparent.
  22. 22. i do.we do.
  23. 23. a personal learning journey
  24. 24. modeling.
  25. 25. authentic voicesconnected learning
  26. 26. authentic voicesconnected learning
  27. 27. authentic voicesconnected learning
  28. 28. isn’t about the tools.
  29. 29. “A curator is an expert learner. Instead of dispensingknowledge, he creates spaces in which knowledgecan be created, explored, and connected.” -George Siemens
  30. 30. ignite passion.
  31. 31. buildrelationships.
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  33. 33. acknowledgements Images shared from alwaysbreakingInfluential educators Flickr users sparktographyAlec Couros sky_mitch RsinnerGeorge Couros clappstar zephranyceMichael Fullan Aelle tanakawhoDean Shareski bennylin0724Patrick Larkin N07 Other images sharedScott McLeod plugusin Don’t be afraid of changeGeorge Siemens bitzi Digital footprintsJustin Tarte niklaswikstrom Child with cell phoneWill RIchardson mikeleeorg It’s the room annais kirklau nagatta psd