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Weapons of world war i


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Weapons of world war i

  1. 1. Weapons and Fighting in World War I
  2. 2. Schlieffen Plan Stalls &Stalemate Germany was not able to sweep through the west and fight on the east as quickly as they planned – they were defeated in the Battle of the Marne on the Western Front (border of France and Germany where most of the fighting took place). Germany was forced to split their troops and fight on two fronts. This led to a stalemate where neither side was winning.
  3. 3. Trench Warfare Starting in 1915 along the Western Front troops dug trenches or ditches to protect themselves while fighting. Trenches created an even worse stalemate and made the soldiers fight and live in miserable conditions. It was difficult to gain land, and many lives were lost.
  4. 4. Machine Guns  The machine guns of WWI required 4 – 6 men to shoot and had to be on a flat surface. They had the fire power of 100 regular guns.  Large field guns were also used, and they fired shells which would explode on impact. They could fire over a longer range but needed 12 men to operate.
  5. 5. Poison Gas Germans first used chlorine gas in the battle of Ypres (1915). This worked by burning out the lungs of people who inhaled it. Mustard gas was used later on, and it would be fired into the trenches. It took a while to work and caused blistering, vomiting, sore eyes and bleeding. It could take up to a month to die as
  6. 6. Airplanes  This was the first time planes were used in battle. They were first used to deliver supplies and for spying.  It was quickly discovered that guns could be affixed to airplanes as well as bombs and cannons and they could fight in the sky.
  7. 7. Zeppelins Zeppelins were flying aircraft that were used by Germans at the beginning of the war to drop bombs. They were quickly abandoned because it was way too easy to shoot them down.
  8. 8. Submarines/ϋnterseeboot At the beginning of WWI most navies had submarines but were hesitant about their uses. Germans tend to be known most for their use of submarines/torpedoes but at the beginning of the war the British sank 17 German submarines with their
  9. 9. Torpedoes  Torpedoes were used by Germans on their submarines.  Unrestricted submarine warfare was a major issue in the war, and the Germans sunk many US ships that were carrying supplies to Britain, including the Lusitania.
  10. 10. Tanks! The first tanks were used in WWI at the battle of Somme. Tanks at first could not exceed 3mph, could only hold 3 men, and could not handle trenches. By the end of the war a tank could carry 10 men, had a revolving turret and could travel at 4 mph!
  11. 11. Tanks!