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The schlieffen plan


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The schlieffen plan

  1. 1.  The Schlieffen Plan was Germany’s main strategy for World War I. The intention of the Schlieffen Plan was that Germany would avoid fighting a war on two fronts.
  2. 2.  Germany thought they could potentially have to fight both Russia and France at the sameWest East time.  They did not want to fight on an eastern front and a western front.
  3. 3. 1. A large part of the German army would race into France. The remaining army would go to Russia.2. Defeat France.3. Rush east and defeat Russia.4. VICTORY!
  4. 4. Hey Belgium, can France had my military already heavily take a stroll mobilized along through your their border with country? Germany. No Germany way! demanded that their troops pass through the neutral country of Belgium Belgium said no, Germany did it anyway.
  5. 5. BadGermany!
  6. 6.  Britain had close ties with Belgium. When Germany invaded Belgium Britain declared war on Germany.
  7. 7. Allies Central Powers Great Britain  Germany Russia  Austria – Hungary France  Italy (but they Japan (a few weeks switched) later)  Bulgaria Italy (nine months  Ottoman Empire (later later, claimed joining to try and regain lost the Triple Alliance was territories). a defensive strategy) United States (wait for it)