Effects of industrialization cp 2012


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Effects of industrialization cp 2012

  1. 1. Effects of Industrialization
  2. 2. Vocabulary Term Review Cottage Industry – a method of producing goods using skilled labor from workers at their homes. Assembly Line – a method of dividing the work of producing goods into individual tasks that can be done by unskilled workers using machines/tools. Industrialization – the process of using machines and factories to produce goods.
  3. 3. Growth of Cities Before the Industrial Revolution most people lived in the country. People began moving to cities for the new jobs available in factories. The movement of people to cities is known as urbanization.
  4. 4. Living Conditions The cities were not prepared for all the people that moved to them. There were not enough houses, police officers, or sewage systems to accommodate all the people.
  5. 5. Working Conditions Factory owners wanted to make lots of money, so they had people work 14+ hours a day, 6 days a week. Workers had to keep up with the dangerous machines in unsafe conditions.
  6. 6. Class Tensions  As more poor people moved into cities, rich people moved out.  There became a greater divide between the rich and the poor.  A new middle class began to emerge.  The middle class was made up of skilled workers and professionals who had a higher standard of living.
  7. 7. Traditional Upper Class: Wealthy Landowners New Upper Class: Factory owners, entrepreneurs Upper Middle Class: Doctors, Lawyers, Governmen t employees Middle Class: Professionals, businesspeople, farmers Lower Middle Class: Factory overseers, toolmakers, mechanics and other skilled workers Lower Class: Factory workers who lived in the cities, poor tenant farmers
  8. 8. Effects of Industrialization – Size of Cities Size of cities increased. Factories and new cities developed near a natural resource. New industrial cities emerged that specialized in a certain type of industry.
  9. 9. Effects of Industrialization – Living Conditions No sanitary codes or building control. Lack of resources for the people. Frequent sickness spread.
  10. 10. Effects of Industrialization – Working Conditions Industrialization created many new unskilled labor jobs. Workers had long hours, dangerous conditions, and little pay. Many skilled workers in the cottage industry lost their jobs.
  11. 11. Effects of Industrialization – Social Classes Higher standard of living for the newly emerging middle class. Greater poverty in the cities.