Africa before imperialism cp 2012


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Africa before imperialism cp 2012

  1. 1. Africa Before Imperialism
  2. 2. AFRICA IS NOT A COUNTRY!!! O Africa is a continent. It has many different countries in it, that speak different languages, and have different religions and ethnicities.
  3. 3. Early European Interactions O Europeans began regularly trading with Africans back in the 1400s. O Africans controlled the trade because they had stronger militaries than Europe. O Europeans were also hesitant to explore too far into Africa because of malaria.
  4. 4. Slave Trade Over time Europeans began trading slaves with the Africans. This led to Triangle Trade or trade between three continents of slaves, raw materials, and finished products.
  5. 5. Europeans Gain Power O Europeans discovered quinine which prevented malaria and developed the Maxim Gun which was stronger than African weapons. O The steam engine was a new invention that helped Europeans navigate the rivers of Africa.
  6. 6. Fight Over Africa O Now that Europeans had the technology they had more power. O Belgium had one of the first colonies in Africa. O European countries saw how much money Belgium was making off their colony and wanted colonies too.
  7. 7. Berlin Conference O 14 European nations met at the Berlin Conference (1884 – 1885) to decide how to divide up Africa. O No one from Africa was invited to the conference, so the Europeans divided up the country how they wanted.
  8. 8. Before and After
  9. 9. Big Ideas 1 O Racism – the belief that one group of people is better than another – Europeans believed they were better than the Africans. O Social Darwinism – the belief that naturally there is one stronger group and one weaker group – Europeans believed they were the stronger group and Africans were the weaker group.
  10. 10. Big Ideas 2 O Industrialization – Europeans needed more raw materials to run machines. O Nationalism – Europeans wanted to show how strong their nations were by dominating the African nations. O Missionaries – many missionaries went to Africa to convert the people to Christianity and spread their beliefs.
  11. 11. Big Ideas 3 O Technology – with the invention of the steam engine Europeans were able to travel into the interior of Africa. The invention of the Maxim Gun also gave Europeans the upper hand. O Quinine – malaria was a concern for many Europeans, but quinine prevented malaria, so this allowed them to be more courageous.