Journal reporting 2nd, 2011 2012


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Journal reporting 2nd, 2011 2012

  1. 1. JOURNAL REPORTING SCHEDULE AND TOPICSBiology 120 TFEXY (1:00-2:00)JOURNAL REPORTING 1, DAY 1 (before examination 2)Topic ReportersDiscuss the involvement of viruses (e.g. adeno- CARGANDO, SOLISassociated virus type 2 and retroviruses) in cancersDiscuss how microbes adapt to cold environments in ALCANTARA, FERRELAntarticaDiscuss the influence of intestinal flora and adenovirus CARALIAN, FAJARDO36 to the BMI of children linking to obesityCompare the culture and non-culture dependent EMLANO, RAGAZAprofiling of bacterial and fungal communities in pollutedenvironmentsHow can virus structural differences along with vector GANZO, ATIENZAcontrol help in developing a dengue control programJOURNAL REPORTING 1, DAY 2 (before examination 2)Topic ReportersDescribe how nanotechnology be useful in BOLINTIAM, GONZALEZbioremediation of polluted watersHow can functional foods boost our immunity BUENAVENTURA, REALWhat is pathogen forensics and discuss its contribution DE VILLA, ROZEEto the advances of bacterial taxonomyDescribe how lysis-deficient phages and tumor- PAJARILLAGA, CRUZADAproducing virus induce immune responses
  2. 2. JOURNAL REPORTING 2, DAY 1 (before examination 2)Topic ReportersCompare the effects of prolonged antibiotic exposures BILBAO, FULGARbetween swine and humanDiscuss recent advances in HIV vaccines and CARINO, TANmanagementDiscuss the role of Pythium in bioremediation and RAMOS, GELUZsuggest how it can be utilized in oil-contaminated soilsCan LAMP technology be possible for the detection of OEFERINA, BILASANOfungal UTI?Discuss one recent advancement in prebiotic research BERTOL, DELA VICTORIAand its applications in gut healthJOURNAL REPORTING 2, DAY 2 (before examination 2)Topic ReportersHow can microalgae contribute for a cleaner NUNEZ, RUIZenvironmentDiscuss how microbial communities alleviate problems ARLANTE, FABROSof arsenate and uranium pollutionThe role of lactic acid bacteria in digestion and LAFORTEZA, PENAfermentation industriesKnowing the pathogenesis of anthrax and TB, discuss JARAEBLO,a point of weakness of the pathogen wherein a vaccine MANGALUBNANor a treatment may be developed
  3. 3. JOURNAL REPORTING SCHEDULE AND TOPICSBiology 120 TFGXY (2:30-3:30)JOURNAL REPORTING 1, DAY 1 (before examination 2)Topic ReportersDiscuss how quorum sensing explain the inhibition of KING, PAJINAGPseudomonas aeruginosa on biofilm development inCandidaExplain the long-term effects of antibiotic treatment for OCAMPO, DUENAStyphoid patientsDescribe the development of antibiotic resistance in TB CASTILLO, TALANAand Pseudomonas aeruginosaDescribe advances in genotyping and detection of ARCIAGA, EDENbacterial and viral pathogensDescribe the effects of bacterial and viral-induced RODERNO, ABRILLAapoptosis linking its role in host immunityJOURNAL REPORTING 1, DAY 2 (before examination 2)Topic ReportersDescribe the versatile role of fungi in microbial control VILLANUEVA, BUNCARASand heavy metal remediationDescribe recent advances in the detection, AGUILA, MACABASCOquantification and prevalence check for protozoa ofpublic health importanceDescribe the different or similar mechanisms of action BARAIRO, LLANESbetween synthetic and natural antimicrobial productsHow can gene-expression contribute to the discovery BITUIN, CANONOYof potential aspects and mechanisms in bacteriaHow can you utilize mass spectrometry in the TANEO, FERMINepidemiology reporting of Streptoccocal species
  4. 4. JOURNAL REPORTING 2, DAY 1 (before examination 2)Topic ReportersDiscuss the antimicrobial properties of honey ARIT, MARASIGANDescribe the difference between virus-induced and FOJAS, DE VILLAbacterial-induced cancersDescribe the role of bacteriophages in vaginal GONZAGA, PACULANhomeostasisDescribe how oral pathogens invade the mouths of HIV ESPINO, JUSTOpatientsDescribe advances on detection of food-borne AQUINO, VISTApathogensJOURNAL REPORTING 2, DAY 2 (before examination 2)Topic ReportersDescribe new developments in prion and avian flu TANCHULING, MANABATprevention and treatmentDescribe advances in the role of microbes in health, SE, DE GUZMAN,industry and environment BUSTAMANTE